Saturday, August 21, 2010

SUZZAN BLAC (PT.1): ... Journey into the Macabre ... A Collection of her finest! ...

For this selection of art in this journal ... It will be to honour Ms. Suzzan Blac, (WEBSITE) and take a journey into the reality she created through suffering, and expresses through her painting's. Ms. Blac is a self styled 21st century artist as far as painting, with a most unique mind ... known to many as the "Goddess of Gore". But her work absolutely leave's me in a state of tranquility, and only in deep thought, it's so compelling and exquisite, and she is at the top's of my list in her realm. Here is also an interview read to accompany her collection, sharing some insight and thought's of her work and inspiration to personal tribulation's. Best Wishes and the fruit's of life to you Ms. Blac, sincerly, and THANK YOU much for sharing your world and creation's with us!




Tim said...


Ranch Chimp said...

Nocturnal Greeting's Mr.Tim!

"Kinky" ... well I reckon that's one way to describe some of her work. Some of her work can be a tad graphic ... but it's a reality that is a part of her existence, and working with it help's heal some of her experience's, and create a transition to become master over what once enslaved the psyche ... a form of personal empowerment and triumph, strength and hope.

Thank's for your voice here Tim alway's!

Tim said...

Boy you understand that very well indeed. Admittedly I was a wee lost.
But it's good for me to see your perspective.

tnlib said...

That's pretty strong stuff. I don't think I'd want it hanging on my wall but I wouldn't call it kinky. Having been a victim of abuse I can relate, although I hasten to add that mine was obviously not as horrific as hers -

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: I just knew a little about Ms.Blac is all and how she think's ... if someone who did not know anything about her, and just looked at her art at first, they may not have guessed that it was to vent some troublesome emotion's or whatever else. Folk's have alway's turned to some form of art to express themselves, heal, etc. You may even find yourself doing it at time's in the music you put out on your guitar ... I now you certainly do in some of the piece's that you write ... so I reckon it's our nature, and our personal perspective's of our realities and enviroment's. It's a healthy thing actually ... just like meditation/ ritual/ prayer in a way. Even if the hope is not that tangible, it's relieving to the inner psyche, so therefore beneficial to a degree in it's own way.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Leslie(TNlib): Sorry to hear of your experience as far as that goes, I never heard it I reckon in your writing's. In an odd way I feel we are all victim's of some type of abuse in some form or another, whether we feel it or not even. Human's prey on each other for many more reason's and more than any other animal on earth it seem's. And sometime's even all of us are abusive as well ... even if it's just through ridicule of someone else ... as was brought up so much in my posting on Mr.Maher a few slot's back, when one person commented how mean and cruel he was or similar, comparing him to Hitler ... so the level's of abuse or what is seen as abuse drastically vary just based on that one case for instance.

Yes, I agree that Ms.Blac' art is very strong in some area's, it's full of emotion, which is blunt truth, because it reflect's the condition of her reality.

Thank's for your word's here Leslie!

rita said...

"even if the hope is not that tangible" Ha! I can relate to that.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ms.Rita: (As fra as hope not being that tangible)... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ..."NO you didnt Grrrlll!!" (?) .... I hear ya though. :)

But thanx for your blunt honesty! :)

Beach Bum said...

It was disturbing but in a way I saw the dehumanization and abuse as symptomatic of a society that does the same, only in a more subtle way.

That might seem a canned answer but its what I saw.

Can't sleep and just thought to stop by, I see you at Tim's a lot.


Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Beach Bum: As far as what society does in a more subtle way ... well put ... I think that's as accurate as it get's actually.

You seen me at Tim's, and probably a few other's ... I also wanted to say that I have visited your blog's/ posting's several time's, but never commented. The thing is ... my comment's are kind of lengthy, since I'm not actually a writer and lack skill's as far as trying to explain in fewer word's to get my point across ... and visit so many post's/ blog's that I never took time to comment on but enjoyed reading them. Several I visit even daily yet never or rarely comment. I find a few that have accepted my comment's, so feel comfortable and have repeatedly commented, kind of weird I reckon.

Thanx for your voice here Guy!