Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WILLIE NELSON: .... "Whiskey River" .... and .... "Stay All Night" ....

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For some down home Texas music in this journal's music selection, it's past due that I honor Mr.Texas himself .... Mr.Willie Nelson. This guy has put out so much music in his career .... and still is to this day .... the list is just too long.

Mr.Nelson has had an annual "Fourth of July" picnic for year's .... since around 1973,(still does) and believe me .... no one has a better picnic in Texas than a Willie Nelson picnic! When I first came to Texas back in them day's .... I found Texas as a real treat .... coming from recently Northeastern area .... the joints of pot (marijuana) were so big here .... I mean, in NYC for example, folks were rolling skinny pencil width joints .... but down here they rolled them the size of cuban cigars .... and handed them out and around like charity hand out's! Good Mexicano tequila and the works .... but what an event Willie's picnics are .... and if you didnt get laid and stoned .... well .... you werent tryin! His music is as much part of Texas culture as Chili covered Tex/Mex Enchiladas, and ice cold "Lone Star Beer" .... and Thanx for the great show's Sir! Below a live performance at Billy Bob's Texas ... Enjoy!

Willie Nelson- Whisky River/ Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer) (Live at Farm Aid 1999) ... Thanx to Farm Aid


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Tim said...

Willy is great. Did you know he sticks to his one guitar,with nylon strings and has played it so much over the years that where the pick guard is on some he has worn a hole right through. Just from useing the pick. Awesome!

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually .... yes Mr.Tim ... I did know that, but I think many dont know, thanx for bringing it to light here.

Later Guy ...........

tnlib said...

You got my man. Now here's a real maverick - not a pretend one.

When my girls were very young I rented an RV for several summers. As we pulled out of Denver we always played Nelson's 'On the Road Again" as loudly as our off-key voices would allow.

Ranch Chimp said...

Indeed ole Willie is a "true" Maverick, no doubt .... and I would assume .... he can also "recall" how many home's/ properties he does actually "own", without giving some lame BS answer to the press. :)

In Texas .... even the Bush familia has to call him Sir!

The RV deal sound's great .... love to have done that myself!

Thanx for stopping by Ms.Tnlib

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Go Willy. Saw Willy in San Antonio in 1975... it was a highlight! Have you heard his Wynton & Willy CD... good jazz with Wynton Marsalis.

Ranch Chimp said...

No I havent, but am going to check it out fer sure! Thanx .... and for stoppin by as well Ms.Lizzy, anyone ever told you, you make them Dizzy Ms.Lizzy? (just kiddin girl!) Damn .... you got one of them familiar face's, maybe it's just one of them face's that have that look of familiarness to them. Maybe we may have dated year's ago? (just kiddin girl)

Thanx agin fer droppin in, alway's good to hear from a fellow Texan! :)