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LABOR DAY 2015: FIGHTING the WAR on AMERICA's MIDDLE CLASS & Saving our ASS with Senator Bernie Sanders ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.27) & (AMERICAN JOBS PT.3)

This will be a "Labor Day" posting and serve 2 series of this journal ... "From the Foxhole with Bernie" and "American Jobs", because Labor Day in my opinion should be a day to relax and enjoy the fruit's of your labour, but increasingly we have been going backwards in America as far as any fruits or benefits of our labour, and actually losing what we have accomplished and worked for, as well as in many other countries. This morning while watching the mainstream news networx on the tele ... there wasnt hardly a thing about Labor Day, instead, it was more saturated with this endless talk about these really petty rants and bitch- fights between some of these candidates running for President ... real petty shit too ... you know, the "He said"/ "She said" finger- pointing shit, real pointless shit (I'm glad Bernie Sanders avoided getting into that game and just sticks to the issues) ... in between was pharmaceutical commercials and Labor Day sale commercials, which took up nearly half the air time. It is popular talk these dayz that government cant do a thing about job creation or economies, only the private corporate and finance sector ... yet politicians campaigning will act like they can, or talk about how many jobs were created under their party or lack of jobs to their opponent party ... so it's bullshit. I dont think some of these candidates realize how out of touch, dumb, and pre- paid they sound in some of their speeches ... example being ... I was talking about that 40'/ 50'ft wall with high- tech motion sensors and all that Donald Trump planned for the Mexican border, and having Mexico pay for it (but I bet that Trump would make a bundle $$ some how) to a Mexican guy I know (Armando) the other day, when Armando told me that Trump got on TV(tele) and said that he now loves Mexican's, because he hired so many himself, Armando said "... I cant believe he said that shit" ... I told Armando he probably meant it, hoping to get latino votes, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... Armando just said "dumb MF".

Politics and legislation play a key role in job creation and the economies to some point, and without government involvement, our economies and jobs in my view would really go into the toilet. Too many special interest's to Washington have been driving our investment priorities, budgeting needs and such into the ground, and strangling our credit with who and why we owe so much to foreign countries, that we also spend so much with. Sure we need to help build economies for trade partners, but it's importante to sustain ours too (not just borrow ton's of money that go in large parts along with much of our tax dollars, to interests abroad that do nothing for us). We need to "invest" more domestically, and government can play it's part in that too. I look at it like other investments and credit spending ... you have good investments and credit, and bad ... when we buy homes, cars or such, it may not be a great investment as far as making money ... if you lack to get it paid off in any decent time frame, but one hand washes the other and feed's the economies. We need to invest with a wider and diverse future investment vision, of our money/ taxes HERE (more in renewable energies, techs, manufacturing, infrastructure) which builds our assets and credit needs domestically and globally, and not get dictated on where our spending priorities should be, such as in war/ occupations by multi- national banking and corporations or related. Look closely at WHAT & WHY is responsible for our debt in large, and stop blaming it on petty shit like "food stamps" ... food stamps are a economic stimulus to our communities nationwide, but throwing hundreds of billions of dollars into unnecessary and avoidable wars, while getting cheated by contractors and foreign militants we sponsor, is NOT doing a bloody damn thing for our communities economically. When it comes to spending and credit ... while a home/ car does not make credit work for us, but us for it ... a business investor get's credit to build business rather than just buy thing's, in which it pays itself off and builds it's own credit and pay- off, and profit's even greater in the long run.

One of the most importante issues in this nation is jobs and wages ... the reason why we today have our decent living standards and what all else we have, is because of those people who fought against shortchanging us ... and the middle classes in this country has actually saved our ass from a totally deteriorating society ... and trade unions and the labour movement have played a large part, otherwise we would be up shit creek without a paddle. I was at a guyz job the other day I know (John) ... looking over a job he was working on, what he put into it, etc, John does some really nice work, it's like an art to him. He is a contractor for about 10 years now, he makes ready rental properties (apartments and homes) where a tenant moves out and he get's it ready for new lease, lays the carpet, panels/ walls, carpentry, painting, etc. John is in his mid 30's, started his business nearly a decade ago, because wages working for larger companies were not paying right in his opinion, he was then just married buying a home, had a kid, (now divorced and single paying child support for his kid) etc ... you know, all the stuff working American's do and put into, spending in our economies locally, etc. Business started well for him, able to get a new truck, new tools, etc ... but the other day he just said to me (very similar wording) ... "You know Tom ... I dont know how much longer I can handle this, it takes a toll on your body too" ... I told him "well, at least you got steady and good business, etc" ... he told me ... "business is not the problem man, sure I got jobs lined up, but I am getting half of what I was getting per job/ unit than what I was getting when I first started it 10 year's ago ... it just get's worse and worse as far as having to outbid the competition". Now, when John brought this up ... I realize as I was telling him about how everything is more tight, in fact, we today get nickel and dimed to death. The thing is ... while wages/ income drop for too many in our middle classes ... the cost of living is increasing across the board, corporate profits are at record high's, real estate especially in Dallas- Fort Worth is going up, business, etc ... there is no trickle down and it's getting more and more out of balance, and when that happen's, it has a ripple effect on every avenue in our society ... from poverty, to crime, spending, efficiency and quality of work, services and product's, etc ... everyone feels the pinch in time.

I chose Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders for a Labor Day posting, because he is one in Washington that pound's this issue, ... not many do. Set aside the petty political bitch- fights and finger pointing for the moment that the mainstream media been smothering us with over nonsensical issues ... because both these sides just blame the other when one is the majority and fails ... asking for another chance at their already failed policies. And forget the smaller social issues for a moment, because this is a very serious issue, like at the top ... and we should treat it as such ... this is a serious priority fight that needs to be fought ... this is what makes and breaks our lives and economies and helps us keep our civility and sanity, and a decent quality of living ... none of the other issues do what this does. Bernie simply call's it for what it is ... a war basically on our middle classes, Bernie though not just acknowledges it as so many do in campaign speeches, he pounds this issue home on Capitalism Hill (aka Capitol Hill), and fights on every level he can to preserve our quality of living and fair business, trade and labour policies ... he has actual solutions and a blueprint. So have a listen to the Senator below (read and video) ... Enjoy the Labor Day holiday if you can ... cause we deserve it, it is our day, our country, our jobs, our ambitions, creativity and hard work ... that made our quality of life we cherish and economies flourish.

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Bernie Sanders: The Disappearing Middle Class (3/ 11/ 15) ... Thanx to CATHOLICS 4BERNIE




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