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LAURA COX BAND: "Hard Blues Shot", "La Grange", "Take Me Back Home" & "Just Got Paid" ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.21)

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**** MUSICLEGENDS: Laura Cox Interview- 11 september 2015

This selection for this journal's music/ arts honour roll society, will be to showcase some of the work of the Laura Cox Band, out of Paris, France ... although when I first listened to some of Laura's playing on YouTube, I thought she was from Paris, Texas ... no doubt, you'd feel right at home down here in Hell's Ranch (Texas), Laura! {:-) Laura is a singer/ songwriter/ guitarist ... it appears, she started on a bass and decided to take up guitar, and started at around age 14 in 2005, started putting up videos on YouTube solo around 2008, and today has 47+ million views, and 200,000+ subscribers. She managed after just doing solo YouTube after awhile, to get a band together, it started with a good guitarist she met with similar tastes in music, Mat Albiac, after getting some work going together, and releasing their first single in 2014 called "Cowboys & Beer", they managed to bring on Francois on bass, and Antonin on drums, and then really get to work! The music falls into right now, the southern blues rock and classic rock, they add a fresh taste to it, and preserve well that style, but are also open to expanding into other styles in time. And Mat worx really well as far as for rhythm guitar too, blending with her work well, I believe his choice appears to be a Gibson SG, I seen Laura play various guitars, but I think her favourite is the Bacchus- Duke- Standard ... she also has a thing for Orange amplifiers, as far as getting the vintage sound she wants, and was endorsed by Orange amps ... which was a treat for her and the crew, she said. I was just introduced by a buddy to Orange amps in 2016, who told me to try it out one day (no, I'm not a guitarist, but enjoy messing around on guitars and various effects) ... I really liked it and the sound!

They mainly just been playing around France, but had got some good bills and offers to jump on as opening acts too, for well established industry names ... the big thing for them, is 10 march 2017, their first full album, "Hard Blues Shot", will be released on the Verycords label ... and Congratulations! Working and playing this genre of music at this time, in France only, does not bring in the demand as trendy pop music would, so, they look on being able to travel more to surrounding countries, and hopefully in the future, abroad. Much of the influence comes from the classic and southern rock, blues, country ... Laura was inspired much by her dad's music as a child. They are really a tight crew, and I like Laura's style, and she is a very versatile guitarist, just check out some of her other YouTube vidz, I like her slide work in there too! Below I chose a couple of their pieces, but I also wanted to throw in a couple old ZZ Top favourites, "La Grange" and "Just Got Paid", that they covered ... actually I would like to hear them do a cover of ZZ Top's "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"! {:-) Also, because of Laura's talent and beauty, I wanted to add her in the "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal ... and it's a real treat, refreshing that classic rock style that she gives on guitar and songwriting. Wishing her and the crew the best on their journey and music as well!

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Laura Cox Band- Hard Blues Shot (Live Ris- Orangis, France 2016) ... Thanx to Laura Cox

The Laura Cox Band La Grange Live @ Houville La Branche 2017 ... Thanx to Rapha El


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Laura Cox Band- Take Me Back Home (Live Ris- Orangis, France 2016) ... Thanx to Laura Cox

The Laura Cox Band Just Got Paid Live @ Festival Nogent Sur Oise 2016 ... Thanx to Ralpha El


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