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BLACK LIVES MATTER/ BERNIE SANDERS SEATTLE RALLY 2015: Marissa Johnson & Mara Willaford WELCOME Senator Sanders & Capitalism Hill to Seattle ... when DISRUPTION = Healthy ACTIVISM ... The "White Supremacist Liberalism" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.26)

(left to right) rally organizer Robby Stern, Marissa Janae Johnson, Senator Bernie Sanders & Mara Jacqeline Willaford


***** POLITICUS USA: The Real Black Lives Matter Wants Activists To Publicly Apologize To Bernie Sanders ... (another article here from Daily Kos) I need to add this here, because according to this, these women are said by BLM, to not represent I guess the organization officially, so I cant tell you if or what organization they do represent ... in fact, I was reading elsewhere, that Marissa Johnson, was a Sarah Palin/ Tea Party supporter previously, so I'm confused, and cant tell you how reliable this information is either ... I mean ... I'm the kind of guy who if I dont actually belong to a group/ organization ... I sure as Hell wont pretend to ... maybe it's a local independent branch?? (They identify as "OA 206", a Seattle BLM rally cry group, I guess) I didnt find any of this out till after this posting. But I am going to let this original posting stand as is, because the point here is NOT if these women are official representatives of a particular group/ organization, but for the message of it. I also want to point out to the reader who dont know me personally, that I'm NOT biased based on race or gender, I dont dislike white people in other words, or favour one race over another, I believe in science and nature above all, and humans are biologically alike, it is our cultures/ tribes, religions, politics, wealth, etc, that seperates us, and sometimes working against each other, dictated by those with the most power to influence it, these postings are simply about being fair and balanced.


Part 26 of "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" series will be to highlight the disruption through activism that came about yesterday in Seattle at a Social Security anniversary event where Bernie was a guest speaker. Of course the biggest news today in the media ... actually for the last few dayz, is the GOP debates petty bitch fight between multi-millionaire journalist Megyn Kelly and multi-billionaire businessman Donald Trump ... which was a pointless debate that covered none of the actual issues of this nation, but instead just served as talking entertainment over popular celebrities and related show business. But I chose this political story to cover, to point out a serious issue in America concerning millions of Americans, and in particular Black Americans. I chose Ms.Marissa Johnson of a local Seattle Black Lives Matter movement to open this posting ... then some newsread below that from The Seattle Times. Also, part of this postings title "White Supremacist Liberalism" was inspired by Ms.Johnson's words to the audience in downtown Seattle. After I will add my input on this below.

Bernie Sanders Seattle Rally- Black Lives Matter Interruption ... Thanx to SOARING MOMENTS

***** THE SEATTLE TIMES: Black Lives Matter protestors shut down Bernie Sanders; later rally draws 15,000 ... (newsread/ video)


***** PD/ RCJ: "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" PART'S 25 THRU 1


(Bear with Me) Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

First of all I want to commend Senator Sanders for doing the right thing here and walking away ... handing over the microphone to Ms.Johnson and Ms.Willaford ... I know it must have been a frustrating experience for the Senator having this been done as well before in Phoenix a short time back, where BLM activists disrupted another rally. But I am confident in the Senators heart, that he understands the frustration as much as these young ladies do ... Bernie himself was in the same position a half century ago, when it was REALLY unpopular especially for white Americans to side and fight for civil rights for Black Americans, which Time magazine called "The Radical Education of Bernie Sanders" ... Bernie even went to jail over it, while fighting in the trenches to desegregate Chicago's racist school and housing systems ... as well as marching with Dr.M.L.King ... Bernie like these young activists was in the trenches, so his instincts kicked in despite his being upset for being interrupted, because the man "been there and done that". The interruption in my opinion is "justified" ... believe me ... without this kind of action ... these young Americans ARE NOT heard, and at some event's with other politician's who are guarded by everyone from the Secret Service to local police to rent- a- cops, many times these activists cant even get within 30'ft of a candidate before they are taken down and in many cases locked up or thrown in a mobile/ temporary cage, with multiple felony charges against them, overbloated bail bonds imposed, and excessive force used against them ... while politicians play it off and get off the subject, or try to outright ignore the issue.

Many of the folks that attended this rally (Social Security anniversary event) were angry and disappointed, wanting to hear the Senator in a daylong event that featured many speakers before Bernie, but they should be able to understand why the condition is the way it is, and what inspired it most importantly. Some say that they think the Hillary Clinton campaign is behind this disruption ... personally I dont even think Hillary Clinton would do anything like that ... but ... I wouldnt put it past perhaps a few in her campaign to try a stunt and not even tell her a thing about it ... I mean ... these folks running for office do not know sometimes, those who are arranging everything in their campaigns. But I do know that this type of disruption and activism is past due for our 21st century in our nation on multi level's and events, and to especially disrupt these events of these establishment political parties, and the REPUBLICAN Party should really be targeted harshly and without consideration ... especially with this new attack on civil rights in America. Seattle by American standards, is considered as a ultra type liberal city, and many of the most liberal cities coast to coast in the 21st century is where you hear and find some of the most harsh injustice against black and minority communities ... I mean ... you may commonly expect that in southern red/ conservative majority states, but what is the excuse to have this in such liberated places like Seattle, Oakland, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, New York City, etc? ... cities with so many liberal and democrat majorities, cities with so many people of colour in politics locally, and every major office held, and saturated with what some see as white ultra liberal's. Listen to Marissa Johnson when she welcomes Bernie to Seattle, and look at the condition in Seattle that Marissa talks about ... that's what grassroots is about ... and that's REALITY 2015!

Not even the organizer of this event in Seattle, Robby Stern, wanted to let these women speak, and argued with them, yet let so many others speak before Bernie, saying he would only let Marissa and Mara speak after Bernie ... that is when Bernie made the decision, and just said ... "give them the mic" ... then Bernie participated for the 4.5 minutes of silence for Michael Brown, before he left. The bottom line is ... many of even establishment Democrat's wouldnt do that, without being advised to and having a pre- planned script to follow. Look at some of the politics and politician's in our nation, especially those in Washington ... and ask yourself, with all their power to make change and to make legislation to try to suppress some of the injustices in our nation, in some cases with just a simple stroke of the pen ... why are we having this same ole same civil rights issue again, a half damn century after the civil rights movement? What did these politicians with the power and voice to represent American peoples interests do locally or on the Washington level? Look at the track record before you judge a politician, then you can accurately assess a politician ... simply by their actions and record ... Bernie Sanders record clearly speaks for itself, and his constant action against some of the racial and income inequality that feed's this institutionalized racism of today (I myself am a "capitalist", and DO NOT believe that we should all have EQUAL INCOME as I explain here, but believe that capitalism today is way out of balance, and can be economically and socially unhealthy). In the meantime, I want to commend as well, these people like Marissa and Mara for putting their neck on the line the same way Senator Sanders did when he was their age a half century ago ... this is healthy activism, and hope to see more out of these grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter and others of all races, genders, left or right in the future ... and put these politicians to the challenge that are taking this country into the toilet, THAT IS the American spirit!

That's the Realty ... Word Out ....


***** POST NOTE ... THE FLIP SIDE (added 11 August 2015)

Politically speaking now, I wanted to add this post note because so many Sanders supporters were and are disappointed, angry, frustrated, etc over this incident ... because I AM ALSO a Sanders supporter, but I see this a bit different than some of his supporters. I actually look at this incident as a POSITIVE for his campaign (if I were campaigning, I WOULD WANT to be disrupted like this, just so these folks could voice unscripted, the raw reality and their frustration), here's the deal ... every other candidate NOW, is going to have to either copy Bernie (as usual), or accept what Bernie accepted as far as his cooperation letting BLM have their voice right then and there on demand ... it dont matter if it's Clinton, O'Malley, Bush, Trump, etc ... if they do not respond in an acceptable way to these groups, they will be pigeon-holed, and most importantly in MSM, because they are alwayz covered for every time they fart or send a text, since they are big name candidates, that means IF they use force or deny the same privilege or even access that Bernie so generously gave, their mainstream image will take a hit, trust me ... and that shit will spread like a California wildfire in MSM. Already "LIL B" who is one of the more largely covered internet/ YouTube Rap artists is supporting Sanders over Clinton just after this incident ... also see that after this happened to Bernie, he had just hours later a 15,000 gathering also in Seattle (at his official rally), and another 28,000 or so gather in PDX (Portland), which was his largest yet and larger than any candidate, or even a few candidates combined totals at that. So look at the flip side to this, not the short term or keep the red- ass (angry mood) over that one day ... the way Bernie handled it was great ... let's see how others handle themselves in similar situations or how regulated and restrictive they will be to the peoples, eh? That's why I want to see these groups expand and even disrupt this "assembly line" way of politics in these campaigns ... get my drift, eh?

Rapper Lil B: Sanders 'really touched my heart' ... Thanx to CNN



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Anonymous said...

Your points about being heard and disruption being a very American tradition are obviously spot on, and Mr. Sanders knows more than most, which is why you didn't see him lash out or fearfully run off stage, clutching at pearls.

However, these particular individuals are not worthy of so much debate. Everyone is assuming their objectives were to support the Black Lives Matter movement, without observing what's on camera: their behavior.

For an observer who uses his own judgment, like me, I evaluate their behavior by identifying the points where they are the most passionate and showed the most focus. Those points are easily identified as insulting liberals in general and attacking the candidate in particular. They expose their agenda when they lose control and physically push the candidate at a televised event. This was the objective.

Because when they were in control, and they had the chance to speak, they were visibly rambling and really didn't have much to say. Just a bunch of mealy-mouthed boilerplate drivel, like they hadn't come up with an actual statement. That is because their objective was to attack the candidate, and once that was accomplished, they had to clumsily and obviously pretend to support the movement they were hiding behind.

Now, this is what can be seen using eyes, ears, and common sense. This is what these two people showed by their actions. This was a performance made for mass media, it was the furthest thing from a speech or a statement, and the prop that got played was Black Lives Matter.

Now, I think the Clinton plants conspiracy is stupid, and I think any other (right-wing, billionaire, etc) conspiracy-chasing is also harmful to democracy. Again, these individuals aren't worth all the confusion and distrust they are obviously intending to cause. They should be named for what they are and forgotten. Any finger-pointing or conspiracy-chasing and they have successfully narrowed the American voters' freedom of choice by marginalizing an already besieged candidate.

PS: The previous Black Lives Matter disruption was super appropriate because it was a presidential campaign event (now THAT is pure American heritage). THESE individuals are obviously capitalizing on the timing to cause more confusion and to discredit the movement they so dishonestly pretended to support. Shine a light on them and for God's sake demand that the Black Lives Matter activists not respond directly, it only strengthens these cowards' theatrical production.

Ranch Chimp said...

Anonymous: Thank You for your viewpoint here.