Friday, August 20, 2010

McKINNEY(TX) SHOOTOUT: ... Domestic TERRORISM by AMERICAN PEOPLE? ... Or "Suicide by Cop"? ....

Shootout's in this town are not exactly rare, and there is certainly no shortage of gun's and ammo. But this particular case is far from just a shootout rest assured. I know, no one want's to "jump the gun" here from law enforcement to the media. I had to resort more to national news just to obtain more info on this, because this has been more "put to the side" locally in Dallas it seem's. My opinion only here ... is this was a "domestic terrorism" attempt gone foul, I have no reason to see it otherwise. Everyone is so confused on this it seem's, or not wanting to call it as the evidence show's for one reason or another. This is a Texan white male, 29 year's old, liscensed by law enforcement/ state as a security officer, and former detention/ jail officer ... who basically had stockpiled weapon's such as AR-15's and other treat's, clean record, great and loved fella, that no one can "understand". We tend to be in this mindset that terrorist's are all muslim, and/ or immigrant's of tan skin complexion, who speak with accent's. But as I posted in earlier piece's, we will see a new wave and rise of terror in America, from local born and raised American's who ARE NOT muslim, with a beef against America themselves, that has not been common ... and this is one case I wanted to post as an example. Law Enforcement is calling this a case of "Suicide by Cop", which is a term used for one who draw's a scene to get cop's to kill them basically ... but in my opinion, this is too elaborate in planning to just go with that theory. Some video and newsread below, then a few word's.

***** 5NBC/DFW: Man Fires More Than 100 Rounds at Police Headquarters ... (newsread & video)

'Suicide by Police' ... Thanx to CBS

McKinney is just a quiet, laid back North Dallas suburb of around 127,000 folk's, a tad over 30 mile's from Downtown Dallas. Almost no one is calling this shootout an attempted act of terror, so many fear it seem's like to use the term these day's. I have read and heard various opinion's on this. I even heard the idea from gun right's advocate's, that this was a set- up by anti gun folk's, since no one but the gunman died, and by suicide at that ... to try to sway public opinion on gun right's .... to folk's blaming it on the economy. No one seem's to understand why a man with this background who shown no sign of anything disturbing would do this, and of course there could be all kind's of answer's soon. If this man would have been say, "middle eastern", and immigrant, muslim or such ... it would be all over the news as a "terror attempt", rest assured. But I will take that step here and call it one anyway's, because so far the evidence clearly show's me that.

This man, Mr.Patrick Gray Sharp ... planned this out to be able to execute officer's and civilian's ... I dont believe it was a conspiracy by anti gun folk's, and think that is ridiculous to think, Why? ... because too many folk's were in harm's way and it could have killed many, an anti gun activist wouldnt even dare something like this, because if there were casualties, it would eat them up psychologically ... but, that's my view. He loaded a trailer hitched to his truck packed with ammonium nitrate, wood chip's, gasoline, and flares. Inside the truck, packed with ammo, to go off from igniting the truck in flames, so that bullet's would go every which way on their own. It is remarkable that no one was killed beside's the gunman, and that is what make's suspicion arise. But you need to look at it because of the lack of urban density, is why it was partly ineffective, lot's of space here. The fact that the gunman also didnt get to kill any officer's or folk's also make's folk's suspicious ... I mean ... it was a AR-15 rifle ... I havent shot one in year's, but I do know they are popular in the military as well as law enforcement, and are a choice weapon actually. I mean .. if I recall correctly ... you probably got a max kill range of appox. 900/ 1000 yd's or so (for visual example of distance, think of a football field, which is 100 yd's and X-time's that), but would be most effective I reckon around an average of 500 yd's(?)... and of course this has to do with type and length of barrel, as well as what grain/ load of ammo ... neither in this incident I have detail's of. His objective, to blaze the truck, let the ammo inside take it's course, draw out law enforcement to rescue what they thought was a burning vehicle in front of the police station, so they are sitting duck's, and peg off what he could, and hope that it disrupt's/ obstruct's the flow of traffic as well, to peg off a few more of civilian's, then hoping the ammonium nitrate packed trailer with accessories then blow's to get some extra folk's ... the whole thing went south though and many lives were spared the plan.

You dont need a suntan, religion and passport to carry out an act of terror ....... BTW, does anyone remember this gentleman?



Tim said...

Strange times we live in...Yeah I think they'll be more of this kind of stuff.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: Yes ... and the only reason I have pointed so much of this out in past posting's is because whenever you see any increase of frustration in any society as we see more of now, it is only logical that it will vent in someway, and feed itself, before it reverses itself over time, so you MUST expect thing's to get a tad worse as well, and look at the entire realm. So many of us simply look at the short term, and ignore much that is clearly evident and staring us down. I dont like to think misery any more than anyone else, but if I dont face and prepare for it, and just ignore it, I wont know how to tackle it and try to reverse it.

Thanx Guy for your voice here.

rita said...

Should I be surprised more people aren't going off their nut & acting out, venting frustration in these hateful & hopeless ways?
I'm not sure.
Our society can be so stressful & frustrating.
But human beings have always had a knack for violence.
I just watched a movie called "Nanking", it's about the Japanese invasion of China.
Horrifying, but it reminds me that violence, murder & hate is just par for the course for us. But,that is only one side of the coin. We are also capable of great acts of love, wisdom & self sacrifice.
it causes me to ponder such questions as:
Is civilization the only thing between us & barbarism?

Ranch Chimp said...

Wow Ms.Rita! Does your statement sum it up in a nutshell(?), I am amazed at time's how much I have thought similar to you, perhap's we read some of the same book's or had some of the same experience's in life, you seem to have a pretty clear perspective and ask worthy question's. I just read that some character in the Phillippines has a bus load of hostage's ... his demend's? ... he want's his job back is all. Which mean's in this example ... just having a mere basic job can draw the line for some on just being able to survive and feel adequate in our civilised state. As I have posted time and again ... we are NOT as civilised and liberated (especially psychologically) as we boast and cheer over ... we simply have just went far beyond many other creature's on earth in organizing or tribe's, and survival technique's ... there is actually no reason as I have said before for any poverty, hunger, or even war ... we created this reality we have ... and reap the benefit's from it as well as the "ill" that come's with it. When you take one's livelihood away, and strip them of their dignity ... the animal below the personality may and shall emerge. It all boil's down my Dear to not good vs. evil, but to action and reaction.

Thank You for your visit and perspective here Rita.