Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER/ ENGINEERING GROUND ZERO: From Debris & Ash to World Class Architectural/ Structural Design ...

This will also be included into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" , because of the art of the design and those behind it, who in my view ARE artist's for their work ... and what a work of art this will be! But also this posting is inspired by the last few dayz of heavy mainstream media coverage of the decade ago terror event that took place in New York City, the image's, interview's of former leader's, the misery of that day, etc, etc ... so this posting is to view the flip side of the event and the new to rise from the terror, ashes, lives lost, and debris.

When the 9/11 event went down, I was with my daughter taking her to her High School in the Downtown Dallas Art's District at a redlight on Turtle Creek Blvd @ Lemmon Av in Dallas' Oaklawn/ Uptown District, it came over the radio airwave's interrupting regular programming ... I actually thought that some small aircraft somehow went off course and hit the Trade Center Tower, when they announced the 2nd strike on the next tower, I knew it was more than that. The first image's that went through my head was as a kid, how I loved racing my 10- speed bike through the street's of Manhattan super fast on sunday morning, because the traffic very early was the least dense of any time other in the week. One of the place's I loved to stop that just fascinated me, was the World Trade Center construction site ... surrounded for safety by plywood wall's with window's in it to view the site, the holes for the base foundation of Tower Two were gigantic to me as a kid, like looking into the Grand Canyon of sort (remembering flying over the Grand Canyon as a kid going to the West Coast), and were active what seemed to be 24/ 7/ 365 ... and reflecting image's in my mind that I remembered as a kid standing on the roof/ observation of the Trade Center ... what a remarkable view New York was from 110 stories!

Below some video's and info/ link's on the new One World Trade Center and some preview from PBS/ NEWHOUR on the new PBS/ NOVA documentary to be aired tonight, including how new design has come of this event ... Enjoy!


ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER/ PORT AUTHORITY OF NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY some view's of animation, progress, "live" video cam on the One World Trade Center project

"Engineering Ground Zero" ... Explores challenges of redesigning at Historic Site ... Thanx to PBS/ NEWSHOUR

How has skyscraper design changed since 9/11? ... Thanx to PBS/ NEWSHOUR



Beach Bum said...

I actually thought that some small aircraft somehow went off course and hit the Trade Center Tower...

I did as well, it seemed inconceivable that a full-sized jetliner would be flown into building.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Bum! ... while many may see the event only for the loss of lives and a victory for those such as bin Laden, I have alwayz look at it as a failed endeavor as well .... being that, there were ONLY 3000 casualties. You see, I have been in the Trade Center several time's, and know damn well that this event could have easily killed over 10 fold that amount, considering the 10's of thousand's of daily resident's for work it has ... the lucky part was that from what I gathered, a local election of sort was happening in NYC that morning, which made alot of folk's late for work, also the fact that it was a monday morning ... folk's are not all disciplined to where their all at work at 8am sharp in many cases ... this contributed to the very low casualty rate, and also made those who struck this tower and planned it look "incompetent" ... really ... I mean you plan this shit for a few year's, and you come away with only a casualty number of less than 10% of what you initially planned? ... dumb asses ... even a school kid would have known that to be successful in a hit like that, you would have to at least do it at 10/ 11am ... but enough said.

Thanx for your voice here Bum ....

Weaseldog said...

Maybe the people planning 9/11 just wanted a dramatic demonstration of power and intended to minimize lives lost?

"All war is deception." - Sun Tzu

The early hour of the attacks meant that most of the world was still sleeping or just waking up, vulnerable to the full power of the shock the event caused.

Our government never bothered to trace the funding of the terrorists beyond determining that their funds were drawn off back accounts held by the House of Saud and the Bin Laden Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

Yet, it claims to know the motivations and thoughts of these unknown persons.

Before we even knew the fake identities of the unknown persons that perpetrated the attack, the media was already forming the narrative.

I learned a long time ago in strategy gaming not to make assumptions about my opponents goals, but instead to see what my opponent does and analyze those actions.

You're not the first person I've heard mention that the time of day chosen was a mistake. This line of thinking assumes that you've correctly guessed the perpetrator's goals.

I think a better way to look at this is, "After years of planning by Saudis that are very familiar with the area, why was this time of day and day of the week chosen?"

Ranch Chimp said...

Wassup WMD! ... Goddamn man, it's some beautiful weather here on the Ranch today, eh? Well man, I never heard that theory that you talked about either, but I never really read or kept up much with 9/11, only the read when it went down basically, I seen that movie/ dvd about the plane crash (forgot the title off hand) where the passenger's took it down with the terrorist's in it, I reckon in Pennsylvania(?), that was supposedly based off fact's. I just remember distinctively that day and the flashes of my kid year's, can even remember the smell's of the city brother!

Cowboys and the Jets this weekend Dude, I been a Jets and Cowboys fan since childhood, lived in the City (NYC) back when Broadway Joe (Namath) was quarterbacking the Jets even. I think the Ravens (Baltimore) open tonight NFL season, cant recall the matchup, but I'm hungry for regular season Dawg.

Thanx for your input here Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

I came back to update my NFL comment I made to WD ... tonight on NBC 5 Dallas I know, starting at 7:30 pm will be New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers, which should be a kick ass line up, these two team's won the last two SuperBowl's ... I will put my money on the Packers here ... Green Bay should be kick ass at home ... so I pick them on this one.