Saturday, October 18, 2008

When will our Representative's...actually represent those who hired them?...

There is something very wrong in America when those we hire simply do not do their job.Any of us would be fired in a heartbeat..with NO severance pay even...if we performed the same way on a job.

What bring's me to ask many event's...but one of the most disturbing is this company "AIG"...not only after this bailout did they throw a lavish party at a resort that cost several hundred thousand's of dollar's...but they also sent their upper crust on a hunting trip that cost over $90,000. Many of the so called "elite" of Wall St. usual...throwing parties at the usual hang out's they frequent,drinking the best of the best...and smoking the finest import Cuban cigar's money can buy.And believe me...there is so much more going on that we dont even see.

Do we even realize...that any American citizen who would seek help from our government's social services...whether it's in the form of food stamp's or any other help/services...they would be monitored like a criminal offender on probation/parole? No...this is the truth...any time you ask government for assistance you will have a schlew of forms to fill out..and have to report,check in or update them on everything you have earned...even if it was just a few dollar' is itemized. I personally have never taken ANY assistance from the government...but I knew so many that did..that's how I know this first hand.Is any of our representation monitoring anything that these folks are doing that we just allowed to use billions upon billions of our tax dollar's?

You would figure that these folks would be somewhat...a little grateful for all we done for least show a little concern...or respect...or something.And if it wasnt for our media...exposing this...yes...on camera..we wouldnt even know what the hell they are doing.And NO..this is not the left media trying to stir up trouble...these folks are actually doing this!

And the relentless...WHINING...that has been coming out of big business..complaining that Obama's tax plan's want's to penalize them and take their hard earned wealth..and spread it around to everyone..and trying to label him as a evil socialist of some sort.That is NOT what Senator Obama is proposing at all.First of all...they dont even come clean with how much tax they pay. Do we realize that the tax law's written are in THEIR favour? The average working Joe Plumber/Joe Sixpack or the other stupid names they pawn off on us (cause Joe the Plumber's name isnt even's Sam..and he dont even have a plumber's liscense) does not have the item's or enough to write off to even get a free tax ride as these folks do. With any decent wont loose any money to taxes...and they know it! I do my own taxes every year,as well as a couple buddies,from time to time.

We are "bailing out"...oh...forgive's called a "rescue" I believe this week, folks who actually go to a first at the best restaraunte's...sleep in the best hotel's...go get a massage..that includes everything from oral getting tied up and whipped to an orgasm...and get this, it's all a tax write off! If you think I am are very out of touch with reality. These so called massages or physical therapy treatment's are in many cases sex services..that go under some made up name like "XYZ enterprises" or such,the gal's even carry hand held credit card scanners..when going to their appointments to service the clients. It's simply wrote off as a business expense..and no one ask's,what exactly does XYZ do?

For Pete's sake...hopefully the new administration will look into these thing's a little closer and expose some of this...I have no problem with folks doing these thing's at that isnt the issue here...the issue is..the tax revenue's and what they go to.While we are all worried with the handful of fear card's they deal us to worry about...behind closed doors...these wimpering slithering worms are giving us the shaft! And until we take action...they WILL continue to do so...Why? Because they look at us as STUPID...Geez...wake up America!

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