Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Sealed with a kiss"..."America...get out!!"....

Thousand's of Iraqi peoples flocked to the streets of Baghdad yesterday,many chanting even in english..."America...get out!!". Although I pointed out in my earliest posting's that this would come..and those who know me on a personal level...remember me telling them this as far back as a few years ago..and our waste of time,money,lives,etc. ...I didnt expect it to come this quick...but...thing's move quicker these day's...thank goodness!

As far as I'm concerned...GREAT!...let's get the hell out of there! As an American...I am sick and tired of going through this crap over and over and over,I have family and friend's that had to fight in these pointless war's. We freed the people's from the evil clenches of Saddam...right? We done eveything that we said we would...even gave them billions in "cash" handouts that would probably equivalent the hand out's we give to those on Wall St.Hand out's that our own people couldnt even get in our own country of our own damn money...screw all these bastard's in Washington...Iraq...Iran..and all of the places...including the 30% world reserves of oil there...if they dont want to sell to us..fine...I'm sure plenty of other's will pump and drill for our dollars!

We have such a hypocritical government...who are basicly becoming tyrannical,and feeding us this crap..and those people's crap about this all being to "free" them. Our government dont give a flying crap about humanity...except for what they can milk it for...if they did...people like Bush wouldnt wine and dine with folks that eat fetuses as a delicacy(China's elite). The Iraqi people are "waking up" to the reality...and they are wanting to be heard...and I couldnt agree with them more. Because it isnt the "people's" that are at fault in any's those who lead us and lead them. After this so called bailout/ can see how concerned they are about us who hire them as well...just look at the picture...they dont even try to hide it...they just look straight at us and tell us were stupid. And we are let this crap continue.We even got sold out to a damn communist dictatorship...who we will owe for years to come.

First of all...that is Iraq!...not America...we cannot be immuned from Iraqi Law! Just like in our country...we have law's too. I am writing this...the reason why "terror" or "bombing's" have slacked up only because we pay those who fight us fight with us.When we stop paying them,what do you think they will do? They are laying low as I write see the outcome,of our election..the terror group's are currently plotting to sabotage oil lines/refineries...not just in Iraq,but worldwide.They are also plotting to hit nuclear facilities wherever they are able...that was actually their initial plan's for the 9/11 event's...they won...but also lost in the attack on the World Trade did they "loose"...there intentions were to kill far more then 3000 people..they screwed up on their timing...if they waited a little longer..they could have got in the 10's of 1000's of casualties..and they know it!

And someone we will need to negotiate with sooner or later...why? because they are not the Iran of 20 years ago...they are now very powerful...and if we muscle our influence around too much...their next idea is to take out Saudi oil production ...with bomb's...and Iraq too..and we will have a war so much bigger on our hand's...then we have now...that we will have no option but to use nukes and start an all out world war. So even Obama's proposal to sit down with Iran..with no pre-conditions is the "right" thing to do. It's never been done like that? Heh,heh,heh...well there's a first time for everything now...isnt there? I am a man who look's to resolve problem's...not bank on tradition! We need to stay out of these people's business in many of these countries...and when we do..we will have far less threat's of terror.

America...get out!! (besides...we need our money and troop's to defend..America)

PS: Another point...since oil companies need to protect their drilling in Iraq,let them pay for their own security..not with our tax dollars..we actually pay for all the contract security as well(rent-a-mercenaries)..they can afford it...heh? I'd make them a deal...heh,heh,heh, for you all's own security...and we will let you all write it off on your taxes...heh? :)

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