Monday, July 20, 2015

BERNIE SANDERS/ DALLAS RALLY 2015: Blazin & BERNin Through the "BIG D" ... Best Little TOWN HALL in Dallas ... The "ROUSIN 8000" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.25)

Part 25 of the "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" series ... is more of a memorabilia posting for this journal. According to the Dallas Morning News linked below, 8000 attended this "town hall" meeting here yesterday in downtown Dallas, which was RSVP ... and what better place to have it but the Financial and Arts Districts of downtown! I suggested earlier in the morning that we get there early and glad I did, because I was reading that this was being held in a hotel ballroom, which I calculated looking at the venue capacity and square footage, wouldnt be able to squeeze in more than about 3000 standing at most (and that would be cramming them), so I told a friend I am guessing we may have a tad more than 3000 (ya think?), and I would like to get there early to get a good spot ... although it's not a small hotel being 42 stories. I also read that Houston had to change the venue they chose because of the crowd that may show, which they changed to the Hofheinz Pavilion in Houston to accommodate which is considerably larger (I attended several rock concerts in there when I was younger living in Houston), and that as well I read here (KHOU/ HOUSTON) got over 5200. But YES ... it was as packed as you can get here in Dallas ... the ballroom you couldnt squeeze another body in there if you tried! Outside the ballroom in the convention area there were thousands more crammed in watching these large video screens. The enthusiasm and excitement Bernie roused was electrifying ... I have never seen a town hall meeting here in town with the energy this had ... and Bernie as usual was hitting all the right spots with the crowd and really had us going and loud! It was just the "best little town hall in Dallas" ... with Bernie blazin and bernin! And Thanx to the Senator for dropping in to enlighten and support us down here on this mid- July hot summer day (being from Vermont, I'm sure he noticed the heat, which was in the upper 90's and typical here in July) ... because as the Senator pointed out in his Dallas and Houston speech, much of the Washington establishment Democrat Party turns their back on Texas and basically ignores it, nor supports us very much, so here we have to challenge this neo Republican stronghold alone basically ... so Thank You Sir! Part of the posting's title was inspired by "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" ... below some newsread and video of the speech.

Bernie Sanders Dallas Rally July 19, 2015 ... Thanx to BERNIE 2016 TV





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