Friday, October 3, 2008

Fear NOT the "Ball of Confusion"...fear only "Ourselves"...

While our paid leaders and every big business lobbyist(foreign and domestic)continue
in this game of..ass kissing and bending over for each other on the Hill,as they have been doing for 2 weeks now. We still have both sides telling us how this is going to collapse..the same as the President did when it started..with his usual fear tactics for money..the same tactics he used on us to attack he could move in friends to free the peoples,and on that bundle of petro that Saddam been ratholing.Now their trying to milk us even more since this administration only has a few months left...with this "stampede bill" as Ralph Nader has called it.And actually
Ralph is one of the few actually speaking the truth in all of this...hmmm...imagine that!The most fitting song I recall for what we have is "Ball of Confusion" by the "Temptations"(around 1970 if I recall correctly)..a great group of artist's who inspired many musicians...and credit to them for such a great memorable piece!Uhhh another thing...were still all here...2 weeks after our final warning from our dear wimpy President..C'mon Mr.President...pull yourself up by your bootstrap's...isnt that what you preach? Show us that"free market spirit" of yours...that "toughness" that West Texas "rugged individualism"...c'mon...sir...set an example,heh,heh,heh.

All these ingrates are no better then a bunch of over educated,over paid con artist's and thug's...who will all see their day,rest assured...IN TIME...heh,heh,heh
There is nothing to fear...all they created is simply a "Ball of Confusion" this is all old school tactic's,even the Temptations who wrote the song summed this crap up damn near 40 years ago...just to show you how old this game is.Half these folks got Law Degree's and are just clever at selling us case after case. They even now got Obama and McCain all bundled up and bending over and giving try to win their place in the Oval Office,while having to kiss up to American's at the same time.The only advantage with his law expertise is in "Constitutional Law" and many of the top crust secretly dont even like that!They would never admit it...because their simply too scared what it would make their image. The so called "Mafia" that they made American's believe were "evil" years ago...have more integrity and credibility then these slithering worms on Wall St. and the Hill.As a child I spent much time around these so called "evil" Brooklyn N.Y. as well as Las Vegas...and they were at least honest and you didnt get the shaft unless you were deserving of it.And most importantly...understood "business" taking a desert rest stop...and turning it into the mega business it is today(Las Vegas).And those of the righteous,who once opposed them and called them "evil",bought them out and turned Vegas into another rip-off haven for the corporate elite and politicans,now labeling it.."family friendly".Bunch of damn hypocrites!

No...the only thing to truely fear is us and our faith in these entities who control our lives,finances,churches,schools,mortgages,retirement funds,etc. We have gave them the "green light" to control us all.And dont believe that we are all worldly,civilized and liberated with our so called modern "democracy"...we are yet far from what we will me! This system that we use to begin with is from ancient Rome...and even they were more liberated then us!Imagine that!It is ALL up to us...and American's more then ever are sounding off...these politicians are between a rock and a damn hard place...we got them lying so much now...hewh,heh,heh...they cant even recall which lies they told and when and are having to flip-flop week to week just to find more lies to cover up the previous lies.We actually got them by the ball's and they know it!

Many economist's have different idea's and plan's to deal with this so called "bail out"...their just not being heard on the Hill too much.Our own President never once tried to use his executive powers in no fashion to help this..instead...has done nothing but whined,and played the fear card...telling us week after week that we are doomed and wont be able to get loans,credit,jobs,etc,etc.Our President declined to act at all...just rush us,and plea to us to take the whole rap...this shows you that he is a phoney and this is all a scam.Even Ralph Nader has better alternatives,
and he isnt even an economist bred by Goldman Sachs.And our political candidates...havent even got the ball's to scratch their own ass with out asking permission...even the so called "maverick" himself...Maverick my ass! This new plan is full of earmarks and pork is went from 3 or 4 pages to over 400 pages of crap spending that will do nothing for one damn working american household...except enable us to borrow and spend more then we can afford...and end up generation after generation,enslaved more,in debt more..and giving up even more and more of our rights to even foreign countries with communist dictatorships.

The reality is this.We are going to be worse off in a couple years down the road then we are matter who gets elected,or what or if any bill of any kind gets passed...period.That doesnt mean it is not going to get the future it will actually get much better after the storms pass.All this need's to come to pass...there is no "one pill" fix to this...and the human race and it's "greed" is to blame for everything from the economy,to poverty,to the enviroment...our punishments are simply a result of our actions and still being in our primitive stage of evolution.And anything that human mind's and hand's can can also destroy and start a "new". Many are actually going to do very well in this so called"crisis".Why? For instance, real estate is declining in price(which is a REAL asset,like gold or platinum,diamonds,etc)those who have cash and capital...can buy dirt cheap and stand to handsomely profit in the long term.All this will also gain foreign smaller investors..which will create revenue and jobs do
what we dont do enough of now..."export".Only the friends of those fighting to pass this bill will hurt the worst...especially folks like Bush and Cheney...who are breaking up now...only because they invested 8 entire years into making their dream marketplace..and now it's at the edge of the cliff waiting for a bump!


Anonymous said...

As of now, we've been robbed by our own government. They passed the bailout bill. Not that their pretend haggling really led their constituents to believe the outcome would be any different, but... I feel sick. "C'mon Mr.President...pull yourself up by your bootstrap's" - Capitalism is just dandy until big business "requires" welfare instead. Yep, this was railroaded through, darn straight! My grandmother always said that if a decision must be made on the spot, without even one night to sleep on it, then the answer should be "no." Sad thing is, elections are coming up fast, and too many citizens will overlook the fact that their chosen candidate likely ignored his constituents and said "yes" to this insanity.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Chell...yeah...I heard..I was out in the streets doing a job when I found out.But I sensed that this was going to fly through this time.Interesting when you stated "pretend haggling" because that is exactly what the hell I been thinking the last couple days too...that..that was probably part of the snowjob too.You know...because all the voter outcry's with this technology we now have.Elections coming up,and a schlew of other crap that they slither by us.You can bet on it Chell...that their days of these antique games are getting shorter.I expect a new scam in a few years we will many dem's and rep's..going "independent" to try to say they abandoned their parties...blah,blah,blah..dont buy's more BS..different packaging is all.Hell...your Grandma made a good point..and hit square on the head.That's why I was saying the other day...that this will most likely go through on this 2nd round...they were kind of obvious...and many American's "made em".I hope to see a successful alternate party come about..that has a chance.Thanx for your visit and input Chell.