Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stimulating the Economy .... or Stimulating Special Interest's pocket's? .... (STIMULUS PACKAGE PT.3)

What inspires this posting is some small chat I was having with a fella up north last week who lives in the City of Grand Island, NY ... he is actually a lifelong resident of the Buffalo, NY metro area, and a life long mechanic, currently in his early 50's, and independently employed with odd/ end type auto/ diesel repair work, his name is Tony. I still have family on my mother's side who lives in the Cazenovia Park Area of South Buffalo, and had an uncle who worked about 35 year's as a Foreman for Ford Assembly Plant in the Buffalo Area, drove Ford's of course all his life.The City of Grand Island is a huge island (suburb of Buffalo) that sit's in the Niagara River between Buffalo,NY and St. Catharines, Ont (Canada) ... it is very beautiful country up there, I have done some of my earliest hunting as a kid in this area. The City of Niagara Falls (Canada/ USA/ NY) is also right next to it ... and is an awesome sight to visit Niagara Falls if you are ever in the Buffalo Area ... the flow of the water when looking over the railing is so hypnotic, it is said to have pulled folk's into it ... and the sound of the Falls is so loud, that you cant hear each other talk when up close, and the mist is enormous! But so much for all the tourism sweet talk ... and let me get down to getting my goddamn job done here.

I was talking to Tony about the economy and my constant ranting about how the next bite of stimulus should be coming soon in my previous posting's ... and anyone who lives in the Buffalo Area know's well that it's economy has been in Hell way before this recession ... even as far as a couple decades back when steel industry started moving/ relocating and such ... when I lived in Buffalo ... if I recall correctly, two major employer's there were Bethlehem and Republic Steel ... this town took an asswhipping similar to Detroit. But what really got me is the sound of despair and lack of enthusiasm of anything in government from this fella Tony. He was also a Clinton supporter ... since Secretary of State Clinton was real popular even in Upstate New York when she was Senator. Bottom line ... like many American's I have talked with ... lack of confidence is very strong as far as our government is concerned. Part of what really ate at folk's alot ... is because of this bailout scam that was pulled on us during the end of the last administration, our continuing job losses, grocery inflation, inferior Chinese product's, and the unending commitment to foreign oil. And this stimulus talk has working American's still skeptical about what exactly will it be used to stimulate? Regardless of how great we hear that the economy is coming back ... it sure as Hell isnt getting sufficient number's of working American's to get out and spend ... can you blame them?

What I am getting at here ... is something that I been talking about since the beginning of this journal ... and that is ... if people dont spend like usual ... there is no way that we can trump over job's that were lost ... no matter of the creation of several thousand's here and there ... we are stepping one step forward and two step's backward basically. Working American's are not only a key component in our domestic economy ... but the entire globe actually ... as I have posted before ... if we were all out of work or at least the majority ... the entire globe would suffer ... no matter how much we feed in taxes, stimulation, to investment banking and corporation's. What are all these powerhouses without folk's like us and the European's, Canadian's and such spending out the ass? They're all nothing without us. And simply milking a dying cow isnt going to bring the cow back to life is what I am saying. Stimulating all these special interest's isnt going to do jack but buy time and allow time for trash lip service between election's from the left and the right. I call it trash ... because it is good for nothing but a false sense of hope, basically no different than a preacher on your dying bed telling you they can do something for you .... when you know damn well ... your dying.

If you really want to stimulate anything ... you better start taking some of this stimulus money and get it into the hand's of those who are going to spend it, and quick too! Giving it to just a couple large international investment banker's so they can "feel" confident about there capital worth and showcase for the Commi Party of China... aint gonna get jack squat, as far as getting folk's confident enough to spend a goddamn thing, except what they absolutely need to spend. And just getting a few ratholing small time investor's to buy up all the cheap foreclosed real estate wont cut the mustard either ... as it is ... it's foreigner's like the Chinese and Arab's that are buying that all up by the carload as well. And us now looking at just inflated inflation to come and taxing even a cup of coffee more aint gonna cut it either, or any of the other new taxation's ya'll are fixin to hit American's with in the next few year's. All your economic genius is building is a path to one of the largest 3rd World Nation's on the globe (USA) if you dont play this stimulation correctly and effectively.

Tony like many American's feel it's hopeless ... and always just simply say ... "What can we do about it? ... were just "piss- on's" or such. Bottom line is ... we the people have one of the most powerful voices in todays times ... and simply crying in our beer about how these misfit's use us, wont cut it, we can hammer the hell out of our representatives till their asses are sore! You cant use the excuse no more that you dont know who to write or the address ... or how much does a first class letter cost? ... or that you have no writing paper, etc, etc. Even if you have no computer! Every public library across the nation has them to use for free! If you keep bending over, your going to continue to get a foot in your ass ... period! Be a Wolf goddamnit ... and go for their throat's ... if they want to slack ... crack the goddamn whip. Create your own job's and businesses... like Tony did ... or I myself do, and at least make them sweat. Alot of what we have ... can be blamed only on ourselves. Buy more Chinese stuff? Let those who keep fear in us and keep us supporting their wealth from our dollar's buy it! I do my damnedest to try to make sure every dime I spend will go to an American. Nor do I give a damn if the people of India or Pakistan have meaningful employment ... why in the hell should I?

That's the Reality ... enough said ....



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