Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA: "Black Box Messiah", "A Tap Dancer's Dilemma", "Voodoo Mon Amour" & "Balrog Boogie"


This entry/ induction into the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal has to definitely go to "Diablo Swing Orchestra" out of Stockholm, Sweden! ... this is just an outstanding and musically versatile crew, and one of the greats of this early 21st century when it comes to their unique arrangement and sound. What genre is it? ... beats the Hell outta me ... they are just a well rounded "orchestra", with such flare and exciting sound ... an avant- garde type experimental crew? ... some can take me back to the great swing of the 1930's for that matter ... whatever it is ... IT WORX! This ensemble been around since 2003, and have had some member changes ... one key member who left a year ago was Annlouice Logdlund, an excellent singer, but was also working on her opera career and could no longer work both projects. Early in the band's formation, the addition of trombone and trumpet to me really enhanced their sound ... some of the jazz guitar riffs are really nice and the overall vocals/ harmonizing a real treat, and despite being a 8 piece orchestra, there is nothing too watered down sound- wise. They as well worked good the way they self marketed their music when they started with all the free music and packages they included with limited editions of some of their worx, they have quite a following too these dayz ... and have been not only doing well in Europe, but the America's as well ... and this is playing small venues, to some of the largest festivals.

Interesting as well, is the way this crew got together (which you can read here in detail), I dont know if you call it good marketing or whatever ... but the story is, that back in 1500's Sweden (16th century), there was a orchestra that played music that captivated folks and opening their minds to free thought, the ruling Church and their usual parasitic aristocrats bitched about the orchestra ... an old familiar tune ... actually back in especially that era there were thousands upon thousands of innocent people executed in horrible fashion by religious Christian church establishments for basically no reason, back in them dayz you could be tortured slowly to death simply for having a mole or birthmark you may have been born with, and it be labeled as a mark of a devil. The orchestra became hunted and labeled as being an "orchestra of the devil", where peasants hid and protected them for a time, finally framed, captured and unjustly sentenced to death by hanging ... before the members of the orchestra were executed, they made a pact to return their music 500 years later ... this 21st century orchestra claims they are the descendants of those who were executed back in the 16th century. Whatever the story or folklore may be ... this crew is well worth the listen, and I wish them all their wishes and a fruitful career! ... Now for some DSO below ... Enjoy!






Diablo Swing Orchestra- "Black Box Messiah" (Official Video) ... Thanx to DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA

Diablo Swing Orchestra- A Tap Dancer's Dilemma- Traduccion al Espanol & lyrics ... Thanx to SYMPHOM

Diablo Swing Orchestra- Voodoo Mon Amour ... Thanx to DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA

Diablo Swing Orchestra- Ballrog Boogie ... Thanx to JOANNA




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