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FACELIFT & MINDSHIFT 4 DEMOCRACY 2016: The Myth & Superstition of AUTHORITY ... "Psyche THRONE of SLAVERY" ... The "Question Session" Edition ... (LARKEN ROSE PT.2)- (HUMAN MORALITY PT.20)- (THE AWAKENING PT.46)

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This posting will serve as Part 2 of "Larken Rose", Part 20 of "Human Morality" & Part 46 of "The Awakening" series of this journal/ blog. Another posting to focus on the importance of questioning, especially authority ... which is embedded in many folks psyche as a sort of wrong, not acceptable or whatever ... all part of institutionalized programming, but, it is healthy to question the throne which enslaves you mentally and physically, whether you feel like a slave or not. Even what we see as present democracy now, can alwayz use a facelift with improvement, and a mindshift in how we view these things ... not just being obsessed with what is tossed to you from those "we" give power to, I mean, we vote for instance for a reason ... which is not to penalize ourselves, but to make change, better, and improve our lives and societies. The idea that we should be 110% obedient to this throne, is not democracy either, or that we should just accept what we're given by those who abuse the power we give them, we are accountable, they should be as well ... if it's not to the benefit as a society, it should be replaced, discarded, destroyed ... it's that simple. The idea that we would cease to exist without these nonsensically precious superior entities that we praise, or that chaos and self destruction would come without the authority we worship, to me is just more nonsense ... we already do a great job as it is, in our so called democracy, at self destruction, chaos, while institutionally breeding stupidity and submissiveness in our societies. Government, religious institutions and banks/ corporations (what I call the "3- entities" throughout this journal) are all in bed together to make us obey and be accountable ... since these entities are created and managed by people in the upper classes of society, who get all their power and fortune off all of us, they should also be questioned, held accountable, or/ and punished, when they abuse their authority, not be passively praised ... when they prove themselves worthless and vile, they should be eradicated and replaced.

Ever since we began to walk upright, we knew by certain instinct what is acceptable and not acceptable to our well being ... before any kings, morality teachings, or todayz oligarchs and their institutions of programming. Simple example that applies to everyone in these times, just look at our communities/ neighbourhoods ... regardless if there is law enforcement or government there or not to protect us, we look out for each other, no matter what class you fall into, whether you live in what is considered as a ghetto, to the most affluent neighbourhood, it's been this way for hundreds of thousands of years ... if it wasnt, humanity today would not exist or made it this far. In the case of government, it should be of, by, and for the people, in what America represents, meaning if there is any government, it SHOULD be CONTROLLED by US ... every so many years, we slip and lose some of our control leverage to a handful who slip us simply ... nothing that cant be fixed, throughout the history of this country, there alwayz had to be changes and improvements, cleaning house, and cracking down. Below I chose a video that was made as a response and summary of Larken Rose's book "The Most Dangerous Superstition", a book that I recommend, which was a very good read, and the summary video below, a very good piece. Even if you dont agree with folks like Larken Rose or GeoShifter, it is great food for thought. I myself dont agree with some of either on other subjects ... like the "flat Earth" talk out of GeoShifter, or the not paying taxes talk of Larken ... I strongly support taxation in our current stage of society ... I also am an oddball, who actually thinx that a balanced amount of socialism is healthy in capitalism ... I'm not married to any social, political, or religious group, but will listen to anyone, when they have something that makes good sense, no matter what their affiliation. This video below and read of Larken, is not only healthy food for thought, but common sense.

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The Myth of Authority (Video Contest Winner) ... Thanx to Larken Rose


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