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"Piramide del Sol" (Pyramid of the Sun) Teotihuacan, Mexico

This posting will be for the "Music/ Arts" section of this journal to highlight some of the art, architecture, civilization of native America, or what is called "Mesoamerica", the pre- Columbian societies before the Spanish/ Europeans invaded, and I guess basically told all these folks that they were doing everything ass- backwards (wrong), and they needed European guidance, culture/ religion or whatever (even though history shows that when the Spanish came into these territories like Mexico as we call it today, it was to basically take all the gold and silver and anything of worth/ value). When we talk of America these dayz and great cities, we think of north American cities like New York City, modern industry, and mega cities like Mexico City Mexico, Sao Paulo Brazil ... and it would seem like before Europeans came to the Americas ... it was nothing. But a few thousand years ago when some Europeans were living in more primitive huts and didnt know much of a damn thing, civilization was starting on its own in the Americas building large bustling cities of trade and culture that were thriving, with some of the earliest written languages in the world, arts, music and musical instruments, modern irrigation systems and agriculture, mathematics and astronomy with star observatory decks, what we would see as well designed apartment/ living complexes, baths and water, with sports events held year around using rubber balls (which was unheard of at the time) in a sports type ball game that was similar to a mix of soccer and basketball of today, politics where the ruling classes, or what we call the elite class showed their devotion and appreciation to nature and the people they ruled over by even shedding their own blood in battle or ceremonies (something I feel we should require of our so called leaders of today) ... this was the roots of American civilization.

When I was a kid in grade school in the 1960's for instance ... you basically didnt hear a thing about this ... I mean ... we heard of things like Christopher Columbus and his discoveries, or about LaSalle, and all the immigrants from Europe that came here, when we heard about pyramids in school it was way over in Africa/ Egypt, etc, but I took an interest in these cultures when I was introduced to it by a friend from Mexico, Isabella and her friends when I was younger, so it wasnt through any American school/ institution ... and I thought it was a pretty fascinating cultural era with much beauty to it, and just wanted to record some of it in this journal ... so I took an interest in this many years back. Today there are several million people in these regions who still carry on the tradition of Maya culture. Some video and read below, and a nice classic Maya dance ritual gig and music with great percussions work, done today for traditional festivities, show and tourists ... Enjoy!


***** UNESCO World Heritage Centre: Pre- Hispanic City of Teotihuacan ... (some photos, history, architecture)


Maya Art and Architecture: A Survey ... Thanx to TPNO2005

***** ANCIENT HISTORY ENCYCLOPEDIA: Maya Civilization ... (some read)

You Need To See This!!!,,, Very interesting Mayan (Native Mexican) Rituals and Ceremonies! ... Thanx to SIMON SHABESTARI


Ball Court- Wall & Goal @ the Maya-Toltec City of Chichen Itza





Olmec Tree of Life/ Mesoamerica



***** RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY (my hand- selected music/ arts picks)

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***** THE RESISTANCE/ PERIL'S OF THE POWER POSSE (inspiration for hope & change) ... to be viewed as a "profit- see", not a "prophecy".


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