Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gov.Mark Sanford of South Carolina ... Is he dealing with a "full deck"(mentally)? ....

What inspire's this posting is another topic that has reached great magnitude with the public in our great nation. I mean... there is an abundance of posting's with their spin on this guy... and opinion's from all walk's of the American public, not just folk's in South Carolina.When I first heard it... I thought..."Oh well... no biggie... tell me something important..."etc. I am not for the man, nor against the man. I have read that he has been sort of a Lone Ranger even amongst those in his own party... and I personally admire one who think's and not just follow's the herd of whoever is popular at the time. But I also expect any political servant to do their damn job that is ON THE PAYROLL!

My questioning here is not about whether the fella is in love... or how romantic he feel's about his new found "soulmate"... or if ole Jenny(wifey)will forgive the ole boy... who obviously is going to demand alot of ass-kissing to make up for what she did not accept, since these fling's or whatever been going on supposedly time and time again... she made herself clear, basically... she doesnt want to "swing". But what I do question is the mental stability of this man who's in a position of governing one of the nation's fastest growing state's? I know the media has been no saint here as well.... endlessly reading his email's via satellite, his poetry,love,romance, and all the other amusement's that "Inquiry Mind's" are so fascinated with.And the only reason the GOP want's him to step down... is because they are worried about their own image than his... even though they say.... so he can try to devote his time to repairing damage in his personal life.... PLEEEEASE.. ya'll dont give a rat's ass about his personal life... and half of ya'll liar's probably known he was dipping his wick to begin with.At least if your going to lie... for Petes sake ....make it good!

Bottom line is... when your on the J.O.B.,your on the job... and when your in the media talking about issue's that should be job related... that doesnt mean flood's of interview's talking about your soulmate,trying to get your relationship back with wifey,getting down on one knee for your girlfriend, how deep your love for ladies is, how many time's you crossed the line and which of them time's you didnt get naked with the gal or have sex. The same as I wouldnt give a damn about your calorie intake,your table manner's,toilet habit's,or if you use hairspray.... I care about ISSUE"s ... and what are you doing to show you are EARNING your paycheck!! Let's discuss our troop's, our budget,economy,unemployment,etc,etc... dont bring your personal goddamn life to the job... and the media should put a lid on it too! Because ya'll just feed this nonsensical fire with your question's of stupidity! Your damn moral's dont create job's or mend budget shortfall's, or do our troop's with their neck's on the line a damn bit of good.

Therefore.... Yes... I would want this man to resign... I knew high schooler's who are more disciplined as to getting the job done and not letting their personal life interfere with important issue's that depend on them. My question is here Sir... is not your devotion to women or your sex life or your morality standing... I am questioning your "sanity" and competence... because of the position you hold and responsibilities to your employer's(taxpayer's).


Infidel753 said...

The problem isn't his extracurricular shagging as such. The problem is hypocrisy. Sanford is one of those Republicans who insist on making sexual morality a political issue. He's on record as saying that Clinton should have resigned because of Monica Lewinsky, for example. If it weren't for that, nobody would be making such a big deal out of this. Politicians get caught having affairs all the time. It's the hypocrisy that makes cases like this different.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good point Mr.Infidel...I did read that he had a problem with Clinton somewhere's.

Thanx for you input here Guy....

Rita said...

Politicians are only human. They are also fair game, because their lives are public. infidel is right. "The problem is hypocrisy"

Ranch Chimp said...

Indeed "hypocrisy" is an issue, I even feel we are all at some time or another hypocritical on one issue or another(I know I certainly have been). But also there were many other rant's I was reading in the various posting's, some on the right were just plain moaning over the moral's/value's as you would expect, other's whining that there is too much information on this and which they called themselve's as having a "TMI" attack, and some saying there was too much attention on it, and those as well who were complaining of the hypocrisy end. I felt like the Lone Ranger... because as you can see... one of my issue's with this.... was when the man got in the media, and started endless rambling(it was unbelievable unless I seen/heard it for myself) on and on... about how this is a "Love Story" and explaining all his love and mistake's, relationship's and on and on, actually I was shocked. I thought he was loosing it mentally. I mean... the hypocrisy I somewhat expect... or even denial... but his response really caught me off guard... I was asking... is this guy governing or writing a romance novel?... I mean.... he still was getting a paycheck.

Thanx for your visit and input as usual Ms.Rita... hope you and also Mr.Infidel have a fun Fourth of July weekend! :)

B.J. said...

Came to check out your blog and found my governor right at the top. Sanford’s problems started before his tryst. Just about everybody in the state, save diehard right-wingers, was down on him for rejecting $700 million in stimulus funds (by wanting to apply them to the state debt). Finally, the state supreme court ruled he must accept the funds.

Ill-favor in his own state didn’t bode well for his presidential ambitions.

Of course the media would report the governor’s love affair. All things came together to make it a perfect story, giving the public what they want. As you point out, it might have died down if the gov hadn’t continued running his mouth. The quote that got me was, “I’m going to try to fall in love with my wife again.” (Paraphrased.)

I, of course, get the local news angle of this, and it is my belief that South Carolina’s Republican leaders have been embarrassed by Sanford. All the GOP leaders in the state have asked him to step down, which he has refused to do. Most I heard on local news stated what you state – that he cannot effectively govern or confront issues.

Personally, if he loves the woman, I said on my blog, I think he should take the next flight out for Buenos Aires. Jenny Sanford is a smart cookie, a woman of independent means (her folks own SKIL tools), and she will work this all out to her advantage.

As for Sanford: like John Edwards, his political career is over.

To answer your question about his mental stability, love can make you ape-sh*t crazy, LOL. Haven’t we all been there?


concerned citizen said...

One thing that is ironic is, the play I'm in makes light of over the top romance. My own character is a matchmaker. In my lines, I make outlandish statements like, " A life not shared is a life not worth living"! And "Matrimony is the goal of each & every one of us!"
It's so Mark Sanford. I think I will incorporate him into my lines.

Infidel753 said...

"Matrimony is the goal of each & every one of us!"

Well, Sanford's talk about trying to fall back in love with his wife (as if it were a painful duty) certainly puts a unique spin on that.....

"A life not shared is a life not worth living"!

Sanford certainly believes that.....look how many women he's tried to share his life with!

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh....Mr.Infidel ... boy, your hell when your well!(LOL)I just like how ya put that! :)

BJ .... actually I admired Jenny's attitude and response, and I could tell she aint gonna loose no sleep over hubby ... Hubby is gonna try to fall back in love with her? Um,um,um...imagine that... give that boy a "raise"(I'm sure his gal south of the border will) just kiddin.Her familia own's SKIL? I did not know that... good tool's and reputation too.No...I didnt know much about him before this love affair... but he does sound in love.. so good for him... perhap's he can write a romance novel. Thanx fer yer visit and input BJ, I'll be visiting.

A life not shared is a life not worth living CC? I reckon I done my fair share of sharing in life. You may incorporate some of his stuff in your lines? See that, something worth while came out of it! Thanx for your enlightenment CC, all this talk makes me want to fall in love now, and bringing tear's to my eyes... I guess I'll go with what my wife want's, since I been contemplating on a sex change... but she said no... I reckon I'll stay male for now. :)

Rita said...

You should come & see the play. It's pretty funny, & unlike Gov. Mark's real life it's meant to be a parody. So, booing & hissing is allowed...encouraged, even.

I'm just happy to have anyone come to watch me perform. Next weekend will be fun w/you know who in the audience.

Ranch Chimp said...

I sure as hell wish I was in a position to be there next week too! I'd sure as hell make it so you know we're in the audience, :) . And attending a show like that would be a treat for me... since it's dfferent as far as entertaining experience's, plus a lil R&R time down in a town other than here,getting to meet you in person, and hanging out a bit with you and our friend! I'd like to go that Lighthouse ya'll got too, cant recall the name off hand... but I just seen it when I was online lookin at ya'll's town and reading up a lil on the history.

You GO Girl!