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CHEVRON/ BIG OIL RESCUE: Oil WASTEWATER Farming in California & Building the MIDDLE CLASS from 2 VIEWS ... Greater the GIANT, Greater the FALL ... The "MASTERS in DISASTERS" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.37)

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Part 37 of the "Global War'n'ing" series will be to record a serious problemo in this journal and series facing the State of California, that has been questioned and fought against since earlier this year, and been going on for at least a couple decades up in Kern County, but it should not just concern Californian's, it should concern the nation and those we export these products/ produce to ... yet ... like much else of serious concern, is ignored too much by mainstream media. California is in a desperate state of emergency because of the drought, and California is a major supplier of food to us, and farming/ crops are a major industry to the California economy. But, below some newsread and videos from 2 views, divided into 2 parts ... the "great rescue" and "great fall". The first is to look at what all big oil is doing to rescue California from the drought and building the middle class, and the answers to California's problems, after all ... in Chevron's own words ... "Protection of People and Environment is a Core Value of Chevron" ... so it's all about love, people and the environment. And the first video is touching, as these young men testify to Assemblywoman Grove, if not for these oil companies paying them up to $100,000 a year salaries and benefits, they would be on welfare, in gangs or prison (wouldnt surprise me if some of the major shareholders in big oil, also had invested in the multi- billion dollar privatized prison industry too), and the Bloomberg news piece of the benefit to this. The 2nd part is a video on the downfall side, and many questions that people are asking ... and importante to ask and look at the long term effect, with an article linked from ThinkProgress. A closing video after that with the "solution" as far as fossil fuel/ energy need's, none would put oil out of business, because oil is used for thousands of product's, but it would lessen dramatically the impact on the environment compared to now, and how we use. After I will add my part and view's on this.


The Great Rescue ....

Kern County Oil Industry Builds The Middle Class ... Thanx to SHANNON GROVE

***** BLOOMBERG BUSINESS: California Farms Are Using Drilling Wastewater to Grow Crops ... (newsread)


The Great Fall ....

California farmers using oil field wastewater on crops ... Thanx to CCTV

***** THINK PROGRESS/ CLIMATE: California Farmers Are Watering Their Crops With Oil Wastewater, And No One Knows What's In It ... (newread)




Solutions ....

A Fossil Fuel Free World is Possible ... Thanx to DEMOCRACY NOW


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

First of all, I think it is inaccurate and insulting to Bay Area citizen's, and just American's across the board, when Assemblywoman Grove sayz that liberal's up in the Bay Area (San Francisco) are trying to shut down the oil industry and economy of the Central Valley ... no one is trying to put anyone out of business, rather trying to make sure business is halfway accountable and responsible. Secondly, this is NOT about liberal vs. conservative, like they try to force everyone into thinking on every bloody damn issue, this is about concern for America, our business/ industries, health, environment, etc. I dont see any reason to believe that oil giants are simply about things like protecting people and the environment, health and safety concern's, etc ... looking at their history. Nor do I buy that simply using decades old methods of testing for toxins/ contaminants, when the testing isnt even up to date with todayz oil industries is enough, there isnt even enough oversight ... and how do you expect these companies to oversee and inspect themselves? These giant's dont address any issue until there is a huge fall, after the damage is done, they been masters in disasters as far as creating disaster and then coming to the rescue to fix what they damaged, and history show's that they do everything they can to even sweep those under the rug ... so why should anyone buy such? These giants are also bigger than ever, in every industry, more control, less competition and choice ... 2015 alone is probably top in history of mergers and acquisitions, nothing too big to fail is failing, breaking up or downsizing, and there is more control than ever over what we do and use, including our own peoples legislative branch. So trusting any of this or them is downright stupid.

Again I want to point out, that the whole reason we get put into these desperate positions, is to have us come crawling to those who create it, needing help for the problems they create. It's great to see that oil giants are environmentally conscious ... at least listening to the millions of dollars in public advertising they put out, you would think they are a gift from nature to humanity and the Earth, it would even be greater if they actually were what they claim. And there is so much THAT CAN be done by these entities to change the way they do business and production, but profit's are the bottom line, and none want to put out a nickel more than they have to. The subsidies we give them and political support is enormous as it is ... even from our own President Obama, who has bent over backwards as far as okaying drilling/ exploration etc ... a President I supported for 2 terms, and have been disappointed on his decisions on this issue ... but ... that's what he "chose" to do, he didnt have to, and he knows too well the consequences that come with it. California in this desperate position now having to kiss the asses of these folks, and the farming industry having to buy water for their crops for America and the world of leftover wastewater? All this in the name of making affordable and cheap energy, when the lobby of these same companies do all they can here and abroad to force these energies on us, knowing they're no longer needed, not even to make a healthy profit ... but to suppress more mass usage of renewable energy competition, making it even difficult through legislative proposals (locally and federal) for many across our nation to go solar and wind ... the same competition and products that when they succeed, these same entities will be first in line later with all their wealth to buy them all out too, and take credit later as if they're heroes.

The oil industry is priority importance for the economy, security and independence we are told ... without it we will fail and all fall into eternal poverty, etc ... all is bullshit, no one wants any change until they can have control of that change is all. This has also become nothing but a game between these giants and countries globally, all trying to outdo each other and grabbing everything they can dig/ drill up to show their house is bigger ... which is why I'm happy every day when I hear the drop in oil prices and hear them whining about the thousands they will lay off, as soon as a buck comes out of these tightwad's profits, they all had to make choices and decisions and need to feel the repercussions to some extent for over- speculating at times too. Let's face it, they have it way too easy, and of course there is also big profit in selling millions of gallons of recycled wastewater, so profits must be soaring, the reason for much of the extreme weather pattern's can be credited to some of these industries abusive history.  Everything that these environmentalists are doing and fighting them about whether it's in legislation or lawsuits against some of these is in order, and decades past due. Much stricter testing guidelines to priorities for water usage are needed to be in place ... after all ... oil is not the only thing/ industry that keeps the California economy going eh? This also has a big impact on food/ produce ... not just the seasons crop, but what are the long term effects on the soil, and how it will impact health, litigation, business and future growing? ... that soil is just as importante of a business asset. If any smaller companies were doing some of this as far as dumping and contamination to the environment, health or business, they would be severely penalized or even closed down, this should apply to all business.

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