Wednesday, September 2, 2015

THE CRAMPS: "What's Inside A Girl", "Hot Pearl Snatch", "Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon", "Peter Gunn" & "Heartbreak Hotel" ... (In Memoriam of LUX INTERIOR)

This entry into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society will be for a crew that started in Sacramento (CA) ... "The Cramps", a band that has such a lengthy history that I will let the Wikipedia link cover most of that ... for me, they were just a really kick ass crew all around ... it is a band that I have never got to see "live" and regret, being I missed 2 opportunities to see them in Austin (TX) and London (UK). For me this is classic rock-n-roll with that small kit (drum) big backbeat, rock-n-roll bass and a class act ... although as far as genre they are considered in the area's of garage punk, psychobilly or surf rock ... no doubt, they were such an influence to them genres and the root's of them genres too. I knew several musician's personally that The Cramps had an influential impact on, I know that they were at the top's with Joe Christ and a major influence to him ... and another guy I know Rev.Horton Heat toured with The Cramps too.

This duo of Lux Interior (vocalist) and his wife Poison Ivy (guitarist) had just a great chemistry as far as writing, arranging and producing ... I absolutely loved the vocal work and front showmanship of Lux Interior ... YES ... I think he was an outstanding vocalist too, although not noted in particular for it. Poison Ivy ... I absolutely love her style, writing, and guitar work on that hollow body Gretsch ... she is just really a great guitarist to listen to her work. Unfortunately after Lux suddenly passed away from some pre- existing medical condition, that was it ... the band just called it quit's ... and my heart goes out to Poison Ivy sincerely ... I know damn well after 4 decades as a crew and 37 years of marriage to Lux ... it sure was NOT easy to handle, ya'll were made for each other and the key ingredients for this class act historic crew!  Thank You for all the great pieces that you gave and left us. There was so much to view and choose from that I reviewed, and hard to pick one over the other ... but I found these pieces that I wanted to have in here ... Enjoy!






The Cramps live on the Tube 1986, What's Inside A Girl and Hot Pearl Snatch ... Thanx to THE TUBE TAPES

The Cramps- Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon ... Thanx to SURFBIRDTRASH

Poison Ivy- Peter Gunn Theme ... Thanx to SURFBIRDTRASH

The Cramps- Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis cover) ... Thanx to A66MO45


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