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CLINTON vs.TRUMP (PT.2): The 2016 Election or CON JOB? ... How Hysteria & Panic Can SCREW YOU Every Time ... The "PREPAID POLITICS" Edition ... (MONEY N POLITICS PT.5)

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***** These 2 people are friends, acting as enemies, like WWE tele show wrestlers, being more or less 'entertainment' ... In this campaign, Trump has called Clinton names like crooked, corrupt, criminal, devil ... Clinton has called Trump names like racist, misogynist, bigot ... Trump talks war, Clinton has a record for war. What these 2 friends are saying, is that their social circles and themselves consist of ... widespread corruption, criminal activity, religious devil's, racism, misogyny and bigotry ... both will also tell you that their whole system they embrace (more Clinton's than Trump's, being that the Clinton's are decades old career politicians, that helped mold what we have) ... is RIGGED AGAINST YOU. I've alwayz felt that we should give out awards, like they do in Hollywood for actors/ directors etc ... but for politicians and their "acting" ... I mean ... if these people hound each other in elections about how racist, bigoted, hateful, etc, etc each other is ... why in Hell are they friends off the campaign trail, donating money to each other, wining/ dining each other and socializing with each other, eh?

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This posting will serve as Part 2 of "Clinton vs. Trump" and Part 5 of "Money N Politics" for this journal/ blog. What inspires the posting is all the media, panic and hysteria that is sort of humorous in a way, and several people that I have talked to locally, who were kind enough to share their views and opinions with me, and all the views and opinions I see online from folks. I was fortunate locally over several weeks, to get views from people that support Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, Green Party Jill Stein, Democrat/ Inde Bernie Sanders and Libertarian Gary Johnson, just to try to get a more balanced grasp on how people feel about this election, so in that respect, it has been interesting ... while the politics itself and candidates, have been more of a bore to me, because of how prepaid and pre- planned they are today. I have not watched the DNC or RNC conventions this year, but I did catch bits and clips about it in the news, so I cant say I know anything in detail about what the speeches were about, I did watch a little of the debates, but not as much as I should have I guess, I cant say what the polls are either, because they rapidly change week to week, so I'm not sure what they say right now, but, I have tried to keep up with as much as possible going on, and there is a saturation of it out there to choose from too. Let me add here before I get into below, I alwayz hear like a broken record, that President Obama got us into a $19- $20 trillion or whatever this current debt is ... it IS NOT President Obama that got our debt to this level ... it is the way for years, we have to spend and waste so much money on these oligarchs, paving their path all over the globe, policing for them, babysitting countries that they're too cheap to spend their own fortunes on, and basically giving them a free ride on damn near everything. So this nonsense that we have this $19 trillion debt because of this President and were giving out too many food stamps or have social services in our country is bullshit! ... and according to this, it's not really a problem (Business Insider). Our problem is that we have NOT taken care enough of our own needs in the process ... these people that rant about World War 3 is coming, take a deeper look, we are already in a World War 3, being our countries and citizens of the free world against these oligarchs. As far as Clinton and Trump both, I like some of what they both say, and I dont see either one as 'evil', it's just that I doubt what both of them say they want to do, and what they are committed to.

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Back a couple weekends ago I attended a cookout and kids birthday party some folks were having, and many of these folks I've known for years, so they know that I blog and have views concerning politics and things like the economy ... some politics came up in the chat, and I was asked, what do I think about the elections?, who will win?, etc ... one of the women there works for one of the largest too big to fail banks, she been with them for several years working in regulations and tax codes of some sort as her position (so I wont mention her name or what bank here), but she started telling me how this Dodd- Frank deal has been a nightmare for them, and having 1000 people working on it just in her one company/ bank, and related, she even told me how rigged it is, and that the small investors and depositors, along with the smaller financial institutions/ banks are getting the shaft by people like her own bank, as well as from the regulators both, even agreeing with me that Glass- Steagall makes more sense and is what's needed ... which was interesting listening to her. But my response as far as the elections was ... "I dont know if you want to call this an election or a con- job?", I was asked what I meant by that? ... So I explained. The deal is as I explained to them, is that this Trump candidate seems too good to be true for Democrats, and we already know how long the Clinton's and Trump's have been friends, even their daughters Ivanka and Chelsea are best friends (even their husbands), we even know that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were talking about Trump running for President, before Trump kicked off his campaign (NY Daily News), even though both will deny it, and say they were only talking about the familia, golf or whatever. I mean ... Trump is creating this outrageous freak- show, that is almost certain to make Clinton win, he gets tons of free media time, the guy is a straight up hustler out of New York, so you got to look for the bite/ scam on anything he sayz ... it worx perfect for Clinton, because they have half the country thinking this guy is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, and you got a following of neo- fascist type lovers who are gullible enough to suck it up and energize him even more, while pumping fear and panic into his opposition ... this guy is a hustler, let it sink in for a minute, this is what this guy does for a living ... he hustles, eh? His investments/ assets are backed and controlled by the same big money banking and Wall Street entities that finance almost totally our elections and the establishment of both parties today. The key for the big money is to control all politics, and to make sure to keep it vibrant enough to make people interested enough to put all their energy and focus in them, because they all know that these 2 parties are weakening, and peoples faith in them ... when these 2 parties fail in other words, their empires lose ground, and it hit's their pocketbook/ money hard ... get my drift?

(left to right) Ivanka Trump & Chelsea Clinton

It's a little confusing to me how people can take this too serious, as an extra treat, you have Bernie Sanders who is being used like a keypad, and promised to allow him to create a platform for the Democratic Party (a platform is great for the rally and inspiring to move people, but has no binding status), and because of the baggage Hillary Clinton and her husband had, it is wise to have Sanders to pull in millions more, that wouldnt have trusted a damn thing Clinton sayz to begin with ... so Sanders is what energized the Democratic Party this year ... the only thing other that Clinton was able to energize people on, is the political experience that she has ... I mean ... Trump has NONE, and because she is the first woman nominee adds excitement. It's not confusing as much as it's nonsensical, I mean ... what will they come up with for a future election say if Clinton won and served 2 terms? ... they already bought and African American and a woman, they would have to groom maybe a latino American, perhaps an Arab American, maybe a gay candidate to keep the excitement going in the 2 party system ... and of course find some flunky like Trump who they can use as the villain or Hitler to challenge them. Who in the top money that controls Wall Street and banking would even want Trump as a President? I mean ... if I was one of the wealthiest people and multi- national interests/ investors, pumping tens of millions into an election ... I wouldnt want someone like Trump ... how could he serve my interests? I would want Clinton, and do whatever I could to make her win, because I know that she will appoint people who are on my side when it comes to my and my constituents money/ investments, I would groom her several years in advance, make sure she made Senator, make sure she made Secretary of State or other positions, and got the backing and resume needed, I would have confidence in her husband Bill as well, being his record on bank deregulations, corporate interests and trade. Why do you think that people like Goldman- Sachs pay folks like Clinton $200,000- $300,000 bucks a speech to talk to them, because she has all the inside info on who is doing what in what countries, military strategies, international security, intervention and planning with everyone and their political climates, trade barriers, regulations etc, for future plans and moves to gain more wealth and power ... you dont think they will pay some guy like Trump money like that, because he has nothing to offer or experience that would serve their interests and goals ... Trump is just a player to them, he is of no value, and even if Trump won, the establishment of the Republican or Democrat Party's will not let him do most of what he sayz anywayz, when it hits the floor in Congress.

Bottom line is all these people are friends (which does not necessarily mean 'your friend'), and all feed from the same hand and are dependent on that hand that feeds them, and no matter which side gains ground and wins, you will have the same problems and broken promises most likely in 2017 or 2021 and beyond, still fighting the same thing over and over, and of course as usual, each party blaming the other ... even both these candidates are telling people that the system is rigged against them on every avenue, the same system they slave to, and again, how many of these politicians really want change? as I pointed out simple here. The fight of the American people, as well as many of our foreign allies whether in Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas, will have to make the changes ourselves ... and will ... in time, I am confident. Our own domestic problem is to especially get this money out of politics, and start selecting a different crew, and securing an actual representation that serves all and makes legislation to do such ... and all due respect to those in the House of Representatives and Senate who really try their best to make changes ... but have to depend on this oligarchy that molds and controls them, but we will need different players and another strong party ... so supporting other parties/ candidates is very importante, if not in 2016, at least in 2018 and 2020, they should start getting stronger over the next few years, and especially these new movements that are working on the state to state levels. Of course some folks fear about women's rights and a list of social issues that are heavily pounced on by the right, so I can understand that fear factor they feel ... after all, this is all orchestrated by the big money to have these 2 parties separate in views on those issues, but to have both parties on the same side of the court, when it comes to trade, banking, energy, healthcare industry, or anything that makes them money, after all, it took a US Supreme Court ruling to allow gay marriage or a woman's right to choose, it wasnt an act of Congress or a President. Again, the big money does not care about things like our social climate and rights, whether it's for our own body or sexual preference, race or anything related ... their interest is money only and maintaining control. This election could be basically no more than a con- job, just to keep these 2 parties in power is what I'm saying, all the media, voting, and establishment candidates are kissing up to the same power/ money that controls them ... and are being played just like the American people are, the only difference is, that they're being well compensated for it, not you ... just like a major media network brings excitement to the election, who are paid and owned by the same money to the producers, news anchors, experts and journalists 6- 7 figure salaries.

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