Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ROBIN TROWER: .... "Too Rolling Stoned" .... and .... "Day of the Eagle" ....

My choice for this music post .... has to be Mr.Robin Trower .... for his excellent composition and Blues Guitar work. This man in my opinion is one of the greatest as far as blues legend's. When he first appeared in the scene .... it hadnt been long since Mr. Jimi Hendrix passed away .... and quickly this man was labeled by many as the reincarnation of Hendrix .... so because of this ( and also being associated to "Procol Harum" ).... it took time for him to make his personal mark and sound distinct .... which he has certainly done!

One Hell of a sound remarkably as far as "live" performance on a 1 thru 10, I rate as a 9+ .... and obviously still just as tight and smooth as when I seen him "live" in 1975. I seen him early 1975 in San Antonio(TX) .... then later that year, seen him in Chicago(IL) .... on the same tour .... which was the "Bridge of Sighs" tour.

Choosing a couple favourite's of mine here .... first piece is "live" and called "Too Rolling Stoned" .... the 2nd is called "Day of the Eagle" .... both from the "Bridge of Sighs" album/cd, and both shot on Dec. 10, 2008.


"DAY OF THE EAGLE" ("live" audio) ... Thanx to GOINTOSLEEPBIATCH



winsomedove said...

thank you for the flash back - excellent choice

Ranch Chimp said...

Your welcome Ms.Winsome Dove. His sound "live" of his guitar work was truely awesome, something I will never forget.