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KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED: Letter to President Obama ... "TRUTH in TESTIMONY on TERROR & TYRANNY ... The "Newton's Third Law of Motion" Edition ... (ARAB WORLD TENSIONS PT.9)

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**** Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

This posting will serve as Part 9 of the "Arab World Tensions" series of this journal/ blog. It will be to view the letter of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, that he wrote in 2015 to President Obama, while incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay Prison. But President Obama never received it until dayz before he left office in 2017 ... it was pending review they say, by the Pentagon's "reviewing authority" and considered "classified" ... newsread here from the "Miami Herald" ... also, credit here to Miami Herald for the piece. The letter for me, was just a compelling piece, that I was much in agreement with, and some not familiar with, so a surprise to me. I also feel like this should be given to President Trump, also the 435 members of the House of Representatives, and the 100 Senators to read as well ... and especially be in the public mainstream for American's to read and have some thought and conversation on. Much of what Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sayz ... I have thought for years and questioned, as far as our foreign policy, use of defense, and military/ political intervention and occupations, which I also write about throughout this series and blog, as far as my views. I cant say I know for fact that he did write this letter, but it is about as blunt and honest on the subject as you can get, which is a rarity in our politically correct corporate/ banking controlled society of today. As far as the guilt of this man orchestrating the 9/11 attacks, who is awaiting a death penalty trial ... if I was a juror, it would be difficult for me to be conclusive in a verdict of guilt ... being the amount of torture through waterboarding, deprivation, and degradation that he went through, it is hard to not break and say whatever under such interrogation. I also assume that one of the reasons that this case/ trial was avoided to be tried in a mainland U.S. criminal court, is because with all the torture and clear rights violations, that are against what our democracy and a fair trial should be, a defense lawyer would have so much to call out in a criminal court, and chance of getting a mistrial/ dismissal.

You dont have to be religious to understand this letter, as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed points out, you can use "Newton's Third Law of Motion", it's simply action and reaction, and the reality, condition, and result of war, oppression, tyranny, extreme greed, etc. I'm not Muslim or Christian, and never been religious in my entire life, in fact, my views clearly here on these institutionalized religions. I dont even read jihadist literature, I dont have much of anything culturally in common with these folks, anymore than I would with Christian fundamoralists (fundamentalists), in fact, culturally, I'm more like a segregationist ... and I never felt like we belong in these countries telling them what to do, anymore than they belong in our country telling us what to do. I'm as vulnerable as an American citizen to these terror attacks as anyone else ... something that our political loved ones in Washington, and their banks/ corporations that buy them, dont have to worry much about themselves. But enough from me on this. If the reader is able, try to set aside the left/ right duopoly politics, religion, petty bitch fights, corporate programming and such for a moment, and read this 18 page letter sent to the President below, and what in part motivates these attacks on the west, that we have to respond to, while most is just dictated by those at the top, for power, global territorial rule, and money. I think we can all learn something.

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***** MIAMI HERALD: LETTER FROM THE CAPTIVE MUJAHID KHALID SHAIKH MOHAMMAD ... to President Obama ... (ksmlettertoobama.pdf ... read)




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