Thursday, September 17, 2015

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY/ SEN. BERNIE SANDERS 2015: Morality, Values & Justice ... Uniting American's Against "OLIGARCHIC DISEASE" ... The "American Values & Liberty over Tyranny" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.28)

Part 28 of this series will be a speech along with a Q & A session that Senator Bernie Sanders gave at the Christian conservative Liberty University the other day. I also want to post this today, because this morning in mainstream news as far as politics, it has been saturated with the 2nd or so Republican Debate updates from last night, while the DNC been strong on restricting debates ... which as a voting Democrat myself, is a disappointment to me and others. Or the staged comedy conversation from last night with Jimmy Fallon impersonating Donald Trump in a phone call with Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ... this is what politics has basically sunk to in America ... a corporate/ banking pre- paid restricted and controlled type of freak show and nickel/ dime bitch fight event's. America has a buffet of serious issues whether most of us see them or not, issues that need to be dealt with by these so called Presidential candidates on both these polarizing corporate/ banking rigged sides, such as the trade treachery and privatization of our entire country, eliminating competition and true balanced free/ open trade for most of us, or the newest "war on civil rights" ... or the rise of police brutality and the resistance that follows the unjust actions against American's, and that is just a sample of serious issues. Just seeing these candidates bitching about each other is not addressing many issues, or highsiding about how great you are as a candidate, why American's should blindly vote for you, regardless of your past record or whatever. With the major media news focusing too much on body language, facial expressions, hairstyles, celebrity status, which candidates have the most wealth and corrupt SuperPACs support, etc, etc. Senator Sanders may not be the youngest, most beautiful or fashionable, or have the best hairstyle, or best bullshit, nor accept's this SuperPac money ... but he is a leader, and one that tries to reach out and understand our people and needs, regardless of what side they belong to ... his speech is really importante and very Presidential like, and what we should expect from someone who is a leader type.

Thanx to Liberty University for reaching out to the Senator and Presidential candidate Sanders, and inviting him to their university to at least hear him out, along with a great looking football jersey he received from Jerry Falwell,Jr ... and Thanx to Senator Sanders for accepting the invite, and seriously addressing the issues we face. It is difficult for a candidate to step out of their comfort zone as well ... many folks at LU will not agree with the Senator on certain things, and may never agree with him ... but these issues we ALL face together, so this is about America, our people, what we value and cherish as far as living in a democracy, and certain standards and a quality of life that we expect, and fought and worked for so long to have. Whatever political side you embrace, or religion or no religion you follow, or whatever your gender and race/ ethnicity is ... we are ALL in this together, and finding some common ground worx to OUR benefit as a whole. These entities of enormous wealth that manipulate our societies, faiths, communities and politic's are NOT our friend's, many havent worked a day in their lives, or even earned their wealth, and only use our nation ... they work at and invest at keeping our people and states as divided as possible to serve their interests only. What people have been starting to wake up to slowly but surely is this type of disease that has been once again growing in the form of a type of oligarchy, and not only in America, but globally in our so called free societies, and people will lighten up to this more as we go, this is why you see such anger and resentment from all sides today ... they're getting more sick of it by the day.

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Bernie Sanders FULL SPEECH at Liberty University (C-SPAN) ... Thanx to C-SPAN




Bernie Sanders takes Tough Question/s at Liberty University ... Thanx to PSB SATELLITE


Liberty University President Jerry Falwell,Jr gives Bernie his own LU football jersey



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