Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Left vs. Right ....The 2nd.Coming(Stimulus) ...and a fresh slab of BS ...

Throughout this journal I have focused quite a bit on why this entire system need's to collapse(like previous empire's such as the Roman's,Mayan's,etc)either piece by piece... or all at once... which it will in time. But I also been focusing on exposing the bite's/con's that are in the work's and materializing, stating just not long ago that a new batch of crap is cooking to be fed to us... but I couldnt pin point what approach yet they are taking. But now it's becoming clear...because they are already exposing the framework.I knew it would be good and complex... because if there is one thing many of these politician's are any good at... is a good con job, when their back's are against the wall.

Now that we are 6 month's roughly into the new Administration... and we been ranting "change" till our tongue's fell out... we are slowly getting back to normal now... despite how bipartisan this new President has tried to be... and back to our classic "left vs.right" battle. The President has set much into motion.... but the forces of Washington and Wall St.,China,the Middle East and so on are forming a road block to where nothing much is actually getting done, and unfortunately wont get done.Health Care Reform is actually going nowhere's if you have been keeping up with how it's been going. Obama would like to try to implement something more social like perhap's the EU countries or Canada has... but it is too drastic for all the old blood on the Hill and all those who line their pocket's from the insurance industries, to drug manufacturer's,etc. And the left are devoting entire political show's to this fella Gov.Mark Sanford(R-SC)about him being a hypocrite and having sex ...while the right is telling us Obama's health care plan will kill us all by the social political dictatorship he's forming... and his economic's are putting us all in the poor house and unemployed,etc.And as usual... of coarse... most of us are eating like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet,not even looking at what they are doing here.

If you listen to Sen.Lindsey Graham(R-SC)he is leaning toward's supporting a 2nd stimulus...and trying to not only side with the left... but emphasizing he want's to sit down on this... for the people.. basically pushing Obama to do it.That way... if Obama opposes in any way... they will tell us that he is ignoring our need's. Because everyone know's the unemployment now is going into the double digit's by the end of this year(duuuuh... you think it took em long enough to figure that out?). And the right(GOP) are playing this round clever.... because they will use this in the mid-term election's around the corner.It will also position them at the right time... to find a new group of candidate's that hasnt took pay-off's,junket's,or had any sex fling's that can be traced.Sadly even several on the left are hammering Obama's health care proposal's because they too are being greased by the lobbyist's and companies to make well.... or else! Bottom line is that any real reform on health care appear's that it will only be in the form of a couple tax break's on insurance premium's... and a little more regulation on dropping folk's with pre-existing condition's which basically mean's if you fart right now you can get dropped... but the GOP are willing to tighten that up to possibly a sneeze.

This 2nd stimulus is the mother lode I had been writing about in my recent past posting's to expect...which they will address and put into motion after their 4th of July vacation... a vacation on our taxes... that will only be to set up a scam on a stimulus to present that will make us think it will create job's to replace all we lost and some... which it cant... mathematically speaking.I look for the GOP to try to publicize wanting to give us perhap's a stimulus check or gas tax break for $20/$30 buck's or a bag of cookies...because they are between a rock and a hard place going into the mid-term...if they werent... they wouldnt give us a pot to piss in, whatever they propose to offer us will be so petty anyway's on either side it's more insulting then anything.Most of the money will go to special interest project's and wont do much of nothing to get more folk's working... besides a few thousand here or there... that most politician's will showcase during election's only.

Sen.Charles Grassley(R-IA) will most likely be forefront in alot of the GOP's health care reform smokescreen... proposing to modify condition's of insurance termination, and stating they will crackdown on those medical businesses that are abusing the system and milking million's... which legislation will be written so loosely that any five and dime street hustler can figure out a way around it without being caught. Bottom line is... if you been watching them closely on this... you can clearly see that the complexities that they are making here... is only to smokescreen us into thinking that it will be significant change... the complexity manufacturing make's it only so we think so much is being done... when in actuality all that is being done is to reinforce and create legislation so that the existing power's can have their cake and eat it to... and dont have to loose any money in doing so.

Even the immigration reform is going nowhere's and everyone will try to avoid it as much as possible... simply because of election's,latino's will get angry eventually at Obama... because he promised in his campaign to address it... and is being forced right now to ignore it.... the GOP will begin to press it simply as a wedge in the asses of the left... which they can use... because the unemployment figure's are likely to rise some soon, and because they know it makes American's angry when this is ignored along with trade and exporting job's to foreign countries when unemployment goes up. The GOP will try to push and shove the Dem's, yet the GOP couldnt do a damn thing about it either if they were the majority and ran the Oval Office...Why? ... Because folk's like China and even the Arab's covertly dictate to us when it come's to economic's and are buying up our cheap real estate as well by the truck load as we speak.

That pretty much sum's most of it up... that's the reality... and our new fresh slab of BS ...... enough said.......... Other than that, I'm fixin to grab a couple cheeseburger's and a ice cold bottle of "Dos Equis" cerveza(beer) and try to enjoy this hot summer day in Hell/Dallas! :)



concerned citizen said...

Local politics is more understandable & simplistic.

Although, I was at a county commissioner meeting today & our officials were lamenting the fact that trying to get their voices heard at the state level is next to impossible unless you have a full time staff person to stay at the State capitol & lobby for you. Poor rural counties of course don't have that option. It would be nice if we had the option of self sufficiency & didn't have to suck off the tit of the government.

Ranch Chimp said...

Indeed CC ... you say much there as far as having a voice in state. And it is also a plus too, like you said about local politic's, and being in a smaller town... it is alot easier to pin point who is scamming what, but too, you have that good ole boy system of who's who and has clout.Texas is a lil different than most state's. Our governor here dont even have that much power,even mayor's of cities like Dallas. Texas is an actual people's governing state mostly, locally to state. The flip side to that coin though is... if the people's are of one mindset say like strictly religious or any other way... they have the power to keep their particular moral's/standard's afloat. Our problem is dealing with human nature basically, this is why I am for actual change in government, I feel will be necessary in the future, like technologies handling alot of the governing instaed of human's... but getting their input from the people's and deciding in minute's what takes our politician's year's to battle over, entire lifespan's are wasted the way we get result's, we are too slow, and do not use adequate reason. A smaller city and it's citizenry could get heard and result's quicker and more efficiently from computer technologies... and truely non-biased and bi-partisan. Also this left/right thing is way to primitive in trying to deal with the complexities of the globe today.

Thanx CC for your input here and visit...ya'll have a good un! :)