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Part 28 of the "Sexploitation Nation" series will be a look at the latest sex industry of America, which many see as a type of Draconian system ... I frankly dont even know how to label it myself ... I'll admit ... I'm shocked. I am 59 years old, born and raised American, married with kids and grandkids, and have never seen nothing like this in my life, and am amazed at just how insane this nation has become with it's sexual obsessions and paranoia. I do know that when people talk about how free and liberated we are in our nation, they must be completely brainwashed, hung up on political correctness, not old enough to have experienced more freedom, or whatever. Thank goodness that people across the nation are questioning and fighting these laws on one avenue or another. And this isnt actually new, this has been going on for years, and is why I selected links and vidz below that are current and older ... however ... in my opinion, being one that alwayz looks at the money profiteering angle ... it IS becoming a NEW multi billion dollar industry as the way I see it ... which is why I say America Sux for Bux, they will do any bloody thing to make a buck. This like much else today, is another way to penalize every American possible and have them locked in like everything else in this nation today to a life (or most of their life ... and especially the young for the long- term pay- off) of paying fee's, fines and penalties, with so many restrictions that keep's them getting deeper and deeper just for basically "living". In my opinion what we see today is clearly as well in violation of the 8th Amendment/ Bill of Rights of our Constitution as far as cruel and unusual punishment, excessive bails/ fines/ fee's/ penalties ... and even "torture" through psychological trauma. And I am expecting to see many folks start to come forward and challenge and appeal these cases, to where the courts are swamped and backlogged ... and IT IS in order and justified.

Part of what inspired this posting today is this recent case with Zach Anderson below, 19 years old, simply done what many other teens online do, meeting a date and hooking up, the judge (Dennis Wiley) who has a history of severe punishment on this sort of thing is reconsidering now from what I gather ... but that's NOT good enough, considering all the damage done to Zach and his parents and what they went through, and even so far spending over $30,000 in legal fee's! Even though after a couple months or so incarcerated, Zach is released on 5 years probation with over 60 restrictions, he cant go to a mall, cant meet with others such as familia/ siblings that are teens/ kidz, restricted from smartphone or internet use for 5 years, 25 years as a registered "sex offender", cant go to church, cant go to a public playground/ park, cant even go to a restaraunte that sells alcohol, will have a hard time just trying to find a place to live ... and probably even finding a job, etc. My question is not what he CANT do ... I wonder what he CAN do? NO ... Zach and his parents need to fight this tooth and claw, and sue if anything for anything you can get ... this is wrong as you can get, it doesnt have a damn thing to do with morality or keeping kidz safe or related nonsense ... it is simply bullshit to lock young Americans down to a life of servitude to a corrupt system. If this was about morality, keeping kidz safe or other scare tactic rubbish, they wouldnt allow these online dating services to flourish and even shove their commercials/ advertisements 24/ 7 on mainstream tele/ TV and the internet down our kidz throats ... they taunt our children and citizens with sex, then set up agencies to free you from wanting sex, calling it an addiction, putting folks on pharma drugs or in over- priced groups sessions, or incarcerating them in corporate owned privatized correctional/ therapy institutions, etc. For some kidz in our nation today ... you get screwed/ sex ... and you're tattooed for life through penalties and persecution.

But Zach and the kidz are not the only ones targeted as you can see below ... this one couple not even nude or engaging in intercourse, basically grinding on a beach in Florida similar to lap- dancing as the defendants claimed, were facing 15 years in prison ... both consenting adults and going steady with each other, a witness claims that a 3 year old girl on the beach happened to see it. A young married couple who are on the sex offender registry, cause when they dated, one or the other was underage. Prostitutes (female and transgender) in New Orleans charged with sexual crimes and having to register as sex offenders because of some Louisiana law having to do with oral or anal sex for money (not vaginal/ penis) violates some kind of "crime against nature by solicitation law" ... just imagine that with all the environmental damage being caused by greed and corporations while "soliciting" our political representation/ lawmakers, especially in a place like Louisiana ...  sex is a "crime against nature"??!! There are hundreds of thousands across American states if not millions that will get hit with this ... some simply for consensual dating, urinating in public, or a woman with her breasts exposed. This shows the depth of this insanity. Politicians in this nation who are supposed to represent our people are NOT doing enough, or much of anything for our nation at that, except prostituting themselves to Wall Street and their lobbyists on every avenue ... it doesnt matter if your left or right, as a whole, not a damn thing is getting done. You know what the political big news is today? ... more endless shit about Hillary Clinton email accounts/ servers ... I shit you not (nothing about the issues that any Presidential candidate will be faced with that make and break us). Below I chose just a few vidz and newsreads out of many to view to get a grasp on the current reality in America, and what clearly needs to be fought against.

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***** THE DETROIT NEWS: Teen out of jail, but stays on sex offender registry ...

Should a teen be on sex offender registry for a lie? ... Thanx to CNN

***** BUSINESS INSIDER/ LAW & ORDER: 7 Surprising Things That Could Make You A Sex Offender ... (shocking)

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***** MIAMI HERALD: Couple found guilty of having sex on Florida beach ...

How Sex Offender Registries Fail Us ... Thanx to REASON TV


What Makes You A Sex Offender? ... Thanx to TEST TUBE NEWS


I see the solution to this as being simple actually, the video above for example explains the different tiers that can be used to categorize an offense. In my opinion this should not be a state to state issue, the Federal Government should jump in at the legislative branch or even the U.S. Supreme Court, as they done quickly and simple on the same- sex marriage issue as far as solving that. Nevada for instance has a 4 tier system I believe as far as your registry being made public, bottom line, being if you are really dangerous to others, kidz or whatever, but still it doesnt go far enough in my opinion, but is a start. "IF" we simply used a 3 tier national system to categorize this (made into solid law by the Federal Gvmnt) ... we could even eliminate having to make a person register for something simple as pissing in public, or perhaps a drunk gal out on the town partying who may suddenly flash her breasts in public, or other simple related things. So simply making law ... and keeping this serious issue out of the states hands, because they will only nitpick and confuse shit or bring in corporate lobbyists or religious groups to decide, who will be biased in every way, and NOT have any solutions based on fact or common sense, some of which couldnt fix a damn flat tire without fucking that up.




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Infidel753 said...

Despite recent progress, this country is still completely insane about sex. A sex offender registry would make sense if it tracked the small number of people who really are incorrigibly dangerous, but it's become a life-long "brand" on more-or-less random people who just violated some primitive taboo and don't pose any danger to anyone.

It's rooted in the power religion still holds over people's minds. More secular societies like most European countries, I think, wouldn't engage in such cruel nonsense.

Ranch Chimp said...

I agree with you 110% on your comment Infidel ... and sometimes I wonder about the level of progress made even. No, your right ... and it is beyond insane ... and some of the harassment, bullying, or any type of discrimination from folks in communities can remind you of not progress ... but like going backwards to the times of the Puritans and witch- hunts of the start of this country. NO ... many in European countries today wouldnt engage in this and frankly be outraged if this nonsense went on in their countries. We know there are dangerous people and they can be tracked easily with all the techs we have today ... so all this is pointless, besides making a buck, or like you said, behind some religious powers. Thanx for your input on this one Infidel.