Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TASTE OF TEXAS PT 4: "DALLAS" ... America's Newest and Largest Art's District ... and ... Mass Transit Rail Expansion's ...

This Part 4 of Taste of Texas series (Part's 3, 2, 1 here) will take a look at Dallas, and it's newest expansion's as far as Art's and Mass Transit. These two of several project's under way in Dallas are unique in the sense that they are the largest in America. The amount of project's in this town and construction is enormous, despite the recession that has plagued the times ... much credit though to private sector investment's locally as well as from abroad. But a week ago, my daughter and her boyfriend and I took a tour of the newest arts expansion, and it was truly impressive ... and I mean that having myself been to a few of the world's finest.

This video will look at some of the latest expansion's to Central Dallas' Art's District ... which is 62 acre's of museum's, concert hall's, and theatre's, which now is America's largest.

Dallas Arts District ... Thanx to BLUEHATTV

Some newsread below of the transit rail expansion. Dallas area rail is a combination of ground level, elevated and subway light rail's, as well as double deck commuter rail, which is the largest rail expansion in North America now, that cover what is called the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex.

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Dallas has the most ambitious rail transportation plan in the country ... (newsread/ updated article)



rita said...

Very impressive! I'd love to visit that art center.

Wow! The amount of money involved with construction, etc...boggles the mind though.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Rita!

There's actually quite a bit more to see in this district, this is a view of some of the most recent. The interior's and galleries are really something, and I wanted to post more into those, but it was simply too lengthy for this post. It would take the best part of a day to actually make round's in this district. My daughter's former High School is also in the district, it is a visual and performing art's school, she was starting in the music industry intitially is why, as a vocalist and recording, engineering, then into the marketing end of it ... after college though, she went into marketing in different area's of business, as a gobal market coordinator. Around 5 Grammy artist's came out of that school actually. The money was both private and public ... and alot from private investor's in Dallas and from elsewhere's came into it. There is a sub level freeway next to this, that seperate's now, that end of downtown from uptown, that they are building a multi acre deck elevated over it, that will be an urban park ... that connect both sector's(uptown and downtown), still in construction, and should be completed in a couple year's.

Thanx for your visit and voice Rita ....