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MONEY N POLITICS- PT.1 (NY Times/ CBS): The CAMPAIGN RAIN of BILLION DOLLAR BABIES ... & Removing the STEALTH from the WEALTH ... The "RICHIE RICH Bitch" Edition ... (UNITING Citizens against CITIZENS United PT.2)


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This posting will be a Part 2 for "UNITING Citizens against CITIZENS United" to highlight a news article this last week of a poll done by New York Times & CBS about the majority of Americans opinion of money in politics across party lines as well, which in my opinion is good news and should get a tad more atencion in other mainstream news because of the severity of this issue right now in particular. Even without opinion ... when you have 1% with more voice/ influence than 99% ... that shows you that something mathematically is SEVERELY IMBALANCED ... not just slightly ... which calls for atencion and modifications. I also included some video with Sen. Bernie Sanders concerning Citizens United, because Bernie has been strong on trying to clean up some of the corruption, he is also running for President ... he though is trying to win the vote simply on the will of the American voters without necessarily billionaires support. I am also optimistic and supportive of Bernie Sanders call for political revolution in our nation, despite the talk out of some that we should just go with the flow and accept the current reality or 2nd best, lesser of 2 evils, etc ... and I guess just passively sit on our asses ... I mean Richie Rich has plenty to bitch ... shouldnt we as well? Part of the postings title was inspired by the 1973 classic album/ single "Billion Dollar Babies" by "Alice Cooper" and the 1950's comic book character "Richie Rich". Then I will add some words afterwards.

***** NEW YORK TIMES: Poll Shows Americans Favor an Overhaul of Campaign Financing


Budget Amendment on Citizens United ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS


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Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (Pickering)

The reason this is good news is because it is finally a mainstream issue and mainstream thought/ awareness, and has been building momentum ... although not quick enough in some areas ... BUT ... it is a good start! The big money moves very quick, in fact, they are usually at minimum of 5 years or more ahead of us on everything they have planned ... and that is what we sometimes miss ... being instead of us following their lead ... we and they should be following the majority/ our lead on the nations current issues. We knew most of this was coming as far as being taken over and a shaft being ran up our asses ... I myself been pointing this out since the start of this journal in related series and many other folks ... so part of our problemo has been neglect on our part. We also knew how fast this would move if todayz style of Republicans won a majority in the last mid- term elections and the fast moves of changes they would push for as dictated by their money support, which is basically cutting and trimming everything we have and built over the last century ... including our Constitutional Rights and everything we own and pay for ourselves ... that is the WHOLE POINT of financially milking and draining so much of our accumulated wealth/ assets ... so we have NO CHOICE but to DEPEND on them, eh? Same with the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court (wikipedia) ... the idea was designed and pushed to make it to suppress the majority of people of our nation from being able to politically/ campaign- wise outspend the billion dollar babies ... for more political monopolization basically. So it's like one of those flash flooding fast and heavy rain storms from the billion dollar babies, since were quickly getting pissed/ rained on and flooded, needing to rescue ourselves or drown.

I cant say how accurate these polls are ... but just what you hear from others in social media or your neighbours, friends, families and on the street seem to confirm it ... you know you are getting the same response and opinions as far as money in politics. Today even politicians are complaining about it ... but they too helped make their bed and are now having to lay down in it. I can only imagine despite the treats politicians may receive, knowing that they have to owe favours to a special interest that they or their constituents may not be in agreement with must be somewhat embarrassing and shameful, and such a jab to their integrity and career record ... but that's what happens, and basically having to sell out everything you value just to try to get a job in political office with only hoping to be allowed to do what's acceptable for all. And much today is nothing more than legalized bribery and corruption on the Supreme Courts part regardless of how they "justify" their rulings ... even judges around the country are being financed by the same entities ... but I cant sympathize too much with those who willingly chose their path. And this so called "Citizens United" ruling is a disaster to democracy on a historic level at that! ... so the growing movement to overturn it and change the way campaign financing is done today cannot be soon enough. Again ... you will have those who say ... "it cant be done" ... "this is just how it is" ... "it's the new normal", etc ... in fact there is nothing "new" about it, it is a rehash of the same type corruption that has went on historically not just in this country and it's era, but all over time and again ... so as usual ... it needs to be challenged. Moving backwards and losing everything you've fought for, earned and accomplished, is NOT a "new thing" or "moving forward" ... it is an old thing and moving backwards to the same ole shit. I myself and millions of others dont say "it cant be done" ... actually anything that can be "done" can also be "undone" ... period.

In fact, there are many ideas out there of what we do need to change, many groups/ movements and growing by the month. Some politicians have proposed to simply make those who donate/ contribute to campaigns disclose who they are and what they support or whatever ... that is a nice start ... but not nearly good enough in my opinion, and nothing more than political stalling out of fear ... I mean ... that's about as lame as the jokes to make politicians wear name patches on their suits like race car drivers of their sponsors. The bottom line is ... that the overall majority of people in this country WANT the money OUT of politics ... simply telling us who is putting in the money and showing the routes of it, does or means nothing, it just makes the corruption more transparent and acceptable is all ... it doesnt stop it. The other political puppet talk about limiting the millions one of these billionaire contributors can put in also does nothing, since they will have more backdoor legislation made to allow multiple contributions using different identifications of groups. They alwayz pull these cheap nickel and dime treats out of their pockets like any hustler trying to sell you something of lesser value for an outrageous price ... kind of like those mega cable TV/ tele companies, where you want to buy a couple channels in particular, but they design this twisted package where you have to buy a dozen more channels you dont even want to get the couple you do want, then they lock you into a type contract thats almost as strict as a property lease! ... it's worthless basically ... and the long term price we pay will harm our people and country. I myself feel we need some type of public funded elections that are engineered to work better than what we have and way more transparent ... so simply removing some of the stealth of the wealth doesnt work too well either, and what we have now worx lousy, period. Who will pay for it some ask? ... with all the money this country wastes on these special interests/ projects/ military invasions that are corporate inspired, breastfeeding the Richie Rich's with subsidies in the billions in taxes as if they were helpless and homeless ... you can bet your ass, there is wayz to fund it well ... and WITHOUT cutting ANY social services, Social Security, pensions, medical/ healthcare programmes, etc ... I am confident and would bet on it!

Also something has to be done to improve and boost the voting in this country ... just in the last mid- term election voter turnout was at a low not seen since like WW2 (PBS) ... it needs addressing ... many even suggest someway to automatically register everyone to vote ... which I feel is a good start ... although on the other hand, I dont feel it would be very democratic to force people to vote against their will, but to have that quick available easy option without a bunch of unnecessary complications to try to vote is a plus. More and more younger folks are joining in which is a plus, and we need to show more support to them and their groups even financially, since they will carry on future decisions ... and to try to halt some of the voter suppression we been seeing that is also funded by some of these same entities ... even Bernie Sanders proposed a national election day ... which dont sound like a bad idea. So there are plenty of wayz and ideas along with the tools to change what we have and really move forward in our benefit and interest ... I mean ... we cant just follow or depend on billionaires to do for us and decide for us, eh? ... they are busy protecting their interest's. And I dont hate wealth and those with it ... many have wealth and earned it, deserve it, and their voices should be heard as well ... their right to vote, etc. Calling for automatic voting registry or related and even publicly funded elections can even be conservative as far as spending, and save billionaires a bundle (even though I am sure they have wayz to get us to pick up part of their spending tab, just like on much else), and saving them worry and time ... and everyone's money and voice gets distributed more equally and efficiently in the elections process ... at the same time, those with billion's still have their lobby groups they are paying to represent their voice on Capitalism Hill (aka Capitol Hill) ... so we are NOT depriving them of anything ... I believe we should be fair with them as well ... after all ... that's the spirit of democracy, eh?

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***** POST NOTE: When it comes to campaign financing though, I am a bit more strict in my opinions/ thoughts than most, being that I would not just prohibit millionaires/ billionaires, but ALL organizations profit or non- profit, including labour unions, churches/ religions, etc ... it would be ALL government paid and sponsored, and equally ... and not on a left/ right favour either. I also believe we need to at least triple or more the amount of mainstream political parties and be way more diversified ... I mean like ... who in these times just really and naturally thinx left or right ONLY ... without being programmed to? And in all fairness to the U.S.Supreme Court ruling here, I have NO reason of fact to think that the court was biased or that their intentions were left/ right based or to allow some of these mega- groups of wealth to buy elections or related ... laws are complex and good attorneyz know how to work and present their cases. And that's just the way it worx with court rulings/ decisions ... most may work well, but some dont work as well ... BUT ... this is what ended up happening as a result of their ruling. The Supreme Court ruling from what I read ... DID NOT or WAS NOT a decision to give any billionaires a right to directly fund a politician or party with these Super PACs, but was simply based on "free speech" laws for these to spend sort of indirectly unlimited amounts to influence through advertisements and other wayz their choice candidate/ party. So for me, it is more importante to protect the best we can our government, which is ALL our body and voice (this is our's, like an asset, it's not for sale or on the auction block) ... and in particular the legislative branch, especially as diversified and large as our population is and our domestic need's, and if that means stricter oversight, rules, transparency or cutting some of the excessive waste of our taxes on pet projects or foreign occupations including being global militarized police watchdogs for multi- national corporations, investment bankers, or limitations to make our government function properly, etc ... I am ALL for it. Some of these entities that spend so much time trying to buy our government and assets love to gamble and splurge money and take chances using others money ... yet they dont want to actually put out any "out of pocket" expenses of their own.



Green Day- 99 Revolutions (LIVE) ... Thanx to ONE **** a closing song/ video I wanted to add with lyrics related to the times we now are in and inspired such ... which is an increasing awareness of the 99% & the 1% that once again is smothering us ... and the need to Occupy more of what is ours, this song a 2012 release done on their 2013 tour from an outstanding group of musicians out of the San Francisco Bay Area ... Green Day. This will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



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