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TISA/ TRADE IN SERVICES AGREEMENT: The Economic Trap ... Giving OUT too much FAVOUR ... While Looking for a SAVIOUR ... The "Generosity Kills the GATS" Edition ... (AMERICAN TRADE/ TISA PT.9)

Obama: If We Don't Write Trade Rules, China Will ... Thanx to WALL STREET JOURNAL

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WikiLeaks- The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA. ... Thanx to THE WIKILEAKS CHANNEL


Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

This posting will be Part 9 of the "American Trade" series for this journal/ blog, which will focus on TiSA ... something that I wanted to include to this series. This is another issue that isnt getting mainstream media atencion ... yet, it is VERY importante to be aware of this, and to challenge it while we more easily can ... and either way we go, were gonna take a beating ... understand, it is coming. I wanted to open at top with President Obama ... because what he sayz here, is very true too ... as I have pointed out since the beginning of these related series and journal ... what our loved ones in Washington are not sharing, is the situation that we are in as far as our country and the global economies ... the bottom line ... they are worried, just like the President is ... and they are in private negotiations as I write this. I also below that, included the video from WikiLeaks channel, I was searching for someone to try to explain on YouTube in plain english what is happening and why ... I thought these folks summed it up perfectly and kept it simple ... and reason for that, is that I talked to many folks locally over the last few years, who heard of these trade deals, but have no bloody idea what is going on as far as what they consist of, alot of folks just dont have time for much research, and these mega- corporate entities like it that way. This has been alot of work for these corporate/ finance entities and government's (particularly ours) that been going on for decades, to try to enforce a 'one size fits all' standard globalization of our economies ... in recent years, these deals have all been on the 'fast track' (they 'get' while the gettins good, after all, they're hustlers) ... again, these corporate entities and 'too big to fail' financial institutions, are becoming less and less needed as we evolve in technologies and science ... they are positioning themselves to BE NEEDED and depended on ... and right now they have our government's in places like the U.S. and European countries weakened, in a submissive desperate position, after years of milking us financially. They are the ones that created this mess intentionally ... we would and will globalize naturally over time and integrate with trade and everything else ... but those at the top cant wait, and they especially dont want to lose strength. This TiSA deal is lousy, because it will tear down GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services) too, killing it.

As far as the U.S. ... for years we have made too many mistakes, we have also let our political leadership become too dependent on these institutions, and gave out too many favours to them ... now, we are looking for an economic saviour, as well as thinking, they're going to save democracy, but letting them chip away any democracy we do have. We are depending on the same institutions that are responsible for taking us to where we are, to get us out of the rut they put us in with our help and generosity. I'm not saying that these large corporations and financial institutions didnt do nothing (yet we give them far too much welfare in my opinion ... after all ... they're not helpless, disabled or in poverty, they're drowning in profits and wealth as it is) ... they have contributed as well to much progress, but there is a flip- side to everything, we been on a one way street through this. We have handed out too many favours and been way to generous with these folks, and way to generous babysitting the middle east with spending on wars, intervention and the rest. While in the U.S., we are increasing in poverty, and damn near doing nothing for ourselves ... China at the same time is a world leader in eliminating their poverty, bringing 2/3rds of a billion of their people out of extreme poverty ... investing in health, education, infrastructure, and other developing countries building them up ... that is why I called China the "sleeping giant" earlier in this journal. Many of us criticize China being a communist government, yet we fail to see, that we live under what I look at as 'corporate communism', and losing our peoples power on everything, in the name of 'mass privatization' ... thinking we are free market, but being played for fools, and regulated to the gills, while legislatively 'deregulating' these huge entities ... who are only wanting to get so huge, because smaller competition in a real system of free market and capitalism, would devour them ... making them 'obsolete'. These entities also worry about China to an extent ... why? ... because you have a stronger government in China, that does not let these multinationals 'own them' ... China actually makes decisions for their best interests as far as their people, infrastructure, education or whatever is needed ... while our government bends over and drops to their knees whenever corporate banking entities bark and demand ... let's face it, we havent had hardly any great leadership in decades in this country ... they are passive and weak in that area, and now even depend on these entities to run our elections, and write damn near all our legislation.

We get snowballed into thinking we are doing the 'right thing' ... we are world leaders, exceptional, etc, etc ... what we are great and exceptional at, is losing our asses too, while kissing too much ass. No, I wouldnt support any unfair trade deals like these, any more than I would go along with invading some country to exploit their resources and people, or would have bailed out these banks without a stronger commitment and agreement from them ... I'm pro- capitalism like them, businesses come and go, boom and bust ... you take the risks and fuck up ... you accept the consequences ... that's REAL capitalism, and fair trade is not monopolies with no competition all in the interests of a few. Trade in services? ... this is contaminating to services and the consumers of such, it shortchanges the customer, countries and citizens, it destroys our ability to negotiate, hold anyone accountable for bad products or destruction of the environment, to our individual economic situations, that are uniquely different depending on the region/ country, and destroys democracy, sure as Hell not spreading democracy. President Obama sayz above, that any progressive wants to try to make higher standards in those regions that are lacking, as far as for workers and the environment ... yeah, people do ... but putting a noose around our own neck, and foot in a trap giving up what little democracy we do have, doesnt help either ... that's just catchy sales talk/ pitch. You cant tell us that healthy multinational trade deals cant be made without giving those largest financial and corporate entities 'absolute power' ... even trade history proves otherwise. Many European countries DONT want to have to reduce their standards to be more like the U.S., can you blame them?, they didnt spend decades and centuries building what they have, to throw it away. We in the U.S. shouldnt have any reason to reduce our standards either, to please a small amount at the top, that want to have a monopoly and control over all us ... for what? fear of China's power? ... we made China what they are, we went to them years ago ... now we worry? We may not be No.#1 alwayz ... and what's wrong with that? When we all accept this nonsensical institutionalized idea of equality, without our rights and balanced opportunity, presented by the few on top, and competing for their benefit only instead of ours, while cutting wages to enhance their growth and prosperity only ... we degenerate our quality of living, standards, and much more, only to make those few at the top No.#1. Below, some read from WikiLeaks on TiSA, and from an expert on trade and democratic global governance, Deborah James.

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TiSA Agreement Leaks Show Corporations Pushing Privatization of Public Services ... Thanx to THE REAL NEWS




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