Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BELL, CA : ... Salary Cash Back Rebate's ... and ... Political Incompetence Debate's ...

This posting to take another look at the political incompetence and outright corruption, that sweep's the nation ... this time on small town American government. This didnt get nearly the mainstream coverage I thought it would, and I wanted to wait a week or two to try to pick up the best coverage I could for this. I want to thank the Los Angeles Times for pushing this to begin with , because this is one of them small SE Los Angeles County suburban cities, of mostly low to moderate income folk's, who most do what is popularly called through "herd programming" the "Right Thing". And also congratulate the citizen's of this town for acting immediately and demanding result's. I see many of these folk's as heroes.

Protest in Ball: City residents say "enough!" ... Thanx to REASONTV

Political Corruption in California ... Thanx to sharky734

Now some may say that to wait until all investigation's are done by the Attorney General's Office of California to debate the action's here and salary cost's, expenditure's, etc. But for me for instance ... this is a fairly cut and dry case of first class political bullshit American style, and great that the citizen's of Bell had at least the courage to stand up to this and confront it face to face. The investigative process is fine and dandy and legally needed, but in the meantime doesnt do a damn thing for the people here and now ... taking swift action against this rubbish from the taxpayer's through confrontation's can get result's in 6 day's that would take legislator's 6 month's to review and 6 year's to resolve. The first response from these incompetent politician's was to defend the salaries, then tell the people that they will take a salary drop of up to 90% etc, one even willing to work for free the rest of the year. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... what in Hell is that? sound's like one of them "cash back rebate's". :) I am very familiar with the Los Angeles Area and the cost of living and what is fair payscale's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, ... this was outright robbery! :) And none of this posting even focuses on the pension plan's that most of these folk's get after they leave a job, which is incredible ... and even large government politician's are also covered by such treat's ... you can see why so many are attracted to politic's, and are the last to want anything that remotely resemble's actual "change".

After the exposure of this .... politician's statewide with their pocket puppet's were all raising Hell with the Sacramento hierarchy, about how outraged, shocked and in disbelief they all were ... taking precious time away from their job of making assprint's in their leather seat's. Great to see how hard everybody want's to get the job done when their asses are in a political sling. Everyone is alway's in shock and disbelief except for those who are victim's unfortunately, they have to feel the reality. In the meantime while these folk's that are the victim's and working taxpayer's of this thievery ... had done their job pushing actual "immediate" action onto the one's involved and responsible .... they got at least immediate resignation's ... of course political flunkies from the state also worked behind the scene's through the grapevine getting message's to these folk's to drop out and disappear, since election's are up soon, to try to at least save what's left of their asses basically.

Congratulation's to the People of Bell!



tnlib said...

Power to the people by golly - and most of them immigrants, too. This should definately be seen by as many as possible - especially those who go around grumping that the people have no voice.

As soon as my current post runs its coarse, I'll put up a little blurb about it. Thanks.

Tim said...

Bizarre...and then the people step up.

Ranch Chimp said...

Nocturnal Greeting's Ms. Leslie(TNlib)

As I have posted time and again, folk's have what I call "tool's", right's/ constitution and other support and investigative group's etc ... it's simply a matter of utilizing what we have. Those at the top "utilize" every right and opportunity they have and write the legislation in their interest's, but since this is a democracy, those same interest's can work in our favour as well. The best legal and right's advisor's I found was being locked up, because most of us spent alot of hour's studying our cases and reading law's/ right's ( I been locked up so many time's for short interval's, I cant even recall how many :) ....)

Immigrant's(?) ... this is America, arent we all .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. The foundation of what we call democracy has an across the board basic idea that folk's like about it ... it is designed to be more "fair" than anything in past recorded history. Regardless of what variation's of skin color or background or sexual taste's, or flavour of ice cream we like ... as a species, we want to simply be able to live with the least amount of misery and enjoy the best we can ... our short existences (In the future, there will be much longer life span's, and even I feel a splinter species, part biological and part technical) it is those who have the most power of the system, that keep's us divided and are the one's with "excessive" greed, that do their damndest to keep us in conflict, which is only part of their game (the 3 entities)I speak of. The human species period has more in common than they actually realize ... because they listen to them, instead of themselves. Empower the self instead of those who feed off you, the economical vampyre's. :)

Thank You for your input here Ms.Leslie ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Greeting's Mr.Tim!

Just got back in and am relieved, it's 4:25am here, and my daughter and I just took a spin around some freeway's, because her boyfriend was missing, we been worried for hour's, he just was at a frat house with a friend at his school (North Texas University @ Denton) about 30 miles across town from his home, left to go home hour's ago, and his mom and sister said he never made it, his phone was down, and we were without a clue where he could be for hour's, he contacted no friend's or responded to any ... and frankly knowing him, we had reason to wonder wassup? He's fine, just recieving a brief text ( at least I hope, at least a text got through), and I am so relieved ... my daughter has been so worried over this.

Anywayz as to your comment's dude .... Bizarre? .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... it's just a matter of "acting" is all. I mean, you know Guy ... their not going to act for us, we need to take action ourselves. Just goes to show what getting off our asses and thinking for ourselves for a "change" can do, heh?

Thanx for your voice here Dude! :)

Tim said...

Glad all is good. It's tough being a Dad. It turned me pretty gray.
What a wonderful thing you did, to help look for the boyfriend. I bet in your daughters eye's your even more a hero.
Here's to you my friend..

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah ... you know how it is Tim. :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Dude .... I got grey hair too ... remember, we are about the same age, I'm 54 ... so I got that salt and pepper type head, and almost all my mustache and goatee as you can see in the photo is almost entirely grey these day's. I never had any hair loss or anything, but I almost shave my entire head at least once a month, having a clipper ran over my complete skull to crop it as short as possible. I know dude's that dye their hair because of grey, and they told me to try it, and grow my hair out ... but I thought .."what the Hell for? to try to convince myself that I'm not getting old?, on the hair length stuff, I like shaving it all off actually, I mean .. what can I use it for? " :)