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MICHAEL A. WOOD JR (PT.1): When Politicians DO NOTHING & Corporate Greed Culture RUNS EVERYTHING, Police DO ANYTHING ... The "Us vs. Them/ Lunatic Fringe" Edition ... (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.38)- (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.22)- (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.41)

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This posting will serve 3 series in this journal, which will focus on a compilation of interviews with former Baltimore police officer Michael Wood and what he has to say about the current policing condition in America, Michael had to retire due to a shoulder injury. I chose Michael though for the "Veterans Spotlight" series, for his service for America as a U.S.Marine ... and for the "Public Patriots" series for all that he is doing to bring awareness to our current condition with his work in speeches/ testimonies, writing instruction guides for policing and promoting change in recruitment as well as training ... since this get's to root of some of the excessive force, especially in black urban communities ... it will also be included in the "Police Brutality" series. He is also the kind of guy that need's to get more mainstream coverage, and even called on by folks like the President to give advice in places like Washington or wherever needed ... he explains the "Us vs. Them" mentality well too, pointing out the problem's with that and everything else in this polarized society. But first, some of his interviews below, then I will add some after.

Ex- Baltimore Cop Michael Wood On Racist, Abusive Police Culture- Interview w/ Cenk Uygur (edited) ... Thanx to THE YOUNG TURKS

Interview: Michael Wood Jr explains what he saw ... Thanx to WBAL-TV 11 BALTIMORE

***** THE WASHINGTON POST: An interview with the Baltimore cop who's revealing all the horrible things he saw on the job ... (newsread/ interview)

'Much outrageous police activity is actually legal'- Former Baltimore officer ... Thanx to RT AMERICA






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I have every reason to believe everything that he is saying in these interviews from my personal experiences in life and what I witnessed, and reason why I been writing about this since the start of this journal, as a matter of fact ... it is some of the most straight talk from Michael without beating around the bush that I have heard out of a police officer, what makes it better is coming from an officer that is a former well experienced military veteran, and as an officer with 11 years working in various divisions of the police department on the streets. I have heard some question his motives, as if it is to sell books or whatever business, as for me, I really dont care about his motives, I care about the importance of what he is doing. This should inspire others to come out and try to make needed change in their departments, because there are many officers out there that really dont like how things are and sometimes want to speak out or talk about it, but feel to stay in a closet and not go against the grain for various reasons ... whether it be intimidation, retaliation from others in the department, fear of losing their job or having their duties downgraded, etc. These folks that serve are doing their jobs only and trying to please those who are superiors in ranks ... many have families to support like those in any other career, Michael has a wife and young daughter ... to make a move like he did requires courage, strength and determination to do what is fair and needed.

Some of what he said is insane even, as far as training, to the point where even fellow police officers who are former military veterans like Michael, are in shock to some of the stings and raids that go down, the insane use of force (some even beyond what they seen in combat, and ridiculously staged), while upon entry actually pointing lasers at each other and innocents before thinking, as if was some Hollywood action movie! ... re- training is past due. There is too much reassigning and sort of multi- tasking going on in my opinion too, although it gives officers more experience like on different task forces/ divisions, there is not enough time to settle in and get to know your community if you're a rookie being shifted around too much. A key point that Michael brings up is the politics/ legislation, and as Michael sayz ... they make it all legal ... as I myself even point out like a broken record in this journal on related issues, and how difficult it is to even get a conviction or real justice on an officer who is CLEARLY in the wrong, even with compelling evidence and video ... so dont blame cops on that one ... blame the politicians/ law makers. Also the heavier than ever pushing officers to make quota's I think is a problemo too, I mean ... this isnt a manufacturing/ production job working on an assembly line! Michael stated how he basically was put in a situation to where he had to go to economically challenged urban area's to make busts/ collars just to make quota's ... this forces officers to make a collar for anything they can, regardless if it's actually a crime or not. There also need's to be reassurance from the upper ranks in the departments that those who voice on these problems have more support, especially from the IAD (internal affairs divisions) to secure information better.

Politically in this nation, NOT enough is done, they are voted in by us and given a decent salary and benefits, SO THEY have the POWER to change things and make legislation. I dont give a shit about campaign talk over things like "Black Lives Matter" ... until there is action out of our politicians with a record of performance, it dont mean shit ... bottom line. Baltimore for instance even had many black rep's in their government and law, courts, etc ... what the Hell good has it done, eh? ... this playz as well coast to coast ... and feeding this institutionalized racism ... when people raise Hell in the streets and do damage ... like in what I called the "Baltimore Resistance", IT IS JUSTIFIED as much as peaceful protest's. Thank goodness for movements as well like "Black Lives Matter" and all the splinters of things like the Occupy Movement, which I started pointing out in this journal early on, as being needed to inspire more anger, action and demands ... so it continues to grow, and much credits to those and especially social media's. I personally credit much of the problem to this fad culture of extreme corporate greed today, it dont matter if it's in finance, eliminating affordable housing to move millionaires in, dictating our politician's, to the war on our civil rights, to making the petty non criminal prison industry private and for profit only, or much else ... I mean ... shit rolls down hill, eh? ... which I look as another passing fad that will see it's mistakes in time when they themselves feel the results of what they created. This is the worst progress and stalling we had in this nation since the Great Depression and the Civil Rights Movement.

That's the Reality ... Word Out ....


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Michael and wife



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Patricia said...

Wow! I have never seen a police office do a major, let's just call it a "data dump" like this. one real interesting thing Mr. Wood said was "cognitive dissonance" he is talking clearly about psychopathic police officers, excreting on peoples beds in homes they search or beating the hell out of them on the street for no damn reason. Yes, he is courageous for speaking out. Another thing you mentioned is "not since the Great Depression" has civil rights been violated in such a manner. There you have it. I do believe that this "Great Recession is really a "Great Depression" The economy has been pressing down on what's left of the middle class (which cops also belong to) and has decimated and caused real hardship to the working poor. This dog eat dog, winner take all, philosophy of American culture is hugely responsible for mans brutality against man. This does not excuse brutal police behavior. The 'COMMON GOOD" was left behind long ago, also the quaint notion of a public servant. My dad was a high level customs officer who ran the port of Philadelphia, Newark, Wilmington and others. He always called himself a public servant. There is no sense that we are all in this together. It's almost like the cops just bypassed lynching and just kill on the spot. It's shameful and disgusting. Corruption is so prevalent, that everyone is on the take, it's called American hustle, it's been like this for decades. What troubles me the most is the hatred of "the other" be it black people or immigrants and it reminds me of Nazi behavior. This far right brown shirt facsism is frightening. What do you get when you combine Corporate interests and government? Scary.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Patricia ... that is a Hell of a data dump as you call it, and many of the things he is talking about I know are fact, much of which have been going on for years to show how long this sort of thing is past due. I think you some it up perfect as far as the middle classes ... and frankly Patricia ... I dont even look at what we have these days as true balanced capitalism or anything related, regardless of what we call/ label it as ... we dont even allow those "too big to fail" ... FAIL for that matter (in true capitalism, they are supposed to fail behind such awful business decisions)... there is not even hardly any accountability left for those that are supposed to possess qualities above most ... what we call elite today ... is weaker than and less productive in society than an average worker today ... and more dependent on us than a person drawing welfare assistance, it is so rigged beyond anything we have had ... and downright pathetic and shameful. The truth is like you said, that we are all in this together ... and one day many folks will wake up more to where our current mistakes are. Some of what we see does seem to reflect Nazi behaviour to an extent as you put it. Thank You Patricia for your input and opinion here ... have a good un.

Sasha Rominski said...

Such an amazing guy to tell the truth like that. Such an incredible rarity! I saw him on TYT and wondered about his background. I knew he was a cop, but didn't know he was also in the Marines (to prep himself to be a cop). I stumbled upon your page looking for info about him. It's a scary time and I even feel bad for having kids after finding out soooo much about what both cops and soldiers have done without punishment. It's true here in Michigan about how they terrorize people. In St. Clair County, they tore about a family's home (over a medical marijuana business - they were following the rules and even asked the cops to tell them if they were in compliance - they took their openness with law enforcement and crushed them). They did unnecessary things like pour out boxes of cereal and took vital info like birth certificates and licenses. They took out the mother's and/or daughter's underwear and hung it around to be seen. They took her vibrators (why???), and they took a dump in every toilet. This happened to Ginnifer Hency (you can search St Clair, MI and vibrator for results). Worse yet, it when they murder citizens over civil asset forfeiture, as with Donald P Scott (an elderly man who did nothing wrong).

The terrible thing is I had dreams and bad hunches back in 08 when I saw how much people (and especially politicians) were reacting to pres Obama based on race. Hate him for being another establishment president, but not race. I kept having dreams about wanting to leave and being detained under false pretenses. I feel I live alongside the next version of Nazi supporting citizens. I mean people who have fear-based philosophies and feel comforted by authoritarian rule. If few fight back, it's not worth staying here and having everything taken. But what will happen if people DO get fed up and snap? Canada may have some of the same issues (mistreating First Nation people and other minorities, etc), but at least Trudeau isn't encouraging divisions and corruption! Other than continue to try and vote local jerks out, I don't know what else I can do to protect my family from these heartless overlords. Or from my fellow citizens who defend the erosion of our rights (drug laws, the Patriot Act, etc). Anyhoo, have a good weekend. Nice site/blog.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your input and information here Sasha. The legislation and training/ tactics along with special interests, has had a severe slippery slope ... and it's not only happening in America, but many so called "free countries" ... free being ... you're about as free, as a pigeon in the park with a brick tied to it's leg. One key thing I alwayz try to tell especially the younger generations in my area, is knowing and utilizing your rights, and what to do and say if you are pulled over by the law ... many young people in particular, just dont know. Another thing we need to do is pressure much more local and federal politics/ legislation, boycott, sign petitions, or whatever is necessary ... the change may be slow and in small increments, but it's better than none, cause we are going backwards, as far as liberties too, much I credit globally to neoliberalism. As far as Trudeau in Canada, I dont think much of him, just more neoliberalism cloaked in a liberal suit, not even our own politicians of colour are doing as much as they should. I dont even see any true liberals in our establishment ... I see only extreme right, and moderate right in this country for example, and the corruption is heavy. Retraining and ground rules are badly needing revisions, and some voice to counter the unions of police too. It's so deep Sasha, I try to point out what I can in postings ... Thanx again, take care of yourself.