Thursday, September 22, 2011

PRES. AHMADINEJAD of IRAN ... present's the UN with some unfashionable Truth's, that make's Member's/ Delegate's "Walk Out" ...

This will be just another miscellaneous reference posting to look at the President of Iran's statement's to the UN today, which made UN members/ delegate's walk out again. I know of Iran's reputation of oppression, even my brother- in- law left Iran year's ago, he was born and raised there, his son (my nephew) though is US born and a US Marine Sgt., but he cant even return to visit familia without the possibility of imprisonment simply because of the stand he took against the government's wayz, till this day. And I know the political stories in the news today, like why the hiker's were released yesterday, the eve of this address, etc ... but this posting is not about politic's or to point out who is more evil or good, more right or wrong, but to simply look at these two short's clip's and what the President "said".

Early in this journal I talked about the war's/ terror that we may face, simply because of our interference in other land's interest's, not us personally, but those who dictate our circus for instance. And I dont know if the President wrote this address himself or those who dictate him, however, it is true what he sayz here, at least in my opinion and view, and looking at history ... and this posting is only to look at that, not the politic's or whatever else.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE/ LONGER OF THE ADDRESS (posted on YouTube) ... I recommend watching this more in length one too, because it's well put together and worth it. And I actually started laughing on this toward's the end, just seeing "which" delegate's were walking out : ) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the truth can really constipate some folk's.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech sparks UN walkout ... Thanx to THE TELEGRAPH


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