Friday, September 4, 2015

KIM DAVIS/ MARRIAGE MAMA MADNESS: Portrait of a Pentecostal Liberal Democrat Adulteress & Married Again/ Born Again Martyr ... The "I DO & I DON'T/ Love American Style" Edition ... (HUMAN MORALITY PT.17) & (DONT BE ALARMED PT.17 ... You're in America {: 0

Rowan County Clerk, Mrs.Kim Davis

This posting will serve both he "Human Morality" & "Don't Be Alarmed" series of this journal. I didnt plan on doing a posting on this at all, so it's spontaneous due to the confusion and uproar over this Kentucky County Clerk (and of course, I was expecting this sort of thing to happen, as far as resistance from some folks in positions like Kim that issue these licenses). I read that Kim made $63,000 pay for 2011, as only a deputy clerk, and some local's complained ... the cost of living in a place like Rowan County, KY is very moderate, so she was getting decent pay at the time, and probably as County Clerk now, which is incentive to not just quit. The posting's title was totally inspired by the stories/ news linked below, and the tele 60's/ 70's tele show "Love American Style" ... because, even I couldnt come up with some story this twisted if I was on LSD. But for those who may find this shocking ... don't be alarmed, this is typical America and human morality at it's most twisted. So some newsread and selected videos below, then after I will try to add a bit to this.

IT BEGINS! Kim Davis Christian Ky County Clerk JAILED For Refusing Homosexuals Marriage License ... Thanx to EVANGELIST ANITA FUENTES

***** NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who refuses on biblical grounds to give marriage licenses to gay couples, has been married four times; committed adultery: court records

Mike Huckabee praises Ky. county clerk Kim Davis ... Thanx to PACKET AND GAZETTE NEWS VIDEO

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Kim Davis stands firm on same- sex marriage; the Kentucky clerk stays in jail

USA: Protestors rage against jailing of clerk who refuses to issue same- sex licenses ... Thanx to RUPTLY TV


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

I can only imagine what some may think in some other countries, for example some western European countries that may have a liberated society ... I mean ... America (aka Murica) boasts and prides itself on our diversity, liberties/ freedom, Constitution, etc, etc, etc ... we call ourselves "World Leaders", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) No doubt when it comes to invading and occupation of foreign lands, screwing folks out of resources, money ... and the best of bullshit, hypocrisy and fiction ... we are the best of the best. In America ... we can be getting lied to by politician's, have priest's/ clergy raping our kidz, getting all our assets, wealth and taxes robbed and redistributed to billionaires who use it to buy our politician's ... and it doesnt phase us ... but come to some social issue like marriage and sometimes even over doll's or Teddy Bears ... all Hell breaks loose! The madness over this marriage mama has got so twisted that we have Republican Presidential candidates coming out and supporting Democrats like Mrs.Davis, while bitching out every other Democrat they can find. I dont even know what category to put Kim in I'm so confused ... I mean ... she is a liberal Democrat, certainly was elected by liberal Democrats, she is of a Pentecostal denomination of Christianity, married and divorced time and again, born again and again, accused of being a former adulteress and now a martyr of sort who sayz I do, but on the job sayz ... I don't. I was trying to read her marriage record myself and got confused, having to read it a couple times to understand it.

It appear's that Kim just was born again (or the last time) into her new religion roughly 4 years ago, and probably not expecting this U.S.Supreme Court ruling to allow same- sex marriage, and here she is in a position to where she has to sign and issue marriage licenses to same- sex couples. I understand (if she is sincere) that signing your name may have some sort of psychological impact, as if you were signing your own death warrant, according to your belief's ... I mean, I know that this sort of thing bother's some people in these type institutional and cultural faith system's they follow, and they have these belief's that they are signing pacts with devil's or whatever, and they will be sent to eternal damnation, which has to do with the specific religious denomination that they follow. In America you have as many selections to choose from in religious denominations as you have shelf product's for sale in a WalMart Super Center, so you have many Christians that go to different tailored/ designed denominations to fit their needs or tastes, some denominations even marketing their brand's just like any business does their product's, and offering special treat's or incentives. All of this is what now makes Kim a sort of hero, and makes many come out of the woodwork to support her, and make her look like some sort of martyr, that is being persecuted by society ... but persecution is not a one way street, because LGBT people have been persecuted for years and discriminated against.

No ... I don't feel Kim should be in jail, or feel like creating another martyr movement, and I certainly wouldnt feel right about making her or anyone of any brand of faith, to sign something she thinx will harm her ... BUT ... the Judge is only acting on what he has to do, because like her ... the Judge has taken an oath to uphold the laws of the land ... he has no choice. I think this can get resolved though pretty quickly, this has been so sudden with this same- sex marriage ruling and caught many folks I think like Kim by surprise, and they just didnt imagine this court ruling this quick, nor were paying atencion to the outcry as much from LGBT citizen's who have been stepped on and discriminated on multiple levels (not just marriage equality) ... as much as they were paying atencion to their own isolated world and belief's. The courts on local levels have not had time yet either to work on this, so it is good that it at least surfaced itself, so we can straighten this out. Laws can be made to protect those on both sides of this issue fairly easy, so that same- sex couples can get their licenses in any county coast to coast ... and not to force people to go against their religious commitments and having to sign documents that make them feel like they are condoning to this. Also now, people of these religious denominations should know not to run for office or take a job that you know in your heart you cannot do ... so it's nothing to get bent too much out of shape over, this should pass over in time. And no one is getting hurt or sent to eternal damnation over this either ... when courts make law for LGBT people to have equal rights, it has nothing to do with you or will harm your familia or church ... you or your families are NOT responsible for the laws of the land to assure equality for it's citizen's ... and you can conduct your belief's and commitments as alwayz.

Word Out ....


Love American Style OST- Love, American Style (Theme) ... Thanx to TRIP FONTAINE ... a little closing song I wanted to dedicate to all these folks on both sides of this bitch fight, I felt appropriate since everyone claims to be full of love, from the 1969- 1974 tele series "Love American Style"







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Infidel753 said...

I'm certainly not alarmed -- it's difficult to be alarmed when her Wallace-in-the-schoolhouse-door schtick is so ridiculous. If she's taking the paycheck that comes with the job, she has to do the job. Seems pretty straightforward to me. A person with a deep religious objection to vegetables couldn't keep a job in a grocery store, if the store started selling them and the person refused to ring them up.

Davis is indeed a Democrat, but she's certainly no liberal. And it's now coming out that some of her subordinate clerks wanted to issue marriage licenses to gays (which would have solved the problem, since she wouldn't have had to do it), but she wouldn't let them. As always, the Christian "martyrs" who claim they just want to live by their own religion, actually want to make everybody else live by that religion as well. But of course the Republican candidates would jump all over this, especially fundies like Huckabee. They're all on the alert for ways they can out-wingnut Donald Trump. It's the only way they can get noticed.

I don't know much about Pentecostals (I think they do the speaking-in-tongues thing, though), but the basics in all these fundie sects are the same -- you can cheat on your spouse, molest your sister, do meth with a male hooker, whatever you like -- then if you get caught, make a big show of repenting and claim Jesus has forgiven you, and you're all clean again. It's like a get-out-of-jail free card. To bad it doesn't work on actual jails.

Infidel753 said...

"The judge offered to release Davis if she promises not to interfere with her employees issuing the licenses, but she refused."


She is a thug, not a martyr.

Ranch Chimp said...

Your right Infidel, I did know already about her even not allowing others to do their job, and I am sure in a small town atmosphere like that, with a job she been on and basically inherited from mom of a quarter century, she had alot of influence, so employee's do fear that too, and her story changed, being at first it was just the issue of her name on the license, then it escalated.

Yeah, the Pentecostal denominations are pretty much the fundamoralist types, even more strict than Baptist's ... some do have the tongues speaking sessions, some even have their own attire as well as certain hairdo's for the women, but TOO, many have a type of obligation to evangelize like 24/7 which is bad news, because they may take it to the workplace, and if you give in and dont cut it off right away, they will think you must want to hear it ... you cant even debate with them, because that will feed it, and you will never get rid of them, kind of like them guyz that ride bicycles and go door to door wearing the white shirts and neckties, Jehovah types, but more hardcore, and feel they are doing the work they were told to do, well according to scripture that is ... and you get a type of brownie points, they even have evangelizing contest's of sort, to see how many they can reach and save. You probably dont see much of that in a place like Portland/ PDX though.

Weird short story/ experience ... years ago when I was younger and fresh to Texas, I met a young lady that was very attractive and friendly, so of course being single, I was hoping to date her. She told me before anything, she would like me to go to church with her ... well, the only church I been in before that was a large Catholic church and cathedral in New York or out on the west coast ... so I said ... sure, why not ... I mean, I wanted to date this chick, eh? She took me to this church in the Houston area, that was really in bad shape and need of repairs, it was small and run down (looked like a frame house converted to a church, never seen anything like it before that)... and all of the sudden I'm in there and people started speaking in tongues, dancing wildly, and a bunch of them put their hands all over me and running them through my hair, etc while speaking in tongues ... needless to say dude ... I was freaked out ... being I went in there stoned on pot/ marijuana, and didnt expect anything like that, or experienced anything like that ... what a trip! Well ... I didnt end up going with this girl very long, I had no idea what she was into when I met her.

Thanx for your voice here Infidel and the link ....

Infidel753 said...

I was freaked out ... being I went in there stoned on pot/ marijuana

Heh.....sounds like those churchgoers themselves were on something a lot stronger than pot! Religion, the ultimate crazy drug.....

Ranch Chimp said...

Now you see why I call it in this journal as being "intoxicated with the Holy Spirit", because it is ... I even seen it in traffic after church with folks driving down the road with Gospel music blaring and their singin along with it, not payin atencion to the road or traffic, and in some cases reckless. I didnt expect that at all, I was young, and smoking the pot just relaxes you only ... so when these folks started acting like this and some worked themselves into a frenzy of sort ... I just freaked! ... I said to myself "WTF!!", when I asked the gal after this service what was up with these people? ... she just smiled and said ... that's their way of showing you they like you and prayed for you ... I thought to myself ... good thing they dont "love" me ... I can only imagine what they would do then.

Infidel753 said...

Not to keep harping on this, but here's a rather similar case -- an Islamotard airline stewardess who refuses to serve alcohol when passengers order it, even though that's part of her job. I don't see any of the Christian fundies rushing to support her. She hasn't been sent to jail, but she's been suspended (the reason Kim Davis was sent to jail is that as an elected official she can't be fired, and she refuses to quit, so the judge's only option was to try to make her do her job).

Ranch Chimp said...

Well ... Thanx for the link Infidel ... cause I have not had an opportunity to read up on this ... I briefly heard a news clip on some local news on the car radio yesterday I believe of this, and when I heard it, I actually laughed! I was thinking to myself ... Ohhh shit ... here it comes ... they're all gonna come outta the woodwork now", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:- ) ... every fucken freak this side of the Mississippi will start to say they cant do their job based on some designer morality crap they dream up ... guess that mean's more jobs for those who actually do their jobs.