Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Believe NOTHING you HEAR .... and HALF of what you SEE" PART 2 .... "Something is missing here" ....

"Believe nothing you hear, and half of what you see" (PART 1 here) .... is one of the most sound piece's of advice my Dad gave me .... probably around 12 year's old .... I grew up fast and was very independent as a young man and left home at close to 14. I will also state that my parent's were absolutely fine parent's any kid wouldnt mind to have .... so my leaving at such a young age had nothing to do with them or my familia being any problemo, I simply was a lil ahead of my time, restless, and very ambitious, locked up a couple time's as well .... and felt it was time to adventure .... heh,heh,heh,heh,heh .... and what a ride it's been! :) This title also applies to anything that is in this journal, if you DONT know me personally, you should have NO reason to simply "believe" what I say here, think for yourself and do the math/ research if it's something that catches your attencion. Of course those who know me on a personal level, know my "integrity" is like "stainless steel".

Earlier I was talking about the "2010 Show" that we will be seeing, which is all about the political arena (this is a journal, not to be meant as a blog, although by pop-tech definition a blog, being that everything in this will interconnect over time .... similar to a book, or perhap's a diary). We will be fed mega BS this year in particular, because thing's are not as "peachy" or as "horrible" as the political folk's and the media's, or the "puppet's" of those will make you think. Alway's "free" your mind when you look at any picture, and look with "open eye's" and "mind". It is also a "survival" tool, the most important thing is to "learn" to think for yourself .... it will be most beneficial in the longrun to you.

Shields and Brooks Assess Political Cost of High Unemployment ... Thanx to PBS

Job figure's this week .... have shown to create job's ... not anything significant .... but at least not any decline, and mainly because we have tightened "our" belt's as well on spending, which may sound somewhat odd, but true. But you still cant just bank on these short term figure's, you will be fed figure's left and right in this election year to try to manipulate your thinking for support/ vote's. Most of what you hear/ see will be manufactured by those who dish it out, and very partisan especially. We are going to have more difficult time's as far as middle/ working class American's are concerned .... we are on a very delicate ground right now .... so delicate that we could relapse into another recession so quick. It is true that the "have- not's" have less .... and that the "have's" have more, and this was likely to come and will continue as I have posted .... you can say it's part of our "conditioning", to get you prepared for the "new normal", which mean's if you think the "American Dream" is what it used to be, or it can be what it was, your fooling yourself, it CANT, and it WONT be, period ( also SEE HERE "The New Normal" ) .... and HERE is a piece from ABC News to looking at our latest pop- term. It's NOT some conspiracy .... these folk's dont need a conspiracy to do a damn thing .... they and their flunkies control most of your lives and how you think. Disconnect yourself from the programme, and it will free your thought process and reasoning.

We are fed these thing's like a meal .... portion's here and there. After these election's like any election's .... the reality of what happened or will set's in .... only after. Something is missing here .... that we are NOT seeing though. I say this because .... we all know how business and trade work's as an example, free market, etc. I have posted before about how "excessive" greed, can be a problemo, excessive anything for that matter, anything that loses "balance" has a ripple effect as well. What we have been seeing is the controlling entities becoming over excessive, and it doesnt make sense. They are even at each other's throat's more than ever .... which is a sign of "desperation", meaning they are expecting something big to happen, or else they wouldnt be so gung- ho to make mega merger's so quickly, also doing thing's like trying to buy up all the gold in the market's and personal, using single companies that have many different company name's, but still controlled by one or two prime figure's behind the scene's .... they have to do it this way for legal purposes, or they would get accused of trying to "corner" market's or commodities or such, like Dallas' "Hunt" familia was year's back for trying to corner the silver market. Your major insurer's and financial institution's have also been in a rush mode for these bailout's too. And the surplus that say our country had for instance before this manufactured war in Iraq/ Afghanistan, was used up quickly, much of what also went to privatization of military .... such as folk's like "Blackwater" . I could even go on .... however, this is enough to make you at least see .... that something is here that we are missing. This is NOT normal, and DONT believe it's simply a sign of the time's .... there is more to it, to make these already powerful entities act in such a desperate fashion.

There are greener pasture's as well soon ahead .... but dont let that cloud your thinking, especially on issue's such as voting. The same reason I told folk's when they were bitchin about the $4.00 a gallon gas, that in time, you will see $3.00 a gallon gas as a treat, after being used to paying under $2.00 a gallon steady for a length of time, it's part of a process/ game to readjust what "normal" is or what to "expect". Example: You have a person/ worker/ consumer, for instance in a deal with $100, you then take back $80 in fee's and service's .... give the person a so called "rebate" of $30 .... which then make's them think that they got something, but mathematically .... you still lost half of what you had. This is just basic sales and con work, nothing fancy .... but thing's are made complex for a reason .... and that's to make you think you are getting something when you are being taken for a ride. Same applies with the political arena's and controlling entities that I speak of throughout this journal, being the mega church/ religious, financial, and corporate entities .... these 3 entities are responsible for much of what we think, and what our children are programmed to think. All these fact's and figure's of how good or bad thing's are is just manufactured to feed us for political reason's, your rep's are mostly in the same boat we are .... they have to answer to the hand that feed's them .... the same reason they shouldnt have taken the pay- out's given to them by mega insurer/ med/ pharma giant's, as I posted in the "Health Care SnoweJOB" series.... once you accept .... you owe. "IF" our rep's wouldnt have "accepted" the money, only then ... they could have truely done what the voter's wanted .... and it would be very likely that we would have had a bill/ package a fraction of the size, half as complex, and probably a public option.

That's the REALITY!



Demeur said...

I agree with you 1000% on all of this. It is truely a question of balance unfortunately the balance has shifted to the corporations and the top 1%. Keep your eyes open when the political ads start flying in late August as corporations will be shoveling money to try and get the rethuglicans back in power (not that the Dems have done much better of late). I'm only glad I have a mute button on my remote.

Ranch Chimp said...

I reckon you simply seen some of the thing's I have Mr. Demeur, if your in agreement. Alot of folk's see these thing's, but our society has become so full of shit as well, that everything has some slant to it. I know it will change, I just dont know when. Most folk's are gonna get sick of this homogenized BS, pop culture mentality and just abandon all this in time, it's simply nature. Why this sudden urge to rathole all global fund's and market's in such a desperate fashion .... I havent been able to figure that one out yet, the manipulation is way out of whack, which tell's me something is not well .... and I will assume that these entities know or expect something that the people dont. I am not a left or right type character, I mean .... I think conservative on some thing's, and liberal on some thing's, and independent on some thing's .... so I really dont have any party, or certain agenda, never did actually, willing to give just about anything a try, if it prove's to work I reckon. Not long back I seen an ex- girlfriend, who I havent even seen in probably 30 year's (weird how time flies....heh?). We had some small chat about how thing's changed .... she then told me .... I havent "grown up" ... and I still think like I did as a kid, that I should give some thought to getting with the programme, (in a friendly tone with a smile of course) .... but I'm not sure what that mean's .... to think like she does? She went on to live the life as the poster mother of pop culture America I reckon. There is no doubt .... she sure as Hell changed .... or I reckon "matured". Nothing like she was as a kid .... that's for sure. But it's alway's nice to see old acquaintences, and hear what their up to and all that.

Later Guy .... thanx for the input!