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PAID LEAVE 2016: Senators Bernie Sanders & Kristen Gillibrand on STRENGTHENING Family Values, Independence, Economy & America ... How to Pay for & Make Our DREAMS REALITY ... The "GOLDEN PARACHUTE" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.30)

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Senators Bernie Sanders (VT) & Kristen Gillibrand (NY)

Part 30 of the "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" series of this journal/ blog will focus on paid leave in America, how to be more independent, stronger, and basically pulling ourselves up out of the rut were in by our bootstraps ... to strengthen our country, families/ people, morale, independence and economy ... and to go forward with the changing times, because forward is progress and anything less that would stagnate our moving forward should be unacceptable. This is more about doing for ourselves and making our own golden parachute a reality ... instead of telling us we have to subsidize with our taxes the top 500 corporate and banking CEO's golden parachutes, we do have The Family and Medical Leave Act which is a decent start, but we have improvements to make and the need to expand that further.  So I wanted to highlight 2 speeches, first from Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders, who of course I'm a strong supporter of ... and the second with Senator Kristen Gillibrand, both who have brought this issue into the spotlight and something that we need to take a look at, and both have very motivational messages to strengthen ourselves. When President JFK said "ask what we can do for our country instead of what our country can do for us" ... that is the key to our success. But first the videos below, and a newsread linked from NPR/ KERA ... then I will add my part after on the reality we have ... and the one we can make/ create, simply by utilizing our nature given will, the tools we have and taking charge of our own environment and country, to create a reality of ours ... after all, the corporate communism and oligarchy that designs what we have, do it for themselves, not for us, we need to create an environment/ nation that is in our best interest!

Paid Family & Medical Leave| Bernie Sanders ... Thanx to BERNIE 2016

***** NPR/ KERA: Lots Of Other Countries Mandate Paid Leave, Why Not The U.S.? ... (newsread)

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand on the Need for Paid Leave ... Thanx to CAP/ SEEPROGRESS



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Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

Most American's these dayz would agree that we are on the wrong path politically and economically in this country ... and they are right, they dont need a poll to tell them ... they know by natural instinct that we are on the decline. We simply dont look out for ourselves is also part of the problemo, depending on those who create monopolies in our economy to buy/ lease our government and tell us what to do, our minds are filled with garbage that is fed to us, and making ourselves believe that it's acceptable ... if it is NOT our will ... it is NOT acceptable, period. We have moved forward such as in technologies, medicine, and having 1001 new devices, programmes and drugs to relax us, to make us lazy physically and mentally, and to make us more dependent on others that simply want more control over us ... otherwise in other areas ... we are on the decline. We are told of our American exceptionalism, our independence, our great work ethics, our individualism, our family values, our resilience to come back and ability to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, etc ... yet many of those telling us this are trying to do everything they can to weaken us ... not strengthen us. So this is about strengthening us and all of the above, and creating a better reality than the current reality that has been created for us and cheaply peddled off on us ... it's our job, not Wall Street's job, eh?

So what has any of this have to do with paid leave? ... it's because most people in our country want paid leave, but are told to believe that we dont need it or want it. Or we are alwayz given some cheap sales pitch by Wall Street bought and paid for politicians saying that we will try to work on a plan, or to let us see what worx on a state to state or city/ town basis, spend another decade or two analyzing it, etc. One of the most frequently used excuses is ... "who's going to pay for it?" ... the answer to all this is simple ... we will pay for it. How many working American's would not go along with paying less than a couple dollars a week out of their paycheck to get the security of paid leave? It would drive small companies into bankruptcy or lay off's? ... absolutely not ... as a matter of fact we should propose to even have all companies that do business large or small, to match that small employee amount their employees put in. What you dont want is for some smooth talking politician to tell you they have a plan ... and it will be handled by some large insurance firm and the financial end will be managed by some mega investment bank, in fact, this is one that the banks and corporations can stay out of, it will have nothing to do with them, only matching what their employees demand and pay for themselves, besides, they would write it all off on taxes anywayz ... we will take care of our own and ourselves, just as they take care only of their own and selves, eh?

We have managed through our people's government to establish and make work a Social Security and Medicare system, which is of small cost, and we can make this work as well, with the oversight taken care of by a people's governing body as with those others. Let some multi national investment bank and corporation handle our business, they will charge us over- inflated amounts while gambling all the money and loaning it out to foreign investors who dont even do any business with our local domestic businesses, and have 10,000 pages of fine print, complex arbitration clauses, with part's a, b, c, d, and f's, co- pays and other scam treat's to milk us out of more money. YES ... they would actually figure out wayz and schemes to maximize their profit margin off of our money and leave time, and of course of no benefit to us, understand that these people do nothing but sit around and figure out wayz to fuck someone else out of money ... that's all they do for a living, they dont even contribute a damn thing to any society. So you can say we need to be more conservative on our spending priorities and take care of our country and people more than feeding hand- outs to Wall Street or others, being "fiscally conservative" ... isnt that what we hear out of them on our out of whack spending and debt? ... a result of "them" spending our money through politicians at that! ... telling us we need to cut back, cut back and cut back over and over ... Well ... that is what we would be doing, but to OUR BENEFIT for a change. Too much we are fed now of the billions more we need to spend in Middle Eastern and Saudi interests and conflicts ... like Wall Street in wealth, they have plenty of money and loads of defense to take care of their regional conflict's more efficiently than what they are, so that doesnt need to be our primary concern. Our primary concern should be to try to better ourselves, and then we can let the fruit's of our accomplishments trickle down to others who want to be team players with us diplomatically or financially around the globe ... we cant take care of others if we dont take care of ourselves, and we cant feed or finance others if we cant even do the same for ourselves, reconstruction starts at home.

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