Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BLACK LIPS: ...."Bad Kid's" ... and ... "Born to be a Man" (LIVE) ....

My daughter turned me on to this group with a CD she got for me from the SXSW (South by Southwest) annual 3 day music festival held in Austin(TX) ... along with some other group's she was checking out (my daughter actually was in the music industry in her teen year's as a vocalist and engineer, and toured/ recorded, and her long time boyfriend was a percussionist) ... but this group kind of caught my atencion in particular ... because of such a wide range of piece's and sound, mixing, etc. They go by the name of "Black Lips" .... and it was difficult for me to choose what to post, because there are just a variety of style's and work's that they do, that are quite impressive. And wish these gentleman THE BEST as well! I remember a lil ole group that started out like you guy's in the early 1960's, and endlessly touring every haunt they could 24/ 7/ 365 like ya'll ... they are called the "Rolling Stones" ... and what icon's they have became!

Black Lips- Bad Kids ... Thanx to DOM 2NON

Black Lips- Born To Be A Man ... Thanx to LIVEFASTDIENOW



winsomedove said...

i've heard black lips before but not these songs; they are in the regular rotation on one of the radio stations i listen to - trying to remember the ones i know, not happening tonight. fun!

hope all is well with you, rc

winsomedove said...

ps. the reason i changed my page is so the full screen of the videos would fit.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Winsomedove ... Thanx for droppin by. I never heard of Black Lips before my daughter turned me on to them, she seen them down in Austin. No ... I thought your new site looked great! I'm doing well as one could want ... no complaint's ... and even if I did complain ... no one would give a shit! :)

Hope your wing is doing well Grrrlll ... I'll be by your site later