Thursday, September 15, 2011

SOLYNDRA (ABCNEWS): "Job's Deal's" & FISHING for "Political Meal's"

First here some link's and video's below on this "fishing expedition" then a few word's of opinion I will add after ....

ABCNEWS/ THE BLOTTER: Solyndra Loan ... Now Treasury Department Launching investigation ... some additional newsread and video

ABC NEWS ON SOLYNDRA: White House on the Hot Seat ... Thanx to ENERGYANDCOMMERCE

One of the reason's we are so slow to get a goddamn thing done in this country is basically the political grandstanding that these two parties take, who spend more goddamn time on bullshit, nitpicking and henpecking each other than doing their job's actually ... I mean, every little thing that come's up that they can bum- rush on either side, they are all over like a cheap suit. This time we have the Republican Party (once again ... and this is an old familiar tune with this crew especially) all over this half billion dollar so called "loss" as far as this "Solyndra" government investment. And were quick to gobble it up especially, if we only look at the politic's instead of the reality of the situation. But again, the President and this Administration will of course be the one's holding the bag on this ... and this was a so- called bipartisan joint effort actually that obviously the Republican's supported 110% at the last of the Bush Administration. I also want to point out here that what I write in this, is truely from a real bipartisan view as well as a real conservative pro- business view ... not this politipop herd of today's conservatism in America or this religious cult conservatism.

I mean even this job plan that the President just proposed will not even get any damn where's without being twisted into something that it wasnt even meant to be, by the time that everyone feed's their lil side order of pork into it. Then when someone does make a bold move and take a chance at trying to create some actual job stimulation and/ or growth in the private sector ... and it take's a bump or a total loss, each side is grandstanding on how they were/ are against it, and how the American people need answer's, as if they ever give us any goddamn answer's to begin with, half these folk's that represent us cant even do their own goddamn job's efficiently to begin with ... I sware that if I ever had a group of misfit's working on my crew like this, I would fire/ terminate half their asses. As far as nitpicking this one, who knew what or who mislead who ... you got alot of folk's involved on both side's, and if there was any mislead fact's or presentation's or such ... let the FBI and affiliate's do their work, and ya'll get off ya'll's asses and get the Hell back to ya'll's work! The only real loss is these poor folk's that worked for the company and had the door's shut on them without no warning.

"IF" you really want to stimulate job growth in even a half- assed type capitalistic/ free market society (I say "half- assed" type, because we are truely not a total free- market at all, regardless of the talk you may hear, if we were, those who cant stand their ground would be allowed to fail, period) ... you HAVE TO make investment's and you HAVE TO expect even LOSSES ... that is part of the game simply ... we lost a half billion dollar's basically on this is all ... get the Hell over it, cry for a day, then forget it the next and get on to business, the company filed bankruptcy and is history, another will take it's place ... this is the world of "Loss Vs Gain", period. I dont hear one of this bunch on the Republican side mentioning one thing ever about the several billion dollar's in shrink- wrapped U.S. currency that was sent to Iraq when the bank's were inoperable by the last Administration, that ended up missing to this day and is still unaccounted for to this day (something in the range of about $12 billion on one count) ... not a peep. Not one peep about the excessive and unecessary defense spending we do for mega- corporate interest's/ international investment banking in these foreign land's that we occupy either. You dont see the GOP bitching about THIS HERE , wonder why?

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