Friday, June 19, 2015

TEXAS FLOOD 2015: GOD, GAYZ & GOVERMENT's Wrath on Texas ... Bitches, Witches & Fictitious Bitchin ... The "SATANIC BITCH" Edition ... (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.7)

Central Houston

Well ... looks like time for another round for "The End Must Be Near" series and dedicated in humour to my fellow Texans who love Looney Tunes and the related (actually, this entire series was inspired by humour), but not to attack anyone's personal belief's (I have my own views on some of these institutionally and politically manufactured religions here), but to show how obsessed some become with paranoia and self manufactured nonsense ... because unfortunately while we are so distracted by this kind of entertainment ... part of our legislative branch of government yesterday slipped through this preliminary stage for a shady- type trade deal, when our House of Representatives passed to "fast track" authority (CNN), a secretive trade package that if not changed in language really screws us, and there is very little news coverage of this, regardless of how big of a deal this is (part of the secrecy though is because a growing concern and fear with folks in Washington over countries like China in particular and Russia, that they're not talking about in public either) ... and I would hope that many of these politicians both Democrat and Republican's who want to rush this through, lose their ass in the next election or some other way. Yet we are bitchin about other petty things that wont make or break us, but simply temporarily entertain our Enquirer type tabloid minds, while turning off our minds to reality and how were really getting screwed. So part of the inspiration to do this posting was from when I looked up online about the flooding here in Texas and ran across some of these reasons.

But whenever these events come up whether it's a flood, drought, hurricane or you name it ... the conspiracies or whatever flow with these psychologically masochistic individuals and cults assuming that their concept of God who is the creator of the universe, is so concerned with our petty nonsensical rants, bitch fights and petty prejudices, that God is punishing us for something like "sex acts" or similar petty things ... as if God/ a higher power responsible for universal creation as believed ... wouldnt have anything better to do than to nitpick silly petty things {: ) Or of course that the government wants to punish or destroy Texas ... which is also nonsensical considering Texas is one of the largest economies in the world ... and making many in Washington and Wall Street billions. At the same time it doesnt even cross some of these folks minds that maybe our destructive actions and relentless damage to the environment by contributing to the unnatural acceleration of "Global Warming", that this is a natural reaction of nature ... just like when you eat something you shouldnt and naturally get stomach cramps or similar.

Below some of the talk in video and link read of why Texas got hit with floods. Part of the posting's title was inspired by musician Marilyn Manson's ... "Guns, God and Government" 2002 album  ... and by author Anton LaVey's 1971 release "Satanic Witch" book. Then to close out the posting with the classic song from Texas bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughan's ... "Texas Flood", as he's joined by other blues legends B.B.King and Albert King ... which will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY". Besides that ... the weather today here in Dallas is absolutely gorgeous and sunny ... and a Happy Fathers Day to all those Dad's like myself ... Enjoy!

Central Dallas (Trinity River Floodway)

***** RIGHT WING WATCH: 'If God Is Judging Texas, It's Because Of The Witchcraft And Sodomy' ... (newsread with video/ audio linked in)


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***** CHEMTRAILS- THE EXOTIC WEAPON: Evidence Texas Floods and Loss of Life Caused by Weather Weapons ... (video/ read)

***** HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Al Sharpton: Callers believe Texas floods were God's punishment ... (newsread)





Devil Drag Queen (who is in shock and has no opinion on the matter)


Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B.King & Albert King- Texas Flood 04/22/1988 ... Thanx to SRV MUSIC VIDEO




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Demeur said...

Maybe somebody mooned the confederate flag and they can't find a virgin in the state to sacrifice. Makes sense right?

Seriously a state with the least amount of environmental regulations and the least regard for nature is asking for trouble. I've lost count of the number of fracking wells there and some cities have run out of water. Now there's a paradox. Now you have too much water but you can even drink it.

Fear not Rick Perry will fix everything by getting rid of the pesky federal Departments, that is if he can remember their names.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mooning confederate flag and virgin sacrifice? ... havent heard of the one Demeur ... no telling what some of these folks are into ... they seem to have alot of visions, etc.

Rick Perry is no longer governor here, we have Greg Abbott/ CCP (Corporate Communist Party) ... and I think he is much worse than anyone like Bush or Perry ... I mean ... he makes Bush and Perry look like moderates leaning left. He already signed a bill (of course the Texas House sent it to him, and he had 10 dayz as governor by Texas Law to veto/ challenge it or sign it)... of course he signed it pronto, it ban's property owner Texans and voters from banning fracking or activities by oil and mineral companies throughout the state ... so that is no good for homeowners, businesses, etc, I heard today that he is also about to sign some deal if the US Supreme Court allows gay marriage to let Texas churches exempt themselves from performing same sex weddings if they choose ... also he is very tight on a womans right to choose and some other things (MUCH STRICTER THAN PERRY)... I was hoping he would not win the governors election, I voted for Wendy Davis. Dan Patrick is Lt.Governor, which is just as bad as Abbott ... I'll just leave it there, you can use your imagination from the basics I told you.

The flooding of course was bad ... but ... it goes into the reservoirs/ lakes (Dallas area has several large lakes), it is rain water ... so it is good use for drinking, irrigation, etc ... I think towns like Austin and Houston got hit hardest ... we had some and around Dallas suburbs, but nothing like those areas ... unlike where you are (Seattle) Demeur ... it sometimes rains very hard and heavy instead of just a steady downpour in these regions ... so that is what causes flash flooding, when it rains faster and heavier than it can drain is all. But all the rain is a good thing. I heard it was really bad from folks in California, some were visiting here for a familia function while we were having heavy rain here, and told me so much about the water problems there, this gal told me they want you to skip showers or only shower for a couple minutes or some crap.

Later Demeur ....