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CORPORATE UTOPIAS & SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES 2016 with Matt Kennard & Claire Provost: How to Cheapen Labour by CLONING the ZONING ... The "SLAVE WAGE" Edition ... (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.11)- (AMERICAN TRADE/ TIFA PT.8)

This posting will serve as Part 11 of the "Corporatcommunazica" series and Part 8 of the "American Trade" series for this journal/ blog, I include it in the American Trade series, because Cambodia for example is part of our TIFA agreement (Trade and Investment Framework Agreement) with them, and we have trade agreements with other countries in similar circumstances. I wanted to record this in this journal, because of how importante it is to know, and I have discussed this with several folks locally as well ... it is concerning SEZ (Special Economic Zones) and how they work, this is popular to bring in business in areas of countries that lack jobs, money, or decent trade, it can take a country like Cambodia that didnt have much going for it, and make it a global player in trade/ business for example ... it looks very positive as well, but is deceptive ... I mean, we make money trading with them and get very competitive low prices on goods we buy, and they make money ... which in turn puts food on the table for them that are in extreme poverty ... sounds great, eh? In other countries like China, it just expands their growth many fold more, but this has been going on for decades and there are over 3000 of these SEZ work camps in various countries, that we get so many products from. This has been also brought to my atencion from a familia member who spent a couple years in Beijing, China ... as far as the extreme poverty and these types of work camps, where workers live as well, another neighbour of mine who moved here from China also told me of the poverty, while the cities of China are bustling with business and money, so much, that it seemed like Texas business on steroids from the way it was described to me. But, we as American consumers also depend on this now more and more to buy so much that we do at low prices, so we are not quick to look further into it, and we also think it is good because were at least being able to help solve the hunger issue by doing it, I mean ... these folks eat because we and others buy their stuff, eh? These oligarch controlled entities also use our conflicts of interest with countries like China for leverage, to say they will help us in keeping trade fair, set up bunk unions for bunk workers rights and wages, while reducing risk of currency manipulation, and reducing any threat of conflict/ war ... however, they (corporate/ oligarch entities) are "playing both sides" ... similar to how they buy both our political parties and drive both to the right. First some read and video from Matt and Claire below, and Thanx for their research/ work, then I will add some more input to this after.

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Matt Kennard                                    Claire Provost

Labor Rights Brazenly Violated In 'Corporate Utopias' ... Thanx to THE REAL NEWS






Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (Pickering)

These have been going on for decades, and expanding their potential all over now at an increasing rate, and you have to wonder, with the gap between the rich and poor which is also expanding, along with countries that are being pushed into austerity by the same corporate/ banking entities, and all these new trade agreements we been pushing through, by also corporate force and writing all these deals/ legislation, how many countries in our west will need to have this to house and feed the extreme poor in the near future? You may say, that it cant happen here, because we have social safety nets like food banks, food stamps, welfare assistance, a minimum wage, etc ... this is America after all, and so many abroad depend on our spending too, so we have to make our wages to consume, eh? ... NO, not really in the near future, as I have pointed out in this series as well as other series, we are becoming less and less needed as this grows, because the big money looks at places like China and India as the big consumer markets of the future, these corporate entities are screwing us all, no matter what country or political party you are in, they plan their investment strategies and know how to make a buck. Trying to figure out the agenda of some of these banks, corporations and their oligarchs is not even difficult at all ... just know the basics of hustling, business and follow the money, and you pretty much got it figured out. The whole reason we have this political push in America and other countries of our representation to negotiate austerity measures and bargaining/ trade offs, such as cutting social services, massive privatization on every level of our government services, or health care to Social Security and pensions privatization, suppressing and breaking up labour unions and rights groups, buying our election/ political parties, etc ... is to make us more desperate and dependent on them, and for answers on everything from finance to our social domestic issues. And when the manufacturing is no longer needed as you can read above, they will simply convert these cities to finance/ business/ tech hubs and apply gentrification.

But to think that this cant happen in America, Canada, or even western Europe on a large scale is ill thinking, in fact, it's as easy to implement here over the next couple decades as anywhere, just look at where our country has went over the last 4 decades or so, or even where euro countries have been going slowly as far as transforming our economies, and where it can go at the rate were moving now in the next 20 years or so, eh? ... so it is wise to hammer this heavy and full force now. With a growing amount of poverty, refugees in need, etc ... you can easily make the argument (which will be peddled by their flunky politicians and sugar coated), that we need to do something about the hunger/ poverty ... of course many would jump on the idea, it will/ can be presented/ sugar coated as being a philanthropic type foundation/ movement for example, as far as to sweeten the idea. You DONT have to go against the minimum wage laws here in America ... you could have thousands of poor or refugees in a sort of encampment, and use new trade laws and things like SEZ to enable them to set up colonies in rural or urban America to create menial jobs/ employment, so at least these folks can eat and make somewhat of a living ... and at the same time, try to make it look as if it's a social services plan of sort, it wouldnt apply by law to the minimum wage laws we have, but would also create a slippery slope for middle income folks to have to reduce their wages over time, and to race to the bottom for many, to try to keep the job market competitive ... they already do it with tens of thousands of people in U.S. prisons and the labour they give to corporations for a couple dollars a day or less (**** see HERE and HERE) ... same thing, using different rules/ legislation/ laws, so trying to establish this would not be as difficult as we may think. "Special Economic Zone" has a nice sales pitch to the wording, eh? ...like most of the other worthless bargain basement junk deals and gimmicks they sugar coat and peddle off on us and our countries, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) Just because they present this trash to us, doesnt mean we have to buy it {:-)

This is why it is importante to hammer this, and also try to get more progressive type political candidates in office, nothing against you if you're a basic Republican or Democrat (I supported both for years), but understand, that we are in a unique situation and period of our history as far as the economy, and that we need more of a sharper edge as a strategy and weapon due to the times basically, the same ole same ole establishment strategies and thinking wont cut the mustard. We need folks to hammer back on these trade deals and to make changes, we need more legislation written by other than just multinational corporations/ interests, we also need to strongly support trade unions and labour rights organizations, even if you have never belonged to a union or felt a need to (I never did) ... I knew guyz that said they dont need a union or their laws/ rules/ dues, etc, which is fine working for a small independent company ... here is my point though on a larger scale of employment, take your pick ... an employees union and voice with a self interests governing body ... or a multinational corporate entity CEO or board only to make decisions over workers rights, pay and benefits, eh? ... get my drift? Understand that one of the biggest threats/ weapons as you see and read in the above video and link to these oligarchs and their plans, is people and workers having voice, organization, the ability to strike and protest, etc ... this pushes them into a corner on bargaining and forces them to bargain ... as well as us boycotting against certain goods and businesses. DO NOT let these oligarchs with their wealth and accumulated power fool you, they are desperate as well, and have their own worries, they know that we are having issues due to climate change, they know that the technologies and abilities it enables to those under them that are much smaller is outpacing them, they know that they will not be needed (as any emperors/ empires of millennia ago are no longer needed today), they know that what is capitalism and the way of achieving wealth is going out the door. They are doing their job in a "survival of the fittest" sense to maintain their empire status and strength in the future, by ratholing all the resources and wealth they can now, because nothing else that they have to offer to civilization will be of any use to anyone ... they are preserving their empires/ selves only ... it is our responsibility to preserve ours and give them all out Hell in the process!

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