Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SEASON'S BEATINGS 2015/ ORANGE COUNTY, TX: Eggnog, Caroling, Lawsuits, Guns & Christian Vandalism ... The "TEXAS CHRISTMAS ASSHOLE" Edition ... (BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S PT.11)

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Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore & Family ... although this is a Nevada familia, I thought it to be a sweet photo for the holiday season ... the whole familia armed and ready for battle {:-)

Part 11 of the "Battle of the Dolls" series will have to go to the news out of Orange County, Texas just east of the Houston area. It's that time of the year again ... Christmas is here, and many folks are loading their guns, calling their lawyers, beating each other in lines over products in the store during the Black Friday and Christmas sales, and related stupidity. This time our own new Texas Governor Greg Abbott/ CCP (Corporate Communist Party) and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick are in on the action too ... of course in the name of "religious freedom". I also want to point out to anyone that thinx I am unfair to Gov. Abbott ... all he has to do is prove me wrong in his actions ... to be honest, his actions towards what is considered even as conservative values of this state have been awful during his short term as Governor ... and outright invasive, intrusive and hostile as far as Texas communities freedom's of choice and their voices, and the most hostile Governor I have seen in Texas, even rejecting the peoples right for their vote to count as you can see here. His decisions and actions looking like what I would consider as a type of "corporate communism", and more of a threat to the rights of American Texan's, than supporting our rights and voice ... this is exactly why I didnt want to see him as Governor, because I knew how hostile he may be on many issues. So I'm basing my assessment of the Governor strictly on his action's and decisions, it has nothing to do with what political party or religion he embraces. The title of the posting partly inspired by the Dallas Observer ... and Thanx to them. But first some newsread and video linked below, then I will add a few words after ....






This picture of some of my familia during Christmas at my daughter's Dallas area home, I'm the Ranch Santa in the suit, the 2 boy's to my left and right (as an elf and one with Santa cap) with my arm's over them pointing my finger's at their head's are two of my grandson's. The 3rd and 4th girl's from the right/ top are two of my daughter's.

Although I dont personally follow any religions or belong to any of the number of groups/ institutions they have, I actually celebrate Christmas as a modern western era winter holiday celebration/ festivity, at the same time I also enjoy some of the original season history ... whether it's the Pagan Winter Solstice, Saturnalia or other celebrations at this time of year ... bottom line ... if your going to party/ celebrate ... I'm all game to attend if I'm invited ... I may celebrate St.Patrick's Day for example ... but I'm not even Irish. Never though in my life have I felt a need at this historic time of year, to grab an attorney and file a lawsuit, grab a gun and arm myself and familia, or want to challenge anyone because of how they celebrate the season in a higher court or even the U.S. Supreme Court. None of this stuff as far as art, statues, greetings from different cultures, etc, have ever bothered me a bit ... so it's a bit confusing to me how folks can get so bent out of shape even over art or literature, it doesnt "force" you to do or acknowledge anything, or is "law". I understand that people want to have a separation of church and state, I am very strongly opinionated on that myself, religion does NOT belong in government in my view, I dont see any purpose it could serve, besides ... we have our Constitution and rights to set down the law in writing, so I never seen any need for any ancient middle eastern type creed's, laws and cultures to dictate what our rights and democracy should consist of in America of today ... whether it is Christian Law or any other that resembles similar, such as Muslim Sharia Law. Much of the laws in mega institutionalized religions are cultural and political laws handwritten my "men" not "God", and used more for bloodshed, wars, slavery, etc, and destruction of nature, which is considered as God's creation ... that frankly are kind of insulting if anything to any concept of what a creator of life like God would be, nor has a thing to do with anything like "spiritual enrichment". At the same time ... I believe in religious freedom just like our Governor Abbott does, but just dont go to such extreme as him or others ... instead of dishing out "Season's Greetings" ... Governor Abbott and those alike are more concerned in dishing out "Season's Beatings", and making folks more miserable this Christmas over silly shit than they already are ... or will be at the start of next year when they get their credit and banking statements!

This recent update of this ongoing cultural/ religious battle has been spreading like wildfire year after year over the last decade with more intensity, even in various part's of the country. Down in Orange County Texas, when the Atheists tried to put up a holiday greeting sign to simply wish everyone regardless of how they celebrate, a Happy Holiday Season ... the shit hit the fan ... then of course, the City of Orange decides to just remove the Christian Nativity scene, partly because they couldnt handle lawsuits and because every other group will start their own season greeting deal, and more fighting will break out in the courts or the community, and before you know it, a half dozen more hate tailored and designer religions and cults will jump up trying to put up their message to counter the others messages. All this over some art, decorations, dolls and statues ... it got so bad down there, that Christian nativity supporters vandalized some "adopt a highway" signs of Atheists, shooting them full of bullet holes ... it could also have been a prank, I mean ... who knows ... nonetheless, many folks are freaked out over senseless shit. We alwayz tell ourselves and boast to others around the globe that we are leaders of the so called free world, our heads are so swollen on how liberated we think we are, and look at ourselves as a model example of what a civilised society should be ... not realizing what kind of assholes we really are in some of those areas. I expect to see solstice decorations or nativity scenes or whatever else, I expect to hear caroling and see midnight Christmas Eve masses at churches, or for Pagans to gather for festivities ... or any other related to the season, I enjoy getting together with friends and familia and dressing up as Santa Claus for the kids handing out presents too, having drinx and dinner with folks, etc. Other than that to the reader ... the season shouldnt be a time of misery, we get enough misery throughout the year from politics and the oligarchs that control them/ it, our markets and lives, to these folks that just want to start a damn war over nonsensical things ... so try to have a Merry Christmas and a fulfilling and relaxing Holiday Season!

Word Out ....


Caller: Republicans and Founders Differ on Religion ... Thanx to THOM HARTMANN **** a video here I wanted to add to close out this posting from Thom Hartmann responding to a caller on his show concerning where our founding fathers may have stood on their views of having church and state separate. Thom makes some points here that at least are worthy of the viewer to go do some further research on where the founders of this nation stood on this subject. I constantly hear out of those who are mainly conservative, how they embrace what the founding fathers and Constitution stood for ... yet I dont see any connection with these folks we have today with our founding fathers. These today are more about discrimination, manipulating and corrupting legislation and politics, and even sell our nation, liberties and rights out in more wayz than one. At least if you want to know what this country's foundation of liberty was based on ... check out the writings of the founding fathers ... not these corporate sponsored and hate cult mouth pieces of today.




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Infidel753 said...

Yet another reason to stay away from the stores for a while -- from Black Friday to Christmas, YouTube always has plenty of videos of people in stores fighting over the last X-Box or iPad or whatever. If those are going to turn into gun battles, we might as well move to Syria where it's safer.

Speaking of which, I wonder what the Christians in Syria who are constantly at risk of being beheaded by Dâ'ish (ISIL) would think if they heard that American Christians feel persecuted because Starbucks's coffee cups are plain red this year. Such persecution!

If Ms. Fiore's family keeps taking pictures like that, next yer she'll have fewer people to buy presents for. There's always one or two accident-prone types in the group. Your family looks a lot safer to hang out with.

As for the Véronique Diabolique pic, well, now we know what happens when Santa himself ends up on the "nsughty" list.

Happy holidays!

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Infidel, the stores are a mess I know first hand, and I'm not out there Xmas shopping, but simply picking up miscellaneous things as I need them. Yesterday I was back in Target here in North Dallas to pick up a couple things (small purchase), this was mid- afternoon (tuesday), it was a mess, leaving the store trying to simply drive out to the street, a lady almost hit me head on (I have no idea what in Hell was she thinking), I luckily hit my breaks fast enough and horn, she signaled to me like she is sorry and to go (I had the right away, she was trying to turn into a park drive), I go ... and boom, she almost does it again ... this time I signal to her, to just go first ... just to get her out of the lane.

Sadly those Christians in Syria have to live in a reality that is hardcore, they wouldnt be alarmed with Starbucks or half the nonsense that gets our panties in such a bind over here.

Yes, my familia gatherings here are much safer, you dont have to worry about accidental discharge of firearms, or the kidz getting them or whatever (and Yes, I'm pro- right to bear arms even), and no one is armed worrying about is their rights being taken away or their Christmas presents, or worry about the miscellaneous other things some of these folks do.

Yep ... even Santa can get a spanking from Mistress! {:-) ... and who know's? ... Santa may even be naughty on purpose {:-)

Ranch Chimp said...

**** Correction ... I meant hit my "brakes", not breaks.