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LARKEN ROSE (PT.1): Resisting Tyranny & Oppression ... "In a FREE Country ... a FREE Mind ... SHOULD Question their FREEDOM when Needed" ... The "DON'T TREAD ON ME" Edition ... (SELF DEFENSE PT.29) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.39)

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This posting will also serve 2 series of this journal ... "Public Patriots" and "Self Defense", and will be to highlight Larken Rose. The video with Larken below is to look at what freedom means as far as what America values ... and questioning when is it in our right to resist certain actions of authority that may seem against us, our country, and what we value highly. We know by natural instinct and reason ... what is "right" and when we are "wronged" (with the exception of a few with maybe mental disabilities or intoxicated) ... you dont need any written rules to tell you that. Also included below that is the controversial article Larken wrote on Copblock, which is an excellent article and straight. We constantly recite we are the land of free, and home of the brave, our Constitutional Rights, liberties etc, etc ... so this is just that ... it is about a free mind and questioning is all. If we dont fight or protect what is ours, who else will, eh? ... I mean ... we dont expect foreign countries to come over here and protect our freedom, eh? ... of course not. It's more common today, that when a person speaks of the possibility of tyranny ... that many American's call them conspiracy theorists, radical extremists or whatever, and act as if tyranny is impossible, or only a thing of the past. On the other hand, some of those same people question and complain about some of the actions of authority and those who represent us in our government ... tyranny and oppression is part of civilized human history, so it isnt like it miraculously vanished.

This posting is not to advocate that we should go out and shoot cops or politicians ... this posting is about what we value in America, it is about having the freedom to question, oppose, and if necessary resist that which is harmful to ourselves and country ... not to simply just say ... "whatever is done to us is for our own good". What we value as far as our liberties wasnt easy to accomplish as it is ... many have really put their necks and lives on the line to get to the point of where we are today ... and if we throw that out the door simply based on pop- culture talk ... we will not even be able to have a pop- culture, or even be able to speak, question, or think freely. When you listen to the video below and read ... try to set aside the left/ right thinking that we love to indulge in for a moment ... this is not about left or right ... it is about what America stands for and what made it so we can think and question the way we can today. I chose the Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me" flag at the top of the posting and as part of the posting's title for it's meaning ... so it hasnt a thing to do with the Tea Party political group of today who is known to use it, nor what Larken has to say has anything to do with left/ right choosing. To close out the posting I chose the classic 1991 Metallica piece/ song "Don't Tread On Me" which is fitting, and it will also be included in this journal's "RCJ Music/ Arts Honour Roll Society".


Shooting Cops ... Thanx to LARKEN ROSE

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Metallica- Don't Tread on Me (Music Video) ... Thanx to STU KIRWAN



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