Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Many folks wont particularly like how I word this ... but I can only write the reality. The bottom line is ... we the American people/ taxpayers are being used as the biggest suckers in the world. And to show you how confident that some in Washington are about being able to brainwash us ... they are actually coming right out in the open with some of their plan's and clearly showing their ill manipulations.

The GOP thru the McCain campaign have gotten so desperate that they are now using "Fear Card #53" ...  and telling us this week (as I pointed out they would do the previous week ... how did I know? because the game that they play is so "old school" that if you just pause and look a moment ... you can see it coming) that if you vote for Obama ... it will be doom and gloom ... that he is an undercover socialist who has been planning with domestic terrorist's how to take over the country ... and rob everyone of money ... and redistribute it to those with none. Unfortunately ... there are some who will buy this ... they simply dont know any better is all. They indirectly threaten people by making them think that if you dont agree with them ... you are un American ... you are a socialist/ communist ... or you side with islamic extremeist's ... you are unpatriotic ... etc, etc. This type of psychological control was actually used many moon's ago in much of the deep south ... to keep black's at the bottom and the communities segregated ... so this is nothing new ... it's just repackaging of old tricks. And anyone who "questions" them ... is also a socialist/ communist.

But what is truely remarkable when I see those supporters at rallies who cheer on what the McCain camp is saying ... is wondering if they are really listening to what the GOP is saying, proposing ... and actually doing? I mean ... we Obama supporters for instance are alway's told that we are in a trance because of the piped piper Obama and his fancy word's ... but really ... look closely at that ... and then ... you determine who is speaking clearly ... and who is just rambling in circles. I mean come now ... they want to tell you Obama will take the peoples money, and socialize with socialist's or communist's ... or terrorist's? What about the Bush Administration? Has he not made unfair trade packages with China ... and supported, wined and dined with the leading member's of the Communist Party of China? Has this Administration also borrowed China money to pay for oil ... from the Arab's? Is he not personal friend's with the Bin Laden family as he has been for years and interacting with their business affairs? Did they not just bring up a proposal ... of 3 pages, to give czar powers to Henry Paulson (Treasury Secretary) to over see $700 billion we give him ... to make thing's "better", which are going to as I said get worse for American workers any way you slice it? Ask yourself this ... who is "redistributing" who's money here? Who has been trying to pass more and more laws that will invade every American's privacy right's as well?

There was other way's to deal with this crisis ... which is not our crisis to begin with ... this is the crisis created by a handful of those who wrote tax laws in their own favour ... and lender's who hired mathematician's to write lending policies that no ordinary person could understand. They didnt do this? Then you are naive ... every person down to the office secretary in this business know's how it's run, and get's briefed on what to do and what"teaser" packages to sell on the phone or online or in person ... everyone knows what the score is here. For 6 years I worked as a "preparations specialist" for a fortune 500 group of 27 insurance companies in their graphic art's/ printing dept. All I did all day long was revise policies, rules, regulations, and was responsible for proofreading them as well before they go to press. The employee's were screwing the company as well ... as the company was screwing the people. Dont think that I dont know the game ... Hell ... I played in the game for long! : ) Not just that game ... but others. I'll just leave it at that. And if you read this and want to ask me questions about it ... dont ... cause I wont answer ANY. (that involve me)

From this "war" ... to the bailout/ rescue ... to all that we give from the kindness of our heart ... their are many in our own system/ government ... and many around the globe that just take American's for a bunch of sucker's. Just like us paying monthly salarie's to former insurgent's to fight with us now ... and change sides (what they call a "surge" ... was nothing more then a damn "pay- off" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) is just another package deal that will financially drain us for more ... Hell no ... I wouldnt have paid them nothing ... but a damn bullet in their head ... once you take up arm's against me ... as far as I'm concerned ... I only wish for your defeat. I sure as Hell am not going to pay you money to be my friend ... it's against my nature as a human you can say. If your living high on the hog on Wall St. and dont want to share ... with those who helped create your wealth ... and you all of the sudden fail one day ... I wont give them a dime ... meaning ... NO ... I would not have given a dime to any of these ... even though I know that it is essential to their survival ... and to bail them out is not American ... nor is it fair in any sense of the word.

Even our so called "free trade" isnt even "free" ... if it were ... government wouldnt intervene with those who go over to Mexico or Canada to buy everything from gas to prescription drugs ... Hell if it wasnt for this internet and thing's like E-Bay, we wouldnt even have anything halfway fair as far as trade. If anyone has been leaning toward's "socialism" it has been the current administration and President. And even McCain's health care is more crapolla ... give a $5000 tax break for health care? That's not even enough to pay an annual family package rate for a year. Here ... you want to give "we the people" a tax break? Then to save all the money of the work it involves and hours to give us these so called "tax breaks" ... just let us NOT pay any taxes out of our paychecks or at the stores or on gas or whatever for a few months, then you wont have to collect it ... figure it all out and try to reimburse or redistribute it ... we'll just keep it ... how about that? They sure wont do that ... now will they? All you have here is the same basic BS you get at a store sale ... where you sign up for this or that ... pay this or that ... and get promised to get a mail in rebate ... Hell ... dont rebate us! DONT charge us ... it will save everyone time and money! This is all BS!


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