Friday, August 6, 2010

Port -au- Prince ... PRINCE'S and PAUPER'S ... PROGRESS and POLITIC'S: "2010 Haitian Quake Aftermath Part 3"

This Part 3 of the "2010 Haitian Quake Aftermath" (Part's 1 and 2 here) will take a look at the political side a tad more, as well as relief and rescue progress, since it's been well over a half year now ... and also a look at the gentleman who want's to help his former country and be their next President, Mr. Wyclef Jean , who is a popular mainstream music artist. This first video is Mr. Wyclef Jean explaining why he want's to be President. I certainly admire a younger person who want's to help and bring some progress, and especially being as bipartisan and understanding as he say's he is, but I also hope he know's how cruel and cunning many political and business associate's can be, and how to be a wolf when needed, even though the mainstream music industry is a cut throat business ... it is not nearly as harsh as the world of political leadership, muscle, business and war's.

CNN: Interview w/ Wyclef Jean on running for Haitian Pres. ... Thanx to CNN

This next video is Mr. Sean Penn ... the mainstream motion picture actor ... who frankly has been in the trenches of this disaster since the earliest day's following it, and working damn hard in it, and quite a man in my opinion! Then a few word's I wanted to add.

CNN: Sean Penn skeptical of Wyclef Jean ... Thanx to CNN

I have been interested in this rescue effort since the start, because of all the great response that has came from folk's, and the great outpour of monitary contribution's that has came in as well ... and because even though they may not be such a big player as some of the other American neighbor's such as Mexico or Brazil, they are still a country that are neighbor's, and I even feel that way about Cuba, even though folk's look at it for political reason's because they have a communist leadership ... they are still in my opinion "American's" as far as I'm concerned ... and with me, charity alway's start's at home. Beside's ... I been a long fan of Haitian art's and folklore as well.

In the earlier posting's I stated that I expected for it to be a rough ride, and can get complex, it's not easy, etc ... I realize this, but also wonder since we have so many in there, and doing so much, getting plenty of supplies, food, medicine, and other relief in ... since it has been 8 month's now, how much progress are we making? And I also try to keep an eye on everything across the board as far as folk's even trying to capitalize in some way off those in the mess, for various reason's . I'm not paranoid, or some conspiracy theorist, but am alway's skeptical ... because I understand human nature is all. And frankly ... being it's been 7 full month's ... I still dont find it satisfactory down there ... I personally think it could be in better shape, I also feel that it's in some area's more like goddamn concentration camp's being set up, and too many folk's are not getting basic medical atencion, that I see no reason for ... just small thing's like simple infection's gone to having limb's amputated or even death, that could have been prevented ... no ... some of what I seen here online to me is pathetic actually. I frankly dont know if it's a red tape problem, communication's problem, too many doing too much at once and getting in the way, etc. But I just see it as unsatisfactory after this length of time. There certainly isnt any lack of fund's or supplies or volunteer's/ help ... and if supplies or food are not being distributed in a manner that work's efficiently ... why not? How long does it take to get your shit together? Or at least let folk's do their job's without political interference. There are more than enough Prince's and Pauper's here.

Folk's like Mr.Penn I salute ... this man ... just went to help for a few week's at first ... and said ... what the Hell .... he will stay for the longhaul until the job get's complete, or at least stable ... and even his responses to some of this I been seeing is disappointment in some of the BS he has to encounter, because of the chain of command, politic's, or other crap. I will give Mr. Wyclef Jean ... benefit of the doubt, and go along with it, that he is sincere and really want's to help his homeland/ birthplace .... but at the same time ... I have question's as far as motive's and who's inspiring who and what? I think Mr. Penn bring's up some damn good point's in the video above, and folk's should listen to him carefully. I am not worried at all about the corrupt past history in Haiti ... but the corruption that could come to future Haiti. Put it this way ... whenever you have misery .... there is alway's someone who will try to capitalize off it .... show me otherwise with proof ... and I'll buy it.

I'll shut the Hell up .... for now that is.



Tim said...

I lot of people gave pause in deciding whether to send money or not.
In my decision,I thought how corrupt their government was. In the past relief money was taken by the President on down of Haiti. I sent some anyway, after all Bill and George said they were there and would help to get them on their feet. Bullshit. One or two photo opts and they were gone. Penn is still there, and I thank him for it.
Wyclef is a good man and I hope will have our backing. Then the damn red tape might be cut and help truly get to the people.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: Thank's for your input here ... I (my daughter I live with and I) really didnt care as far sending money or worrying about it, because there was plenty of oversight in place, but I did have concern's of getting action in decent time,plus how far will relief be by Hurricane Season?, and trying to avoid all the usual delay's of getting some bureacrat's off their asses .... look at the length of even these post Katrina effort's. No ... I dont know anything about Mr.Wyclef Jean beside's his art/ music ... this was the first I heard of this. But thanx for your insight and comment's here Guy .... Later