Friday, September 16, 2011

KEPLER- 16b (TATOOINE): ... "Planet of the Rise of Sun's" (Above & Below PT.3)

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Another recent find below to be added to the "Above & Below" series of this journal. And this is something that I visioned for year's in thought ... not from a read or movie though, just something that popped up randomly in my head, I never seen "Star Wars" that they speak of ... just didnt have much interest in that I reckon as far as film ... my favourite film's though are all the old Clint Eastwood Western's for the record ... but these find's are alwayz fun to read about! : )

By the way ... the title I gave this as far as "Planet of the Rise of Sun's" was inspired by the classic song, made most popular in the mid- 1960's when recorded by the Brit group, "The Animals" ... called "House of the Rising Sun" ...

POST NOTE: I also want to add that after a blogger INFIDEL753 ,commented that the nickname "Tatooine" kind of mixes I reckon sci- fi with actual science, I will put the other name first on the title of this posting, "Kepler- 16b", so that no one will mix this up with the movie creation, before having a chance to read it. I didnt give it much thought at first or ever watched the series of movies or read any of the stories/ book's of "Star Wars" or other related movies/ book's ... but I do know that they have a big following and these people have sat outside movie theater's even an entire night in the element's to watch a new release of such according to mainstream media news source's.

***** NASA: NASA's Kepler Mission Discovers a World Orbiting Two Stars ... (newsread)

***** PD/ RCJ: "ABOVE & BELOW" PART'S 2 & 1



Infidel753 said...

This must be a pretty common astronomical situation -- I'm surprised it took this long to discover one.

The view from the surface must be interesting, though, with two suns in the sky, and two sunrises and two sunsets every day.

I do wish they wouldn't name such things after pop-culture references, though. I can see it helps capture popular imagination, but it trivializes the science.

Ranch Chimp said...

When I heard the name, I couldnt even pronounce it, let alone even knew it came from a sci- fi movie/ story, as I never read/ seen it ... Thank You for your input here Infodell