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How Bernie Sanders expects to raise enough campaign cash ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

This posting to also serve 2 series of this journal ... "Money N Politics" & "Political Corruption & Ethics". Part of what inspired this posting is all the mainstream news about these so called Super PACs and the scrambling of candidates to grab all the big bucks they can, and while taking a walk this morning, a pile of day old dogshit on a curb with flies swarming all over it like a cheap suit on sunday! Being non professional and somewhat disorganized when it comes to blogging and also kind of scatter brained and spontaneous, odd things may inspire a posting, a pamphlet or used condom on the sidewalk, or in this case a pile of old dogshit ... I title my posting's as if I were writing lyrics for a song to make it easy, so that is why they may seem to rhyme. A couple interesting and twisted news reads below explaining how these campaigns are going now ... and even one pointing out how these Super PACs are a type of "saviour to democracy" ... then I will add a few cents to it after.

***** NATIONAL JOURNAL: How Super PACs Will Strengthen Democracy in 2016 ... (newsread)

***** THE NEW YORK TIMES: 'Campaigns' Aren't Necessarily Campaigns in the Age of 'Super PAC's' ... (newsread)






Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

You know ... you can look at this campaign funding a thousand different wayz and twist all kinds of shit out of it ... it can look like a cancer or a blessing to democracy or whatever, the bottom line though is commitment to those who financially support you, and this has gotten entirely ridiculous. I mean like, all in the mainstream of media politically, is who is getting the most money and how they need to slither around this and that on how they campaign and get it, who can tell the best story and outspeak the other, etc, and nothing more than a game avoiding what needs to actually get done, and when you get paid, you're supposed to work. Most folks regardless or what job/ career they're in ... cater to those who give them a paycheck/ finance/ support, because that is simply how it worx ... and this is why I strongly feel that we should get ALL the money out of politics and go with public funding through government, and even millions of others are starting to feel this way ... what we see now is a sort of a commitment to ethics that are unethical. You cant accept this money without having to pay a service, just as you cant go to your daily job and be on the clock and do nothing. It in my opinion is making our politics a pile of dogshit more than it's been in years, with billionaires like flies swarming all over it ... and someone need's to scoop up the poop and get rid of it.

This whole thing was engineered and born to reform our society to their liking, not to save democracy or to even embrace it for that matter. The Republican Party makes it clear as day what their agenda is, and it sure as Hell is not about creating decent paying jobs, fair and open free trade, familia values or the related, they are clear that their mission is to reform our society to work in alignment with international corporate and banking monopolization and reducing our quality of living, pay and choice, so that we can compete with those in 3rd world countries, and to privatize everything we have from our government and politics to our mothers ... and especially to transform Social Security (another cash grab) ... turning it all over to the entities who finance them or who are commonly referred to as "elite" ... an entity that basically sits on their ass and figures out wayz to rob others ... that I simply refer to as "day old shit", and now with a growing support from establishment Democrat's. And the ruling establishment of the Democrat Party has NOT been very clear at all on what their agenda is, looking at some of their actions and not saying much, except to oppose Republicans. Sure, you can make the argument that with Super PACs you can have a more diversified selection of candidates that wouldnt otherwise be able to get the financial backing, but it's a Hell of a price to pay for it ... look who they owe to regardless of what political party they belong to. The Republicans probably have over a dozen possible candidates nearly a year and a half before the election, yet all with the same bottom line agenda and commitment.

In the largest media's they act so excited over this and seeing the candidates ass kissing for this money, and equally as excited over the miscellaneous bitch fights between them, who has the most money or biggest house, as if it is a sort of entertainment, which I reckon it is of sort, and those media journalist's are kind of forced to do that or look for another job, but it should be pointed out more for what it truly is, not focusing on dumb shit for weeks at a time like how many email accounts a candidate like Hillary Clinton has, I mean, who really gives a shit about how many email accounts she has? (multiple email accounts are NOT illegal or unethical), what a candidates favourite movie is or related nonsense ... we need to address ISSUES ... JOB RELATED issues that are holding us back from progress that benefits the majority of all. I have met so many folks over the years that thought I was dumb as a door knob to even waste my time voting, because they looked at it as rigged and pre- paid to begin with that does nothing, and I understand why they would think that, but I still alwayz voted regardless ... now with something as clearly obvious as this new Super PACs paying everything, that could discourage folks more, but I would hope that it get's people angry and motivates folks to act, and especially new younger generations. Senator and candidate Bernie Sanders thinx we need a political revolution of sort and get more and more people involved with the voting process, I feel similar.

This is why you see so many now questioning this and groups starting up to tear this down and stop things like this Citizens United crap, and it's in order and right to tear this down in anyway possible, because this isnt just happening in America ... look anywhere around the globe today and you can see it is all connected to one ideology and nonsense to making us global, loving and submissive to them. They want to even take away any consumer, environmental, labour protections, or anything else to make their profit margin larger and to make us all more dependent on them ... and to look at them as a type of saviour, an entity that will abandon us and this country anyway regardless of what we give them once we have nothing left. Understand that one of the reason's for billionaires and your largest investments to merge these multi- national too big to fail corporate and finance/ banking entities to rathole the majority of wealth today and lower our standards ... is not just to make us compete more for less, but because these entities "know" that the future societies will have less need for large populations of labourer's and consumers, and capitalism as we now know it will change, ratholing the wealth "now" is to build "their" future empires, NOT ours, because they see it as we will no longer be needed ... and THAT is why it is importante for us now to work on this and challenge this, because future prosperity doesnt have to be exclusively for ANY particular group, culture, social/ wealth status, etc ... a strong growing middle classes can work well WITHOUT the extreme rich or extreme poor. And many are so intoxicated financially, they cant even control their own environment and bowels without screwing up and asking for our money/ subsidies/ bailouts when they fall or just to succeed ... so you have to ask ... what can they do for us? ... and what real value are they? I dont personally see any value in them or half their political puppets ... as far as I'm concerned, I dont want their support or to be dependent on them if that's how they choose to play ... which is destructive to themselves even in the longrun ... you dont marry failure, unless you choose to fail.

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