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GROUND ZERO @ STANDING ROCK (PT.1): "WAR ON AMERICA 2016" ... The Resistance, Assistance & Resilience ... The "New WAR Order" Edition ... (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.12)- (SELF DEFENSE PT.32)- (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.26)- (CHRIS HEDGES PT.1)

'Alarming attack on journalism & the truth at Standing Rock' ... Thanx to RT America

This posting will be to cover some of what has been going on at Standing Rock up in North Dakota, which I look at as Ground Zero, in this latest battle of corporate America vs. The People. Even though I mentioned this DAPL issue in other postings and linked to mainstream news covering it, I didnt have a posting in this journal/ blog that just focused on this, so this will be that. What Josh talks about with Ed Schultz above is the reality of where we stand currently as far as journalism, Constitutional rights, law enforcement (public and private) etc. Much credit to all these people in North Dakota and others, for putting in that extra mile and all they went through, just to preserve what actual democracy and rights we do have left, this is a matter of people defending what is theirs. Hopefully this will energize and fuel more resistance on various avenues across America, while inspiring others around the globe. This posting will serve the "Corporatcommunazica", "Self Defense" and "Police Brutality" series of this journal, and I also wanted to start a series in here for "Chris Hedges" which is past due, considering I been following his work now for several years, so this will start Part 1 for Chris's series too. Some video below starting with U.S. Marine veteran and former Baltimore Police Sergeant Michael A. Wood, Jr. ... after from The Intercept crew, some detailed newsread and video from the front lines, which I chose instead of what I been viewing and reading in much mainstream news coverage, because the mainstream media has been so restricted in how they have to cover this story, so I was searching for something a little more open ... then Chris Hedges on the scene in a video below that ... after, I wanted to add something.

Attn: Featuring Michael Wood Jr. Veterans are standing up for Standing Rock protesters" ... Thanx to Sedef M. Buyukataman

***** THE INTERCEPT: Standing Rock Demonstrators File Class- Action Lawsuit Over Police Violence ... (newread and video, with 4 additional article links from Alleen Brown, Jihan Hafiz & Lee Fang)

Standing Rock Resistance: On Contact travels to North Dakota ... Thanx to RT America






Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

This is another example of why I came up with some twisted name like "Corporatcommunazica", because all you see in our country these dayz, is corporate communist's using Nazi tactics in America, and more now in some of the most well known democracies of the globe, while we basically fund them in some way with socialism for them, while letting them impose austerity on us ... which you can credit much of it to these suck ass prepaid governments/ politicians we have today, such as in Washington. Where are our so called leaders and representatives on these issues? ... where does the Obama Administration stand even? ... and what will come after 2017, when our so called "non- establishment" presidential choice, Donald Trump ... who just been choosing a shitload of establishment people from Washington and Wall Street for his cabinet/ administration?, which I halfway figured he would have to do, being he has to use the advice of hard- line establishment Republicans (and even some Democrats), on who to choose, who is the best, who is a good ole boy/ gal, etc ... since he doesnt know as much about Washington, as he knows about business ... when I see folks like Senator Mitch McConnell with a big smile daily ... I know that is trouble ... that miserable SOB hasnt been this happy in years! ... even Wall Street is excited and drooling (I'm not concerned as much about what Trump will do, as much as I'm concerned about what they may do). The dumbest thing of this last election, was those who thought that voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, would be progressive or anti- establishment. Standing Rock at this time is ground zero with this new corporate order of war on American citizens rights and property too, this will most likely escalate in so many other areas of the country, being what we will have to deal with come 2017, as far as healthcare issues, the environment, food and product safety, eminent domain measures and property rights, public/ social services (that we solely pay for), and the push for more privatization of much else ... so look at Standing Rock as a kind of test from the corporate sector, to see what we can handle and how hard they can push ... this is an attack on every American in the long haul, native or otherwise. And even force and financial disruption as a resistance is justified against this enemy, and should be applied where needed, it's the same as self defense, and the American thing to do. For those who simply pray for the law enforcement, and hope they love you back, that may not alwayz work, it is difficult to expect peace from those who have none within them ... understand that many of these people attacking you could give a rats ass less about your families, land, or even your sacred burial grounds ... they care only about the money.

Right now, people at Standing Rock are disobeying evacuation orders, and staying where they are in cold and freezing conditions ... the Governor of North Dakota and law enforcement are also threatening to fine, detain and arrest people who bring in supplies or try to assist them ... they say it is for safety ... this is all bullshit, they obviously with concussion grenades in the dark against large amounts of people, as well as spraying them down in below freezing temps with cold water and pepper spray mixes, while shooting them with rubber bullets, even in the back as they leave the scene, having their trained attack dogs bite protesters and their horses ... dont give a shit about safety ... officials deny that they're doing any of this, or use any of these devices, regardless of witnesses and video showing otherwise ... yet how do you explain the grenade pieces pulled out of Sophia Wilansky's arm during surgery? ... it's obvious who the real threat and enemies are. Even in Bismark, which has a metro population of about 130,000, they have their central district lined with militarized police, and have wrongfully assaulted people and detained people, for even using their phones for that matter. Also, I noticed, that many of the security out at Standing Rock, are actually contracted, they are given by the corporation/ company through state and local government (being that government worx for corporations/ banks, not the other way around), to act with the same power as any law enforcement, even many are not wearing name tags, and simply wear law enforcement and military gear ... they do this, like many large companies, to use 3rd parties to do all the grunt work, and so that the company if anything goes wrong, cant be legally held accountable ... or at least have a backdoor to get away with what they want on a technicality. Nor do many of these companies/ corporations care about fines, just like mega banks, you have no problem paying a few million in fines, when you make billions off the act/ deal. An estimated 2000 U.S. military veterans are supposed to show up in a few dayz at Standing Rock, not sure if they will all make it, but, will these rent- a- cops and law enforcement fire upon our veterans in uniform and use the same treatment on them? ... will they be this time attacking our own military defense veterans, only in the interests of corporations?, many of these same veterans fought for these corporations interests abroad at the order of our pre- paid government as it is ... isnt this just like an outside enemy attacking the U.S. and what it stands for? ... to me it sure as Hell is.

When I look closely at a map of this pipeline route and all the miles of undeveloped land along and around the route to Illinois, it is difficult for me to imagine that they couldnt have rerouted it, unless they're just too cheap. As far as the job creation for these thousands of miles of pipelines in the U.S. ... once any pipeline is in full use, how many will it need along it's route to work on it?, the work was building it, when it eventually gets to Texas/ Gulf Coast, refineries will be flooded with work though, and even more environmental issues to deal with. Some pro- pipeline people will say that it is better and safer than railroad transport, as if these companies are doing this for our safety ... that is also twisted garbage ... the pipeline prevents jobs from being created to transport it, if anything ... it's to maximize profits and speed up production and transport while cutting costs to do it, nothing else. There has also been several hundred accidents already ... due to leaks or whatever ... where does the oil go when that happens? ... what if people right here in America out of anger, decide to sabotage pipelines? ... can you keep an eye on the miles and miles of them? The companies involved say that this is for energy independence, and it will all be used right here in America (100%) ... I never did buy that, even before they removed the export ban recently, we already had mega pipeline back when the gas prices skyrocketed even ... you cant find wayz to move this oil or any oil in any market on the globe through a backdoor?, just as the flow of heroin or cocaine will come in this country over our border, regardless of walls, fences, laws or whatever else to stop it ... supply/ $$$$ meets demand. OPEC just announced that they're going to cut production first time in the last 8 years, even Russia is jumping on the bandwagon, which surprised many (Bloomberg) ... and the market is flooded with oil as it is ... what do you think that is about? ... to give us cheaper prices at the pump, and create jobs?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) Bottom line, we get forced into a financial bind in America or any country, austerity or whatever, we loosen up more oil, drilling, fracking or whatever, to save us (much needed also for our military as a huge consumer). I'm NOT anti- oil or even corporation, regardless of what I may sound like, but we are too manipulated by these industries, way out of balance, and I dont feel we invest enough money and effort in renewables, which is most certain a big player and market in the energies future. Either way you slice it at this point in history, there has been way too much invested in these lines and fossil fuel production, regardless of politicians telling you for decades on how green their plans are, and it's all about global demand and globalization, like our trade deals, not America as much as we are told. You wont stop this any time soon, but you can still make it as difficult for them and protect our interests, as much as they make things difficult for us, protecting their interests. And fuck their so called designated free- speech zones ... corporate free speech "zoning", or even press, is NOT what free speech rights are about or the First Amendment.

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