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SWEDEN'S "SWEET" RIOTS 2017: What Happens in Sweden, stays in Sweden ... A look at Sweden's "WHITE- GUILT" & "MULTICULTURAL DREAM" ... The "Cultural Clashes" Edition ... (HUMAN MORALITY PT.21)

Migrants shower police with stones in Stockholm ... Thanx to Pravda Report

This posting will serve as Part 21 of the "Human Morality" series of this journal/ blog. Parts of the postings title were inspired by the Las Vegas slogan "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", and by the YouTube video below. What inspires the posting though, is the endless mainstream network primetime news over the last couple dayz here in America, on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, about how stupid President Trump is, talking about "what happened in Sweden last night" etc. Even Hollywood pop- culture personalities, and a host of other pop- culture so called "liberated and worldly" Americans, have made a 2 to 3 day spectacle out of this, and basically saying that there is NO problems in Sweden, the Swedish government saying no problems, and painting a picture of multicultural happiness and harmony ... I guess, you can call it "fake news", eh? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) I have read several news reports on this, and it is difficult to even find any non left/ right news, and absolutely incredible on the amount of political correctness, you have to actually go to right wing media, just to even hear the word "muslim" in most cases, sad, but true. Mostly all I hear, is that, they dont know who these people are rioting, they are all unidentifiable, they are immigrants, but who knows from where? People are being attacked in these EU countries, women are being sexually assaulted, citizens being mugged, riots breaking out ... and all by unidentified immigrants, that are mainly male, and this has been playing like a broken record in western European countries, for several years now. I have been asked locally by folks time and again over the years, why I vote democrat, am liberal on so many social issues ... yet dont like being categorized as an American liberal? ... well, this is a perfect example of why. Our political correctness, has become a culture of goofy stupidity, and to listen to Hollywood celebrities run their mouths while in their Beverly Hills mansions and neighbourhoods about what's going on, and who's at fault, is just as pointless to follow too, as much as politicians of Washington's left/ right establishment.

Since these incidents are all carried out by unidentifiable immigrants, I cant include this in the "Arab World Tensions" series, because I cant say this cultural clash is between Muslim immigrants and the native citizens of these countries, so it will go in the "Human Morality" series ... there certainly is a difference in "man- made" moral values, eh? But, in my personal view, much of this stems out of a culture of Islam, and differences with Swedish European culture, as far as the tensions in countries like Sweden ... and yes, I view religions as basically cultures, I dont see a goddamn thing spiritual about them. No doubt though, regardless of the news we are fed daily here in America, that none of this is happening, there are some real problems with the immigration flow coming into these countries, any way you slice it. I suppose this doesnt happen either, eh? I dont have a problem with folks that really are trying to avoid oppression and persecution in some of these countries, Syrians for example are going through some tough times, many would like to stay in Syria, but have to flee for their lives. When you come to ones country it's simple, you understand what is acceptable in that country. Example, if I went to a Arab Muslim country to live, I would have to abide by that culture and respect it, and in many, if I didnt, I may be imprisoned or executed. In America for example, our women should not be criticized or bothered, because of the way they dress or act for instance, or because they may enjoy having a drink/ alcohol ... our gay people, the same applies ... and our generational African Americans, are not to be insulted, especially by immigrants, who have no idea what they been through in this country since the start of it ... and yes, I have heard all this out of some immigrant Muslims personally. I feel the same way whether your religion is Christian, Muslim, Jew, or any other. I included some brief newsread below from the Toronto- Sun ... and I found a pretty straight view on this from a citizen of Sweden on YouTube, to explain alot of this ... and Yes, although I may not agree with him on some things, I agree with him on much of this ... so Thanx to him on this.

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***** TORONTO SUN: Riot breaks out in predominantly immigrant suburb in Sweden ... (newsread)

Swedish Citizen- Trump Is Right About Sweden- Refugee's Ruining Country. ... Thanx to bodon theron



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"Unidentified" immigrants, burning Sweden's flag ... perhaps they're American atheists in disguise, eh? ... only God knows, the mainstream media or politicians sure as Hell dont {:-)

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