Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GOLDMAN SACHS WINS IOWA CAUCUS 2016!! ... RC's Quick, Easy and Simple View of the WINNERS in Iowa ... For Those Americans on the GO & Those working 2 or 3 PART TIME Jobs ... The "DANCING @ The BARS of WALL ST" Edition ... (MONEY N POLITICS PT.3) & (JUMPING FOR JOY IN AMERICA PT.7)

This posting of the Iowa Caucus 2016 results is done with a tad of humour, but to show the real outcome and winners of the Iowa Caucus ... quick and simple for that American so busy, and like those who work 2 or 3 part time jobs today. This posting will serve both the "Money N Politics" & "Jumping For Joy In America" series of this journal/ blog, part of the title of this posting was inspired by the tele series "Dancing with the Stars". The posting is inspired by the constant mainstream news that has flooded the media airwaves across America over the last several months in between pharmaceutical, investment banking and major corporate commercials ... and I am happy to see at least Iowa out of the way, maybe we can get a breather ... ya think? (I doubt it though {:-) If you are looking for links, just look online, there are ton's, with complex views, polls, examinations and details. But when I woke up this morning and turned on the tele to get the news ... geeeezzz ... this was all over it like a cheap suit on sunday, with no break in sight. There were all kinds of complex reasons and more, on how the over- complex voting system is counted by those in media paid big bucks to give them, paid by the same mega banks/ corporations that also pay off the establishment politicians and help make the voting in this nation so complex, instead of one person and one vote. An American voting system that differs state to state, with many different types of voting systems, some very easy to rig, and too many wayz and reasons to block people from voting, etc. A priority in this country needs to be to make a more simple, universal and effective way of getting the "peoples" vote ... with "publicly transparent verification" of every vote as well. Folks like Wall Street and their political puppets also influenced what we have currently as far as voting ... and for a reason.

People in the mainstream media were so excited, out of control and jumping for joy {:-) Hillary "Dead Broke" Clinton was shaking with excitement and with a smile bigger than Texas, who's campaign was shaking in their boots 24 hours before trying to rush out any propaganda they can against their opponent Bernie Sanders  (who I'm a supporter of). Several delegates were won by BOTH Clinton and Sanders on a coin toss ... imagine that. On the other further right side of the corporate right wing communist coin ... Ted "Bruiser Cruiser" Cruz was so spiritually and financially intoxicated, almost falling to his knees with tears of joy giving praise to God ... when he should have been praising his wife and Goldman Sachs {:-) As far as "Donald the Great" (Trump) ... he dont give a shit, he's got millions more of probably tax payer subsidized money of his own to pour into the race ... with plenty of Wall Street constituents to get his back. Yet all in all ... I havent heard one word out of mainstream media this morning about the REAL winners of the Iowa Caucus, which was Goldman Sachs and Wall Street ... of course via their pre paid political puppetry of Clinton and Cruz. But no doubt ... corporate communists and Wall Street should be dancing in the bars on this one and downing another line of cocaine with that favourite drink ... anticipating on new, exciting and legislatively twisted wayz to fuck the American people if they can get one of their candidates into the Oval Office. That's sums it up short, simple and to the point (:-)

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