Friday, June 6, 2008

Global Warming and Energy Demand

As I touched on in earlier posts..Global Warming I think is real...and should be a major concern. However...I didnt need scientist's to tell me how much of a problem this is. Even hunting as a kid..then going back into the city..I knew something we're doing was wrong. It doesnt take a college degree to figure out that all this crap we put into the air and no good to the enviroment.And as far as the "official" threat from the world of science....hell...they found a hole in the ozone(huge) back in the 70's! Our biggest problem here is not our exploration and drilling. Our biggest problem was our negligence to respond to the problem on a serious level back in the 70's. We dont react to things until it hits home and our pocketbook's. 21st century all now about..."going green".

This all has been for American's another example of our dual society fight between the left and the usual. (I am not right nor left)Many of our newest cities like here in the Southwest are even designed...based on cheap energy,endless sprawl...with mega sprawl and mega climate control(air conditioning) cities such as Dallas,Salt Lake City,Phoenix,Los Angeles and so on. We all have difficult times in these cities trying to meet mass transit demands as well.Look at Portland,OR. for instance...which is designed more compact,like Northeastern or European cities...and that is why...cities like Portland...have public transit that works very well. At least a hell of alot better then Dallas or Los Angeles's!

And now I hear that China is building new coal plants every 2 weeks and even less. The first thing on Russia's tax cuts for oil companies, as for exploration the way...Moscow is booming in business partly because of it's oil boom.The European Union has 40 coal plants scheduled for the next 2 years. Iran currently building 7 refineries to boost its crude and gas refining capacities.Russia's first agenda in their first cabinet meeting was to implement new ship building guessed offshore drilling and explorations.Brazil has about 75% of the world's ships under contract that are the only of it's kind...massive in size and capable of this exploration in waters that are 5000'ft plus deep. According to Byron King...editor of "Outstanding Investments" we are some the only ones not taking a piece of the USA. But what is suprising to me is...Brazil,the E.U. and such? These are some of the most enviromentally aware know...going green...saying no to pollution.. blah,blah,blah. Mr.King thinks at the rate we are taking will be no time before we are paying amounts like $6 to$7 a gallon perhaps for petro. 5 years ago I was telling folks that in the near future...we will see $3 a gallon as a great bargain....that time has arrived and passed. I was partly mentioning in earlier posts...we need to drill...plain and simple. Why, if this is damaging to the enviroment? Because...were going to have to take a hit one way or another any way you slice it. You is something that hits home the break of warming is something that is going to effect us for the next it or I said...we already done the damage. Going to this extreme...thinking to just cut off from exploration and only going to create civil unrest of a magnitude like never seen in modern human history. Like we are seeing now..with jungles being ripped out to grow corn for energy while millions are starving and many cant afford to eat. And those area's torn down will take time to replace. We have problems because of our..."ways" of survival...our needs that "we" created...our "demands"of mother nature to cater to those "needs". Plus our greed has become an indulgence that we need to put on a diet as well ...because it has turned into a compulsion.

So...what options are we looking at? Well for me...I'm no scientist,nor an economist. But I can put 2 and 2 together to see that a couple of the options are either...give in a little and work our tails off to go to greener energies and break into our reserves now and drill more,while we are developing the newer technologies and sources...because,as I mentioned earlier...even them new clean technologies are going to be big money makers in our future society...that our offspring will capitalize off of. Or we can continue to play the game we are right now...and refuse to drill and explore...only focusing on the green tech...which will take a few more years to be implemented to use on a mass scale.We can also continue to do things the way we are now...and become more dependent on foreign oil and such...creating our own civil unrest as our dollar declines..we become more in debt like welfare recipients to the world markets and global folks in our cities scrounge to eat and keep a roof over their heads too. We can say more prayers...and hope that some spirits bail us out...which is unlikely. We can flip a coin and take it from can come up with any number idea's of your own. Bottom line...until we start being more independent...and set our liberal globalistic love to the side...we can only hurt economically in the long run. And I dont count on those countries friends or foe to come to our rescue and use their profits to create jobs for Americans.

We are going to take blows any way you slice's a matter of how hard the blows will be that we will have to take...and frankly speaking...alot of that depends on us. And if we fall as a nation because of our is not terrorists who brought us will simply be a result of our own actions. We have as well as a unique species demanded more than our fair share of mother nature...and she is collecting on it! Global Warming is a myth? Yeah right,tell that to the deaf,dumb and blind...because anyone with any senses can see otherwise.

I also see other problems we will have to face as come. One is...say for instance...I go 50'ft below my home...and for the next 100'-200'ft I remove all the dirt and stable will my home stay and the ground that it sits on? What is going to happen when the ice glaciers that are already melting at an alarming rate...deposit all their fresh waters into the current salt water oceans that we have had for millions of years...what our "life" has grown and evolved from? you can see...we still have many challenges to come. We can mine and drill and extract from the earth till were blue in the face...but what replaces that volume which we extracted? And what will its effects be to the suface of lands which we live on...and the floors of our oceans? I'll leave it at that.

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