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HILLARY CLINTON HELD HOSTAGE: Threats From WALL STREET ... "If You Pick WARREN as VP ... You're Finished!!" ... & RC's Trading a Golden EGG for a Golden OPPORTUNITY ... The "WARREN or CA$H" Edition ... (MONEY N POLITICS PT4)

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This posting will serve as Part 4 of the "Money N Politics" series of this journal/ blog ... first below a quick news video clip, and below that a news piece wrote in "Politico" that paints a picture of what Hillary Clinton and her campaign is up against, then a video news clip from FOX with opinions from both Democrats and Republicans. Wall Streets biggest alwayz pressures our leaders with the in- house talk saying that because of the new global economy and risks, volatility in the markets, and since they have the largest money and assets leverage, that they are who needs to dictate how we do business, banking, trade, etc. I will add my part on how I think this kind of threat should be dealt with at the bottom of this posting.

Wall Street Donors Really Dislike Elizabeth Warren As A VP Pick ... Thanx to NEWSY

***** POLITICO: Wall Street donors seek to block Warren VP pick  ... (newsread)

Wall Street donors threaten to dump Clinton over Warren ... Thanx to FOX NEWS


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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

This has got totally ridiculous, the too big to fail entities/ billionaires balls are also too big now, and someone needs to castrate them plain and simple. They pulled this same shit when President Obama raised big money from smaller public donations, and this played out just as I expected and wrote it would in the start of this journal years back ... when I stated that "the big money would not let that happen again" ... back then, they/ big banks ... were caught off guard when Senator Obama ran for President and collected hundreds of millions in smaller donations from the people, you can see what they done after that, they played this same game on Obama and forced him to make a choice, their money or no re- election/ 2nd term threats, which is their whole reason to also bust up our unions and everything else, to lower our wealth, because that can lower our expectations and voice, this is one of the reasons why I focus so much on money in this journal/ blog (as someone asked me once why I alwayz talk about money?), because of how importante it is to our strength and maintaining democracy is the reason why. Even though we casually call this a democracy, lets face it, we are already in a form of oligarchy, they control everything damn near and every major media. We need MORE than just the political campaign talk about breaking up big banks and getting money out of politics, we need strict progressive actions, legislation and amending the Constitution, that have been not needed this bad since the Great Depression. Of course their/ oligarchs agenda is pretty clear as far as what they require of our candidates, in this case Secretary Clinton ... they want to let us have a major infrastructure improvement spending bill, BUT, the conditions are that they also get "tax reforms" applied to the international investments bankers and associates ... bottom line is an expansion of tax freebies. And who in Hell do they think they are to decide when we need infrastructure spending or how much? ... they need to take that shit to some underdeveloped 3rd world country who will put up with that shit! Yes, we need a massive infrastructure bill/ plan, but we dont need to ask Wall Street for their approval.

 At the same time these mega entities also want to handle all the spending, bidding and contracting that is involved with a massive infrastructure plan (even though they are not saying this publicly) ... they will want total control over that too, the same as Halliburton had control over all the Iraq invasion and reconstruction contracting, or how they handled all the student loans in the past ... where they make all the rules and terms of conditions, etc ... because they know that our government contracts out everything to save us the time and work, and hoping to get a better deal letting outsiders handle it ... but we never fail to get screwed by these entities history shows. My question to the behemoth banking and Wall Street is this ... "if we pay for our own infrastructure upgrades with our taxes, and do the work ourselves, what in Hell does this have to do with you?" ... so you can contract out workers from Asia to come and do the construction and welding jobs with dirt cheap labour (ABC newsread/ video), so you can pocket more millions of our spending/ costs? ... you alwayz pull this shit, what if we just cut the 'middle man' (you) OUT and manage it all ourselves? We have plenty of folks already in our government that can manage with minimal help from these entities, no Thanx, we will call on you when we need you. As I have also pointed out since the start of this journal, that they are taking this global, look where in Hell we are all at now in the last 8 years, from banking controlled austerity to the bunk trade deals being pounded on our European friends, defense spending, fossil fuel industries, etc ... Fed Chair Janet Yellen (CNBC) yesterday expressing worries before the Senate Banking Committee, that an economic catastrophe of sort may result over this Brexit vote deal coming up, to be honest, I will cheer on the UK if they decide to exit the EU (some consider UK as racists because they want to exit EU, and have more control over their immigration). But this is all we get, one bloody threat after another of "China and Russia" are going to get us ... "ISIS is going to get us if we dont suck up to the Saudi's" ... and no different in these crummy elections, that "Trump will get us" if we dont do everything the billionaires/ Wall Street tell us to do, etc, etc. I am sick of the threats, and sick of those that fear these ingrates and kiss their asses night and day. To me, just the way we react with 'fear', is dumb ... and like any predatory animal ... they can sense fear, and it's makes us and our representatives weaklings instead of building true strength and leadership qualities.

But back to Secretary Clinton and these anonymous threats out of mega- banking/ Wall Street, who are also in fear obviously, because they wont even identify themselves. They of course view Elizabeth Warren as the Devil, this is well known in the Wall Street banking crowd, and Warren is the kind of person we want if anything inspiring folks from the Oval Office to the House of Representatives! ... at least she still has some balls to speak out against these ungrateful parasites. Where in Hell do they get off telling Clinton who she can or cannot choose as her running mate? ... they are banking that Clinton since she is in debt to them, will just do whatever they want, because she is hoping to raise $1.5 billion in this election to beat Trump, they are also banking that she feels some kind of prior responsibility to them to push all sorts of legislation in her first 100 dayz that they been lacking to get through or is new, because Wall Street thinx that even if Clinton wins, they will still have a majority of Republicans in Congress that she will have to negotiate with, and have to move to the right on during that first 100 dayz, they admit this (same as they played on Obama notice). And probably if the TPP dont get through later this year on the sly through the lame duck session or whatever, that she will push it through somehow. The Clinton's and every one of our Presidents over the last 35 years, have already gave Wall Street and the biggest banks enough respect, and been more than considerate and generous with Wall Street, frankly, she dont owe them a damn thing as far as I see. In fact, if I had anything to say to Clinton, I would advise Secretary Clinton to choose someone like Warren as VP (even though I hate losing Warren in the Senate), and to even go with some advice from Warren as VP when it comes to progressive changes that are past due, and will actually improve the image of the Democratic Party, not just to Democrats, but to the American people, and to tell Wall Street to step back some ... and be grateful for all we already do for them.

I would suggest to Secretary Clinton, to pass up the 'golden egg' of their campaign money if they continue to play hardball, and in exchange, use this as a 'golden opportunity'. What I see here is an opportunity for Clinton that comes once in a lifetime/ career. I would suggest that Clinton take advantage of this golden opportunity, and slap Wall Street back, while now also saying ... "if you dont want to finance my campaign ... fine", and expose to the public what Wall Street is trying to pressure her into ... take a progressive stance and bring progressives into her administration while applying immediate action. I would bet that if Clinton done this suddenly, that she would not only surpass Trump and Republicans in the polls with large numbers, and not only be the first woman President, but she would go down in history as one of the greatest reformers of todayz politics since FDR ... I would also bet, that with an announcement like this, that she will defend her stand against Wall Street donors, that millions of Americans will see how sincere this move is, and she would get a major support lift from the American people ON BOTH SIDES, and especially with younger/ new voters, and expose why she is declining to do as told by them, and that millions of Americans would start to send in donations to her campaign just to clean up this cesspool. Secretary Clinton can use this opportunity to make history, and to also be the progressive leader that she alwayz wanted to be, and this would erase her past mistakes as well, because a move like this would trump anything they done in the past, you wont need to walk the footsteps of Obama or to build on what he did, you will create your own movement that will surpass them and several Presidents, including her husband. Here it is Madam Secretary ... you can take the golden egg and do as told ... or you can take this golden opportunity to make history and do good for this country, you have nothing to lose, you are 68 years old, you have your homes paid for, a daughter/ grandchildren/ familia/ friends for support, you have your foundation which will continue and enough money to support yourselves well ... stand up to these ingrates and clamp down some ... and you will win big time in the longrun and in the eyes and support of the American people! ... It's your choice, and has to be your will.

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Infidel753 said...

They pulled this same shit when President Obama raised big money from smaller public donations,

And notice that Obama still won both elections.

I hope Hillary has the guts to defy such pressure. She's running against a plutocrat -- she's got everything to gain by defining herself against that. On the other hand, if she caves to Wall Street now, it will open her to the attack that she will always cave to them when she's President.

I would suggest to Secretary Clinton, to pass up the 'golden egg' of their campaign money if they continue to play hardball, and in exchange, use this as a 'golden opportunity'.


Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your input Infidel ... sometimes I may sound like I just hate banks, investors, corporations, etc I know, it has been brought up to me time and again over the years. These largest entities have got too demanding of us, and are unappreciative of everything we do for them (Hell, we even had to bail them out when they knowingly lost their because of their risky behaviour, and been there for them at every bad bet they make), they never are satisfied and alwayz whining like they are victims and we owe them, the way they conduct business is even unbalanced by their own standards. We need to put our foot down for a change.