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SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN SOTU 2015: The State of the Union For the AMERICAN People ... "Having The MONEY We NEED, BUT ... Fighting over SCRAPS" ... The "CHRISTMAS STOCKING" Edition ... (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.12) **** with RC Post Note

Part 12 of the "Elizabeth Warren" series of this journal will be to highlight some of the work and legislation that the Senator has been pushing. President J.F. Kennedy once said to not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. That is the key here ... we have not had enough action in Washington out of many that are not doing a damn thing for this country ... with their multi- national corporate/ banking supporters and lobbies just asking for handouts and what we can do for them, Warren summed it up perfectly when she said that, we have the money we need and is ours, but these folks have us fighting over scraps. At the same time though, we are fortunate enough to have some strong leaders like Warren who question, drill and challenge every special interest in Washington's lobby gang, and tackles the most importante issues to our nation, holds those accountable who need to be and pushes legislation that we need to keep our nation and economy strong. Warren is one that I would like to see in the Oval Office or perhaps even a Supreme Court Justice, but her work as Senator has proven to be most importante during her short time as Senator, and she is just doing one Hell of a job! But it is possible that Sen.Warren I guess was "asked nicely" by the establishment Democrat's to NOT run for President, to give Hillary Clinton an edge, I posted this over 2 years ago about a Obama- Clinton deal. It is becoming more obvious that voting, campaigns and elections are being rigged as much as "legally" possible on both sides of the left and right establishment ... even the debates are getting increasingly obvious what is happening, or with all the gerrymandering, polls, mainstream media, etc, everything is being strongly manipulated, that is why the "vote" of everyone is of importance, to overcome what is happening, it's about the only tool we have left ... because were not going to outspend the big money. Through this manipulation ... and hope that I'm wrong, I expect that both the Republican and Democrat "establishment" are going to start to twist this 2016 elections concerns ... into not domestic issues (besides some BS treats tossed in, to keep some interest), but use fear cards and turn it into a war on terrorism sort of campaign, debates and election ... with more spending, intervention and occupation in Middle Eastern countries issues as priority.

As I point out in this journal myself time and again, it is importante to focus strongly on these special treats ... or let's just say "Christmas stockings" we hand out to these corporate/ banking folks, because with todayz global economy ... once we are drained and have nothing else to give ... all those who we gave all our money to, will just go to another continent/ country to continue business, and will not spend/ invest much of a damn thing here, besides buying up in mass quantities real estate/ property to have more control over the market, they are and will continue to buy in mass as investment firms, to also have an edge over individual small investors and homebuyers. We have to be more aware of where we are spending every dollar and what kind "return" or "bang for our buck" are we getting back on our spending? It's time that we watch what were putting in their Christmas stocking, because frankly they are filling ours with coal. It was much easier to build and maintain a strong economy a half century ago when so much of manufacturing, trade was being done in America, with large investments from those who done well were being done domestically, now we have a new challenge. When we give, or let's just use the term "invest" our money/ taxes/ assets ... we have to conduct business like any big company would conduct business, and look at what is in our best interests as well. Again, I'm all for giving fair and decent tax breaks, incentives and the rest to any large entity of business ... but at the same time, I want a guarantee/ contract through legislation in writing what your obligation will be in the deal, and what our return is for our generosity ... that is how any business worx and does business, it's not a one way street ... we are making alot of people alot of money, get my drift?

I want to call this posting a "State of the Union" posting ... is because the formal annual SOTU address that President's give to Congress such as this coming next month, will not be of any use to 99% of the people of our nation ... it's more like a traditional pep rally ritual that many of us gawk at when it comes on the tele, and we may feel good or not so good, but means not much of anything. The President at the time, tell's of their administration's and party's accomplishments, how they need to work with Congress to get this or that done, etc, people stand and applaud and sit back down more times than at a Catholic Church Mass, some look sad, some happy. Most of what's proposed which never gets anything done, and is about as much meaningful as making New Year resolutions, that you know will never mean a damn thing. When President Obama for instance gives his next month and sayz he want's to work with Congress and everyone is applauding, etc ... the next week it will be back to gridlock as usual and Congress will not lift a finger to work with him, plain and simple. In January of 2014 for example, I done my own "State of the Union" in this journal for working American's on the go, who dont have time to watch it, it's simple, straight and to the point. The political news recently in so much media has been also pointless and useless to us or our own domestic needs as a people and nation, much about some of these rant's and bitch fights between a few of the Presidential candidates and the 2 party's, saturated with talk of why we need to spend billions more invading and occupying foreign lands and how we will be targets of terrorist's if we dont ... much of the terrorism to begin with is basically because of our occupation in places where we shouldnt even be or serves any interests of actually defending our nation. Our past involvement in others affairs and politics in some of these countries, including bombing and killing thousands upon thousands of innocent citizens helps fuel the reaction and resistance we call "terrorism". So I chose these 4 videos below of what Sen. Warren has been acting on and making progress on, since it is critical to our nation, economy and children, and what WE NEED to do for our country ... and gives the American people a clearer view of what the state of our union actually is, and what action needs to be taken. This posting will also be included in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" of this journal/ blog ... so below some importante points and legislation from Senator Warren ... and Thanx to the Senator. After, at the bottom of this posting, an additional "post note" I will add concerning business and responsibilities.

Word Out ....

Senator Elizabeth Warren: No Dodd- Frank rollbacks in must- pass bills ... Thanx to SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN

Senator Elizabeth Warren Introduces the SAVE Benefits Act ... Thanx to SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN



Elizabeth Warren on American Job Creation and Infrastructure ... Thanx to CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT

Sen. Warren Introduces Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act ... Thanx to SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN





A post note I wanted to add to make some points. It's common talk that we hear now, that corporations are people/ citizens, and they sure as Hell spent enough money in advertising and lobbying to make that point, whether in elections/ politics or lobbying, that it even like any other basic right ... went to the U.S. Supreme Court. They want to be a major part of not just business, but our families and communities, including wanting us to be their customers and investors in their mega banking institutions and financial planning. In "capitalism" there are rules and requirements across the board that we all play in, and are standards of how we do business. There is NOT one mega- corporation or banking/ investment entity foreign or domestic in our global capitalism system that dont want protections and safeguards, and in more extreme cases, want to be subsidized, bailed out and utilize every tax break possible. Today in these mega giant businesses, they are asking to be pampered too much and not have to feel any repercussions or responsibility to the business community of the globe ... that is not strength or responsibility ... that is weakness and irresponsible. They ask to pollute or destroy the environment in other wayz, yet only get a small fine, to destroy the lives of their consumers/ customers through faulty mis- managed investments ... and have no penalty ... but instead ... ask for a hand- out/ bail- out again and again ... from who? ... from the peoples government ... and how much business sense does it make, to destroy your environment where you conduct business or your customer baseline? These are NOT helpless people, refugees of oppression, unhealthy, handicapped or under- educated people, these folks pride themselves on being the cream of the crop of our societies, some so self- deluded and financially intoxicated, think of themselves as "elite" ... yet like everyone else expects to get their entitlements, but at the expense of the entitlements of everyone else. Being a person, businessman/ woman and player requires basic responsibilities ... not whining like a toddler every time they cant find their misplaced toyz or dont get their way.

It has become too common that many of these entities in corporate/ banking, whine just because they have to pay a penalty, or because there are consumer/ product protection rules in place, having to label their products and take responsibility for what they sell to their customers, environment protection rules, having competition as any free market in capitalism has ... and a long list, I mean ... responsibility is something all these in big business clearly understand, it's a basic requirement of business, and the rules of business, eh? At the same time ... each and everyone of these entities want exactly the same rules and protections as everyone else in the global community, and want the opportunities to expand and grow, and have a playing field that allows the natural flow of business to work for everyone ... not just them ... but for their customers ... after all ... where is any business without the demand of their customers, eh? where is any business that has no rules to even protect themselves from themselves when they get too intoxicated and unmanageable? ... where is any business that cant experience any competition, failure, or challenge? ... it's a recipe for self destruction, maybe not immediately, but ... in time ... there is no balance. You want to be a player and pride yourself on actual accomplishments and really display your worth and strengths ... you have to accept reality of how it worx ... you must understand that there are losses as well as gains ... and when you fail, to feel it ... otherwise ... you will not strengthen ... but weaken and self destruct like any out of control addict will do in time. The customer/ consumer as well as every player in capitalism has rules to abide by for a reason ... those rules are made by a governing body that represent's ALL in the arena. When you want to be a citizen and a competitive player ... do so ... and act like it. In return, we are rewarded for our work and accomplishments, and part of that deal is your responsibility to the business community and governing body and protection of such. It has become too common, that when people speak against unbalanced business ... they are labeled as "anti- business", especially in a place like Texas ... people like Senator Warren are NOT anti- business at all, they/ she are actually very pro- business ... and she and those like herself, have better things to do than act like babysitters for toddlers who cant stand their ground and conduct business in a balanced way!



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Anita Says It Right said...

I personally believe that the DNC knows that the Pig in a Pantsuit is toast and will soon bring in either Elizabeth Warren, or Joe Biden.
In any case, I'll take Donald Trump any day over the Liberal Hag.
I don't understand why this shameless Heifer isn't behind bars right now..

Ranch Chimp said...

Anita Says It Right: Thank You for your input here ... I really dont favour Clinton or Trump, but my reasons are actually not politically motivated as far as which party they're with, I would have to see actual reason to favour either one, which I havent been able to find yet.