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RON WISEMAN: A Conservative Texan's view of Democratic Socialism, Capitalism & Bernie Sanders ... & Charlie Rose interview with Bernie ... The "REASON ... not Treason" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.29) & (TRUTH or TREASON PT.25)

Bernie Sander's first TV ad ... Thanx to BUD MEYERS

This posting will serve both the "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" and "Truth or Treason" series of this journal. Below I linked some read from a Texas Conservative professional and his newest support for Bernie Sanders because of his experiences in America and how he went on the downslope and lost so much through no fault of his own, but simply because of what America has become in recent years ... when basically America and Texas failed him, and how contacts in Germany at least helped him climb back to being what he can. What has America become? ... listen to Florida Congressman Alan Grayson in this video for example on trade, jobs and business. I cant tell you a thing about this man Ron Wiseman or can say how straight his story is ... what I can tell you though, is what you hear/ read him talk about below in the link is a reality that many middle class and even upper middle classes across our country face these dayz, people who are so essential to our economy and productive Americans ... so the read/ testimony by Ron Wiseman I thought was compelling and good food for thought as far as what this country is up against.

The 2nd link is a full length video of Bernie just a week ago with Charlie Rose, an intimate type conversation/ interview where Bernie get's questioned on exactly where he stand's on what issues, why, and tries to paint a more clearer picture of what Democratic Socialism is, since the word socialism in general is so misread by American politipop culture, basically programmed into us through multi- national corporation and banking propaganda. This video interview with Bernie has to be the best I seen so far, because Charlie Rose really presses the issues (no journalist sugar- coating) and get's Bernie to discuss in detail everything, from banking corruption to foreign military intervention. Interviews like this to me are far more importante when looking at choices than any debates, because it forces candidates to either not be direct in their answers or be totally direct, and forces policy details of the candidate. Bernie makes himself very clear and solid, with no indirect answers that leave you in question on where he stands and has stood. After I will add a few words of my own at the bottom of this posting.

***** QUORA.COM: In what ways does Bernie Sanders appeal to conservative voters? ... (read from Ron Wiseman and others)

Bernie Sanders interview with Charlie Rose (10/ 2015) ... Thanx to Manufacturing Intellect


***** PD/ RCJ: "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" PART'S 28 THRU 1



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This flag and pledge is more appropriate ....

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

Just awhile back in late May I believe, I attended a high school graduation by the neighbourhood over here at a sports arena in Addison, it was a fairly good size crowd, seating about 8,000 and was a full house. Before it all, a student recited the "Pledge of Allegiance" and just about everyone stood, put their hand over their heart/ chest, looked at the flag, etc ... you know the routine. This was the first time in my life that I would not do such or care to recite it, it was the first time where I actually was able to view thousands (I was way up in the top stands and had a great view of all below) that just seemed to routinely go along, of course part of the ceremony formality or whatever, but listening closely to the words ... I thought it was insane ... thinking to myself ... "you got to be kidding" ... of course I didnt tell anyone I was with what I was thinking, or did they pay any atencion to my not facing the flag with my hand over my heart. Dont misread me here though, I actually love my country and care about it, but what these oligarchs and their high paid political mouth pieces have been doing to it and expecting us to praise them, their actions, injustice, robbery, etc ... I just say "fuck them" ... I mean, lets face it ... they're no different than a bunch of thieves, it's bad enough that many of our Congressional mouth pieces pay homage to them and their corrupt wayz, and even squander our taxes on them ... I'll be damned if I will ever salute them. These people are basically treasonist's who use our country, flag and Constitution against us and disgrace what America stands for ... there is no "reason" or logic supporting anyone who has clearly shown to be the enemy of our country, business/ economy and people. As an American voter like millions of others in these times, what I'm looking for in candidates is very simple and not asking too much ... that is to have leadership not just based on experience or popularity, but leadership that will at least actually try to FIGHT BACK.

Again we are facing a very critical election, even more critical than after the 2008 financial crash, I mean, we lost so much as far as our freedoms after that and left us with a drained economy from the Bush/ Cheney administration and the loss of millions of jobs, and locked in to endless war while kissing Saudi Arabia's ass and everyone but America. Now because our elections are so rigged and corporate paid/ sponsored, we have a new challenge, we need new leadership to address the newest challenges, plain and simple. As a voting Democrat myself these dayz, I get sick of hearing about any Democrat is better than a Republican, there is a certain amount of truth to that, but only to a degree ... for the last year in most controlled MSM, the Democrat Party establishment has said basically that the only choice is already picked, and Bernie basically is ignored for the most part, as insignificant or unsuitable. I mean, dont feed me that shit that if I dont vote for just any Democrat that the pop culture of the establishment Democratic Party endorses, I will fall into Hell or eternal poverty, slavery, etc, etc ... that's no different than telling me I have a choice of 2 poisons to take ... Strychnine or Cyanide. Bernie Sanders is the clear alternative choice that at least has a fairly strong following ... fuck what the landline over age 50 poll's tell you, or if you dont do this or that you're doomed and will suffer more misery,  what Katy Perry or some other celebrity tell's you, etc ... vote for what is in your heart that your gut instinct tell's you is straight, and forget the other nonsense ... give your vote to someone who deserves it and has a record like Bernie Sanders of being in the trenches and fighting tooth and claw for change. Bernie, if he doesnt get the nomination may not want to run as an independent 3rd Party contender (which I understand, being that his ambition/ goal is to not take Democrat votes away to challenge the GOP) ... but IF he loses because of some shady actions in vote counting or something else foul on behalf or instigated by the establishment Democrat Party ... you can bet, that many voters who support him, will use their own head and vote for an alternative, regardless of what kind of rubbish they are fed. If he loses FAIRLY ... well that is "truly" the peoples/ voters choice ... I myself think he has a good shot, or else I wouldnt have spent the last 5 years or so promoting him with his own series in this journal.

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